Carbon Footprint: Here’s How We Are Taking Steps

Nurturing baby’s future is important to us, that’s why we’re working hard and looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint; from the ingredients we use, to our supply chain, right through to manufacturing and packaging.

We are taking a holistic and scientific-led approach to reducing our carbon emissions, so you can feel reassured every time your little one wears a Pampers diaper. It’s no easy task but with the passion of our scientists, manufacturing teams and our suppliers, we are committed to do our part to support our company’s P&G’s Net Zero GHG emissions by 2040 Ambition.

Providing our best leakage protection with less materials

Did you know that the majority of carbon emissions1 of disposable diapers comes from the sourcing and production of raw materials ? We’ve rigorously improved our diaper design over the years to use lighter, more efficient materials to continue protecting babies’ precious skin.

Pampers Pure diapers for a reduced carbon footprint

Our trusted leakage protection means fewer leaks3 , therefore fewer clothes washed – and unnecessary energy and water saved.

Where the diaper is born

Did you know the electricity we purchase for most of our domestic manufacturing sites is renewable?

With thoughtfully selected ingredients

Pampers Pure Protection diapers contain some plant-based materials including a soft outer cover which has 15% premium cotton. Our Aqua Pure wipes are created with 99% water, a touch of premium cotton, and 1% of our gentle cleansers. To see a full list of ingredients, visit our ingredients page.

Also, all wood pulp in our diapers is third party certified by a globally recognized certification system.

By working together, we can make a difference

That’s why we’re working with our suppliers to lower our carbon footprint throughout the supply chain! We support more than 50 of our suppliers globally and are actively working with them to reduce their carbon footprint.