Long Names For Boys and Girls You’ll Fall in Love With

There's just something fascinating about long first names. They convey a certain elegance and dignity, plus, they often provide their bearers with multiple options for shortened nicknames. For example, Katherine can choose to be called by her full name, or go with Kate, Katie, Kathy or Kat, among other variations. With a long name, you're guaranteed to find just the right nickname to suit your baby's unique personality.

If you've got your sights set on long baby names, have a look at our selection below. By clicking on any of the names, you can learn more about its origins and legacy.

For more inspiration, you can always consult our comprehensive lists of unique baby names for girls and boys. We're confident you'll find some ideas for original and long baby names here, too*.

Long Names for Baby Boys


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Long Names for Baby Girls

Still undecided about any of these long names for boys or girls? We have a variety of other resources to help you in your search. Try our Baby Name Generator, where you can have some fun by mixing and matching different search options to find name inspiration. Want to search for long girl names of French origin and inspired by nature? We've got you covered. Our lists of the top 1000 girl names and boy names may just give the inspiration you're looking for.

And, if you're open to some outside opinions as you decide on a name, you may consider hosting a baby naming party to get inspiration from family and friends. Use our tips to guide you through the process of planning and hosting this fun (and useful!) social gathering.

If you’re looking for long baby names you probably already know that choosing a baby name can be exciting yet also overwhelming. Whichever type or origin of name you’re looking for, watch this video for some fun facts that can inspire you.

*The names in this article were obtained from the US Social Security Administration website.