Baby shower cakes for boys

Planning a baby shower takes some effort, and when it comes to the cake, well, it’s no different. You want something delicious and eye-catching that the mom-to-be and your guests will love.

If you’re hunting for a cake design, check out these cute designs and ideas for baby shower cakes for boys as well as some cupcake options. Some of these you may be able to bring to life yourself, while for others you may prefer to turn to a professional cake maker.

1. Welcome Baby Boy Cake

If you’re looking for something simple, this cake with its “Welcome Baby Boy” message is it. And it wouldn’t be that difficult to bake this cake at home. You would just need to roll out some fondant dyed in different colors to cover the cake. Then use alphabet cookie cutters to create the lettering, or pipe it on with frosting.

2. Blue Baby Boy Bottom Cake

“Bunny butt cakes” and other animal bottom cakes are a birthday party favorite, but for a boy baby shower a nice twist on this idea is a baby bottom cake! This adorable version is done up with a blue blankie. A qualified cake decorator can whip this cake together using fondant, but it’s also something you can try at home.

3. Blue Clouds and Stars Baby Boy Cake

This dreamy cake would be ideal for a baby shower with an “A Star Is Born” theme, for example. It’s even cuter with the “Oh Boy!” message on the side of the cake. The stars and clouds can easily be made using fondant (or even card stock) applied to paper lollipop sticks or skewers that then get inserted into the cake.

4. Baby Boy Cabbage Cake

Riffing on those adorable plush baby dolls from the 1980s or the work of the famous baby photographer of the 1990s, this cake is shaped like a cabbage cradling a baby boy. A talented cake baker can pull this off with some fondant dyed green to create the realistic-looking cabbage leaves.

5. Teddy Bears Baby Boy Cake

What’s cuter than little teddy bears topping a baby shower cake? You can choose any color you like for decorating the cake to match the theme of the event.

6. Nautical Theme Baby Shower Cake

Whether you’ve decided on the nautical or sailor theme for the baby shower or not, this cake with a paper boat perched on top would make the perfect centerpiece for the dessert table. The cake is also decorated with little shells, nautical stars, and ship anchors.

7. Safari Animals Baby Shower Cake for a Boy

If real-life baby safari animals aren’t cute enough, this cake decorated with a baby giraffe, monkeys, lion, elephant, and zebra may just be even cuter! If you really like this cake, you may even want to do the entire baby shower in a jungle theme.

8. Simple Baby Shower Blue Baby Boy Feet Cake or Cupcakes

If you’ve decided to do cupcakes instead of (or in addition to) a cake, you might like these simple yet elegant ones. Decorated with blue little baby feet, they’re simply adorable. Plus, they’re easy to make yourself with a little bit of skill using fondant or modeling chocolate dyed a pale blue.

9. Football Baby Shower “It’s a Boy” Cake or Cupcakes

If the mom-to-be is a big football fan, why not incorporate this into the theme of the baby shower and reflect it in the cake or cupcakes as well. Each of these cupcakes is topped with a little fondant football.

10. Simple Blue Ombre Baby Shower Cupcakes

For something truly eye-catching, bake a few batches of cupcakes and frost them with buttercream dyed in different shades of blue, frosting each batch in a lighter shade. Then arrange them by color on the dessert table for a magnificent ombré display! For an extra touch, sprinkle them with some edible glitter.

11. Soccer Ball Baby Shower Cupcakes

If the mom-to-be is a soccer fan, then consider this decoration for the cake. Decorate cupcakes with green frosting to look like grass and top each with a white fondant ball with black dots so it looks like a soccer ball. You could also design the balls to look like a football or tennis ball, or any other ball from a sport played on a grass field. You could also do a mix of toppers, if there’ll be a general sports theme for the baby shower.

12. Little Royal Prince Baby Shower Dessert Bar

If you really want to take the cake and dessert table to the next level at the baby shower, how about an entire spread fit for the coming of a prince? This dessert table features a macaron tree, cake pops, lollipops, and other sweet treats.

13. Classy Stork Baby Shower Cake

If you’re looking for a classy baby shower cake, choose this simple white cake decorated with fresh flowers and a stork figure. Add touches of blue or choose another color like purple, green, yellow, or gray for the highlights. The stork figure can be purchased or made from fondant or even papier-mâché. Choose fresh flowers like white roses or peonies to complete this look.

14. Forest Animals Baby Shower Cake

Complete with marzipan forest animals such as a fox, raccoon, and hedgehogs, this cake is also decorated with fondant teepees. This cake would be perfect if the mom-to-be loves the outdoors or if you know the baby’s nursery has a woodlands theme.

15. Southwestern Baby Shower Cake

Cactus-themed decorations are really in right now. This naked-style cake is decorated with a cutout cactus made from fondant. Add the baby’s name if you’re sure the mom-to-be has decided on it and is happy to share it, or write something more generic like “Taco ’bout a baby!” To add more, you could add cactus blooms or different types of cacti in different heights and sizes.

16. Natural Woodland Baby Shower Cake

Not only is this cake elegant and unique because of its towering height, it’s topped with real green foliage as well as blue macarons placed strategically on the top and sides. Plus, there’s a little baby boy figurine at the top with balloons for a sweet touch. This cake can easily fit into many different baby shower themes for boys, not just a woodland theme.

17. Baby Elephant Theme Baby Shower Cake

Spherical decorations on cakes are a big trend at the moment. Although this particular cake would be perfect for an elephant-themed baby shower, you could swap the elephant for any other animal or character if your theme is something else. To achieve the hot air balloon shown on this cake, stabilize the cake ball with some skewers.

The Bottom Line

Selecting a baby shower cake for a boy can be fun and exciting. The cake can set the theme of the entire baby shower, or you can choose the theme first and then pick the cake once you know what theme you’re working with.

Depending on your skills and budget, you may decide to bake and decorate the cake yourself, or you could take your cake idea to a professional cake maker. Don’t be afraid to ask around to see if one of your baby shower guests is talented in this department and could lend a hand with the cake.

For more ideas on how to make the baby shower memorable, check out these fun baby shower games. And, to double check you’ve covered everything, use this baby shower checklist.