You're getting started with organizing the lucky mom-to-be's baby shower, and you're certain she's happy to reveal she's having a boy. Picking a theme can be fun, but also tricky, as there are so many options! The good news is that for baby boy baby shower themes, you're only limited by your imagination, as any color scheme, idea, or theme will be a hit with the mom-to-be and your guests. Below we list some of our favorite baby shower themes for boys (though these could be equally good for moms-to-be of a girl), including tips for decorations, food, and games. Check out these ideas, then browse our baby shower themes for girls for even more inspiration. Once you've chosen a theme, take a look at our baby shower tool for more helpful resources.

Jungle Theme

We all know the new baby will be the king of the jungle (and possibly born to be wild), making this a perfect theme to pick!

Jungle theme baby shower ideas for boys

Decoration Ideas

Jungle-themed decorations are easy. Put some luscious indoor plants around the food table, and hang some black, yellow, and green balloons. You could ask a few guests to bring jungle animal toys to decorate the buffet table, and then the toys can be taken home by the mom-to-be. As a centerpiece, or even as a gift idea for one of the guests, a jungle diaper cake will be perfect. For ready-made, jungled-themed invites and decorations, download this handy jungle-themed baby shower pack.

Food Ideas

Choose jungle-themed fruits like bananas, mangos, and pineapples, or go for more exotic tropical fruits like coconuts and papayas. You could have cupcakes decorated to look like a monkey, or make a cake in the shape of an elephant. It’s relatively easy to create a dip platter that looks like a lion: Put some dip – like hummus – on a tray, have carrot sticks radiating out to look like the lion’s mane, then add some veggies for the eyes, nose, and mouth. For drinks, serve some green-colored soda, punch labeled "jungle juice," or banana smoothies. Jugs of lemonade can be labeled the "watering hole," and chocolate fondue can be called the "mud bath."

Game Idea

Invite your guests to play this baby animals game, where guests must match the animal (e.g., kangaroo) to the baby name (e.g., joey). You can also create your own jungle-themed version, including animals like elephant (paired with calf) and tiger (paired with cub).

Video Guide Jungle Theme Baby Shower

Superheroes Theme

There is no doubt that the mom-to-be is a hero, and this theme is great because you can cast a wide net. You don’t have to pick just one superhero – why not include elements of several different ones?

Superhero baby shower ideas and decorations

Decoration Ideas

Go for strong primary colors like red, blue, and yellow when choosing balloons, the tablecloth, paper plates, cups, straws, and napkins. Or, if you’ve decided to pick one superhero, use the colors of that specific superhero for the decorations. This is a popular theme, so your local party supply shop may have decorations in stock to match. If you have cheese cubes or olives, stick toothpicks in with little paper signs that say "wham," "boom," or "pow."

Food Ideas

How cute would it be to have superhero baby shower cookies that are shaped like a baby’s bodysuit decorated to look like the costumes of iconic superheroes? Use different-colored fruits to create a fruit platter in the shape of superhero icons. Serve some green candy, and label it "kryptonite." Frost cupcakes and cake pops to match the colors you choose for the theme; you can do this easily with food dye.

Game Ideas

Play a superhero quiz or play superhero bingo with famous superhero logos. Give a prize to the winner. The new arrival will be a super baby, of course, so ask guests to write down what superpowers they hope the little one will have. This will be a beautiful keepsake for parents to look back on in the years to come.

Tiny Gentleman Theme

This cute baby shower theme for a boy involves celebrating the mom-to-be’s little man.

Gentleman baby shower ideas and decorations for boys

Decoration Ideas

For your color scheme, try elegant tones like black, charcoal, and gold or silver. Consider adding patterns like hound’s-tooth or tartan. Of course, add a dash of color if you wish; there are no rules! One easy way to decorate for this theme is to place a napkin that’s folded in a rectangle shape alongside a knife and fork, and then cinching the bundle together with a short piece of ribbon to create a bowtie shape from a cutlery pack. For on-theme straws, cut a mustache shape out of cardboard, punch a hole in the middle, then thread the top of a bendy straw through the hole. Every time someone takes a sip she'll be wearing a mustache!

Food Ideas

Ice cookies in the shape of a suit, mustache, bowtie, tie, top hat, or leather shoes. If you have a cake, decorate it with frosting to form suspenders and a bowtie. If you’re feeling extra creative, cupcakes could be "dressed up" in black-tie attire. Use white frosting for the shirt, black frosting for the jacket and bow-tie, and then add silver beads for the shirt buttons.

Game Ideas

How about a mustache quiz? Can your guests name all the different types of mustaches? Or you can invite your guests to decorate pre-baked cookies in the shapes of mustaches and bowties. You’ll need frosting, piping bags, and food coloring on hand so guests can get creative! Another fun activity is to ask each guest to write a short note for the baby boy that he can open when he’s a grown man – for example, at his 18th birthday party.

If the dad-to-be will also be there at the party, perhaps suggest that one guest gift him cufflinks with the initials of his baby (just be sure that the baby’s name is 100 percent settled).

Cowboys or Wild West Theme

Host a country-themed baby shower by taking inspiration from the Wild West and cowboys. Yee haw!

Western or cowboy baby shower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

Experiment with more rustic décor by going for colors like red, brown, blue, and cream when picking a tablecloth and paper plates. You can also use cowhide print as a basis for decorations and accessorize with scattered hay, cacti in pots, or wheat stems in vases near the food table. Toy ponies or a rocking horse can be used as decorations, and after the party, these can be given to the mom-to-be for her little cowboy to play with when he's old enough. Pull out your cowboy hat or cowboy boots, too (you can wear these or use as decorations). Put on some country-western music for added atmosphere. Make sure guests know they’re wanted at the party; design the invites to look like an old-fashioned "Wanted" poster.

Food Ideas

Your cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops can be shaped and decorated to look like cowboy hats, horseshoes, cowboy boots, sheriff’s badges, or a Western-style belt buckle. If you have a cake, try designing it in the shape of a cowboy. Use different colored frosting to create the cowboy hat, red bandana, blue shirt, and leather vest. Snacks or bottled drinks can be served in baskets or clean tin buckets and labeled the "Wild West Saloon." Decorate your cake pops with cowhide print, or melt chocolate into candy molds in the shape of cowboy boots or a cowboy hat to create on-theme chocolate lollipops.

Game Ideas

As a game idea, pour lots and lots of wrapped candies into a cowboy hat, and ask guests to guess how many there are. Once they’ve been counted, the person who guesses closest wins a prize. Or, play the first few seconds of country songs, and ask your guests to name the song. The guest with the most correct answers is the winner and the biggest country music fan at the shower.

Baby Under Construction Theme

This unique baby shower theme for boys is perfect because the mom-to-be’s baby is truly under construction!

Modern baby shower themes: Under construction theme

Decoration Ideas

Go for colors like yellow, black, brown, and orange when choosing the tablecloth, balloons, paper plates, and plastic cutlery sets. See if you can get inexpensive props at your local hardware supply store like a traffic cone, a "caution" sign, or a hard hat. You might even have some decorations at home like a hammer, tape measure, or a wheelbarrow. Why not fill the wheelbarrow with ice so it doubles as a drink tub? Create a construction site out of the food table: Wrap empty boxes in yellow, brown, or black-colored wrapping paper, get some fake grass, use black cardboard to create roads, and add toy trucks and cars. Add cutouts of construction site signs, and add those along with bowls of food throughout the site. Next to the table, have a smaller table with a sign saying "Dump gifts here." You can hang a playful banner saying, "Caution! Bump Ahead" or "Mommy at Work." If guests are wondering about an on-theme gift idea, suggest a toy dump truck, building blocks, or even a construction set game. These can also be used as part of the décor before they are given.

Food Ideas

Get crafty with the frosting on your desserts. For example, design cookies to look like orange traffic cones, fluorescent yellow safety vests, or tools like hammers and drills. Frost a cake with "Baby Under Construction" lettering. Use the back of a toy dump truck to hold chips or popcorn before it is gifted. Tie cutlery sets together with a ribbon, and add a note that says "tools."

Game Ideas

A great interactive game idea is to have lots of arts and crafts supplies available for guests to use. Ask everyone to “build” their own decorations to hang on a DIY mobile, or to create some wall decorations to hang up in the baby’s nursery.

Sports Themes

Does your guest of honor have a favorite sport like tennis or baseball, soccer or basketball? If yes, she may love a sports-themed shower. And if the mom-to-be has a favorite sports team, you can even narrow the theme down, and base it around her team’s colors and mascots. There are no rules, so you can keep to a general sports theme, one specific sport, or go all-in for one team. It will be an all-star baby shower no matter what you choose.

Sports theme baby shower ideas

Decoration Ideas

The color scheme and decorations really depend on the sport(s) you pick. A basketball-themed party lends itself to black and orange; a baseball-themed party could be more about red, white, and green. If you have picked a team to base the theme around, go with the team colors. A green tablecloth is a great way to represent the playing field, and you'll want to make sure your balloons, napkins, and paper plates match the colors of your theme. Place a label card next to the food that says "Concession Stand." Hang sports pennants over the buffet table that say "Rookie of the Year" and "Welcome to the Team." The invites can be designed in the style of a ticket to a sporting event, with the date and time of the shower, and an "Admit One" strip at the end.

Food Ideas

Why not offer typical stadium-style foods like hot dogs, French fries, peanuts, and cotton candy? And, cake pops, cupcakes, or round cookies decorated to look like a ball (e.g., a basketball, football, or baseball) will be a slam dunk.

Game Idea

For a fun, yet competitive game, take bets or guesses on when the Big Game Day will be. The guest who ends up guessing the baby’s birth date correctly (or most closely) can be given a prize after the baby is born. Let the games begin!

Outer Space Theme

The new baby boy will no doubt be the center of his parents' universe, so this is the perfect theme to guarantee an out-of-this-world celebration.

Outer Space baby shower theme for boys

Decoration Ideas

The sky is the limit in terms of decorations, so you can take inspiration from everything from stars to rocket ships. Cut various space-themed shapes out of different-colored cardboard, and hang these planets, moons, stars, and spaceships on strings or fishing line from the ceiling. Consider hanging a banner that says, "Welcome to the Universe" or "X Weeks/Days Until Liftoff" based on the mom-to-be’s due date. This theme lends itself to darker colors like black and navy blue, with pops of color like orange or yellow to represent the sun and stars. Make sure the invites reflect the outer space theme, and your guests will be counting down until blastoff!

Food Ideas

Decorate cake pops in the colors of the different planets, and call them ‘planet pops.’ Position them around a cake decorated like the solar system. Alternatively, you might choose to have a tiered cake that’s frosted to look like a rocket ship or an astronaut. Decorate cupcakes with dark blue frosting, and then sprinkle some edible stars on them. Cookies can be frosted using a mixture of purple and aqua food dye to look like the galaxy.

Game Ideas

Ask guests to help decorate the baby’s galaxy. Prepare small bits of felt in different colors, and have needles and thread ready, too. You can prepare the structure of a mobile in advance, and then ask guests to create one felt decoration to hang from the mobile. Each decoration should be on-theme, so spaceships, aliens, stars, moons, or astronauts will be perfect.

Rock Star Theme

If momma-to-be is really into rock music, you might want to choose this theme as a way to celebrate her little rock star.

Baby shower rock star theme

Decoration Ideas

Cutouts of guitars, microphones, and musical notes are easy decorations for the food table. Thread string through the holes of old vinyl records (definitely ones you don’t want anymore) as an on-theme banner. Hang a sign over the food table that says, ‘Born to Rock.’ The invites can be designed to look like VIP backstage passes asking guests to ‘Shake, rattle, and roll on over.’

Food Ideas

Have cookies cut out in the shape of musical instruments, or have a cake that says ‘My Mom Rocks.’ A bowl of chips can be labeled "Guitar Picks." Cake pops can be designed to look like microphones or guitars. With silver food dye and edible silver glitter, you can create cupcakes that look like glitter balls.

Game Ideas

Play the first few seconds of popular nursery rhymes or children’s songs, and have guests guess the song. Prizes for the winner! If your guests love dress-up parties just as much as children do, ask them to dress as their favorite rock star, and award a best-dressed prize.

Transportation-Related Themes

Get into gear and choose a transportation-themed baby shower. This is a great theme because you have lots to play with: trains, planes, cars, boats, helicopters, hot air balloons, and even motorcycles.

Planes, trains, and automobiles baby shower themes

Decoration Ideas

This theme doesn’t really require a specific color, so decorating is a little easier, and you can go with any color scheme you’d like. Consider having checkered flags or a tablecloth inspired by a car race starter flag. As a centerpiece, or as a gift idea for a guest who doesn’t know what to get, consider a motorcycle diaper cake or a train diaper cake. A banner hanging over the buffet table can read "Enjoy the Ride, Baby" or "Precious Cargo." Guests can be asked to bring a toy car, helicopter, or train set, which you can use for decorations before giving them to the mom-to-be. Design your invitations to look like boarding passes for even more fun.

Food Ideas

Use frosting to decorate cookies with the image of a car, plane, or hot air balloon. Have a cake in the shape of a ‘Baby on Board’ sign. Frost doughnuts so they look like the wheel of a car. Cut green, red, and yellow bell peppers in half, lengthwise, and place them upside down so they look like train cars. You can use slices of cucumber as wheels, and carrot sticks for the dips. Put red, orange, and greed-colored fruit on sticks to create stop-light skewers. Have a sign on the food table saying "Fuel Up Here."

Game Idea

Momma will want to know what to pack in her diaper bag when she’s on the go after her baby’s born. To help her out with what to pack, consider playing What’s in Your Diaper Bag?

It’s a Boy! Theme

This is a classic theme that will suit any mom-to-be expecting a boy.

It’s a boy baby shower theme

Decoration Ideas

Choose blue as the basis for the theme, and have lots of baby blue or dark blue décor like blue tablecloths, balloons, banners, paper plates, and cups. Hang up a banner that says "It’s a Boy!" Decorate the food table with cute baby products like rubber ducks, pacifiers, booties, teddy bears, or books, which you can give to the mom-to-be at the end.

Food Ideas

This theme can be tied in with other themes, so you can have mustache toppers on cupcakes or bow-tie shaped cookies. Decorate your cake pops with blue frosting and edible blue glitter. Cupcakes can be topped with little blue feet. Or, if you choose to have a cake, bake and decorate it in the shape of a blue bodysuit.

Game Idea

Because this theme is so flexible you can download any of these fun baby shower games for inspiration. One of these ideas called Who’s That Baby? involves asking guests to send you a baby photo of themselves before the shower. During the shower, ask guests to guess who is in each photo. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

Other Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match themes or to think outside the box. If you know that the parents will be reading lots of bedtime stories in the years to come, you could opt for a storybook theme, where everyone is invited to give the mom-to-be a copy of their favorite childhood book.

  • You don’t have to go with blue! Choose whichever color you think the mom-to-be will love – or don’t have a color scheme at all. Yellow and green are two popular baby shower colors.

  • If you’re still not sure which theme to pick, take our "What kind of baby shower should I host?" quiz for even more ideas.

More Handy Tips for Hosting a Great Shower

  • Baby showers don’t have to be cutesy and baby-oriented. They can be based around the mom-to-be’s personality. If momma loves country-style homes and florals, add a touch of vintage to the theme. If she loves modern, vibrant colors, go for on-trend décor.

  • Inspiration can come from anywhere! Think about the hobbies and interests of the mom-to-be and maybe even the dad-to-be. This will help you decide what kind of shower momma will love.

  • If you’re asking guests to contribute something to the theme (like cupcakes or decorations) make sure they understand the theme so everyone’s contributions come together in the end. Consider sending them some similar images for inspiration, so everyone is fully on board.

  • Don’t be afraid to have no theme at all. Not all baby showers require a theme. If you’re having the baby shower in a local café or in a nearby park, having a theme may not be feasible. Alternatively, some moms-to-be simply may not be into themed parties. Your guest of honor will have a great time simply by having her friends and family there to celebrate with. If you have settled on a theme, here’s a checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the important elements of a baby shower.

  • After you send the invites, you might get quite a few questions about gift choices. If there’s a gift registry, point your guests in that direction, but if not here's some extra inspiration for useful baby shower gift ideas.

Whether you pick one of our themes, come up with a completely unique idea, or have no theme at all, the baby shower you organize will be loved and appreciated by all your guests, especially the guest of honor − the happy mom-to-be.