21 Baby Shower Game Prize Ideas for the Winners


Baby shower games can be a great way to break the ice at your event, especially as some guests may not know each other that well. Giving out prizes also helps make the competition more fun, and gives the winners an extra reason to smile.

Have at least one prize per game you plan to play. And consider giving a smaller prize for second and third place as well. Read on for some cute baby shower prize ideas and unisex baby shower prize ideas, as well as prizes under $10 and prizes under $20 to fit your budget.

Cute Baby Shower Prize Ideas

The following baby shower game prize ideas are not only cute but also thoughtful and funny:

1. Teddy Bear With a Single Rose

Who doesn’t think a little teddy is just adorable? Get a cute little bear and a bud vase with a single rose, and tie it onto him with a pretty ribbon. If you’re having a trendy elephant-themed baby shower, swap out the teddy with an elephant plush.

2. Mini Bottle of Sparkling Wine

What guest wouldn’t love this prize, especially if it’s a good quality Prosecco or Champagne? For a cute touch, add a pretty ribbon with a note saying “Bubble over with excitement when the baby’s born” to this baby shower prize so that the winner can plan to open the bottle when she hears of the baby’s arrival. For a light-hearted touch, add a note saying “She’s about to pop!”

3. Jar of DIY Sweet Iced Tea

If you’re having a country-themed baby shower or if the shower will be held in the height of summer, then this prize idea will be spot on. Fill a glass jar with packets of black tea, packets of honey, and a fresh lemon. Screw on the lid and add a striped paper straw and a pretty ribbon to tie it all off.

4. Flower Pot With Seeds

For a floral, spring, bee, or garden-themed baby shower, a prize idea could be a terracotta flower pot filled with a little bag of dirt, and a packet of seeds for herbs or wildflowers. Tie it together with a gingham or burlap ribbon. This could also easily work as a baby shower favor as it’s very budget-friendly.

5. Funny T-Shirt

For something really cute and some tongue-in-cheek humor, you could print out large nightie-length T-shirts with the words “I went to a baby shower and all I got was this oversized Tee.”

Unisex Baby Shower Prize Ideas

If your baby shower will include both male and female guests, these prize ideas are winning options:

6. Book Lover’s Prize

Pick up the latest bestseller or a bookstore gift card, pair it with a nice bookmark, and you’ve got a great prize.

7. Baker’s Prize Set

This gift set could include a cake pan with a gourmet cake mix. Or you could tie together a set of different cookie cutters with a ribbon and include a cookie recipe.

8. Cook’s Prize Set

This prize could be a set of kitchen towels, a set of serving utensils, or even a new cookbook.

9. Grill Master’s Gift Set

A set of grilling tools, a set of metal grilling skewers, a grilling mitt, gourmet BBQ sauce — any of these items would make a nice prize whether grouped together or given separately.

10. Movie Night Prize Set

An at-home movie night prize could be a nice popcorn bowl filled with a box of gourmet popcorn. Add some other favorite movie-theater candies like chocolate-covered raisins or chocolate malt balls to the prize as well. This is the perfect treat for a movie night, and the lucky winners might even enjoy these treats the night of the shower as they unwind at home.

11. Beach Day Prize Set

For summer baby showers, a plastic beach bucket filled with a beach towel, sunscreen, and a blow-up beach ball makes the perfect gift. This baby shower game prize is fun and whimsical and is reminiscent of days spent at the beach as a child, so it ties in well to the celebration!

12. Hiking Prize Set

If your guests are outdoorsy types, this could be a great baby shower prize idea. Think of some small hiking or camping must-haves, like a stainless steel water bottle, an enamel mug, a bag of dried fruit-and-nut trail mix, a flashlight, a compass keychain, and some insect spray. Combine a few of these for a nice gift set the recipient will get loads of use out of.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas Under $10

It's always smart to ensure the that the baby shower prizes fit into your overall budget. The following baby shower prize ideas easily come in at under $10:

13. Manicure Set

Fill a tiny gift bag with a bottle of nail polish in a trendy color, an emery board, nail clippers or nail scissors, and you’re all set!

14. Tea Mug Set

Fill a pretty patterned oversized tea mug with a few different tea sachets, a few packets of honey or crystal sugar swizzle sticks, and a package of shortbread cookies.

15. Bamboo Plant

A mini bamboo plant is easy to care for and makes a lovely gift. This could also work really well if you plan to host a jungle-themed baby shower.

16. Selection of Lip Balms

Gather together a few lip balms, including tinted ones, SPF ones, and maybe some lip gloss, in a small mesh bag and tie them together with a pretty ribbon.

17. Lottery Tickets or Scratch-Offs

Since the winner has already done well during your baby shower games, she might be able to continue the lucky streak with $10 worth of lottery tickets or scratch-offs.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas Under $20

If you’d like to go a little higher with your baby shower prize ideas, here are some gifts that go up to about $20 in value:

18. Coffee Lover’s Prize Set

Pair a nice mug or travel coffee tumbler with a bag of artisanal coffee for a really good prize that the winner will love.

19. Spa Day Prize Set

Fill a basket with a few of the following: some bath salts, massage oil, a nice natural sponge or loofah, an exfoliating mitt, or some lightly scented body lotion.

20. Gift Cards

For something super simple and easy, gift a $20 gift card for a local coffee shop, movie theater, or department store.

21. Box of Chocolates

You can count on a box of good-quality chocolates brightening someone’s day.

The Bottom Line

Adding games and prizes to your baby shower are completely optional but can make the event even more fun and memorable. Whether you’re on a strict budget or are happy to splurge a bit, we hope there’s an option you’ll love on this list.

Remember, whether you decide to offer prizes or not, your baby shower guests — and especially the guest of honor, the mom-to-be — will really appreciate all the trouble you’ve gone to in hosting this special event.

If you’re stuck on choosing games, check out these printable baby shower games. And, to make sure you’ve planned for everything, use this baby shower checklist.

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