Top Tips For Diapers And Wipes Disposal

Raise your hand if you like changing diapers…Anyone? No, we didn’t think so! Changing dirty diapers can seem like a chore and often a full-time job, here our top tips for diaper change and disposal.

Top Tips

Here’s our top tips of how best to get rid of your dirty diapers and wipes - that means NO flushing down the toilet! Trust us, this way is kinder to your bathroom pipes.

That’s diapers covered but what about wipes?

Do not flush; check our labels; throw wipes away with diapers. If in doubt, just follow the instructions on our diaper and wipes packaging.

As Pampers we are fully committed to understanding and improving the environmental impact of our products, whilst not compromising on product safety, quality and performance. And if you want to learn more about how we are reducing our material waste, or how we are lowering our carbon footprint, read our progress to date here.