Supporting Sustainable Forest Practices

Nurturing baby’s future also means nurturing the world they grow up in - that’s why we are committed to help keep our forests as forests.

Sustainable forestry practices we follow

Cellulose is a material of natural origin that absorbs moisture. We harvest the wood pulp that we use to produce the cellulose in Pampers diapers in accordance with our parent company P&G’s Forest Commodities Policy, meaning we only source from responsibly managed 'working forests'. All wood pulp we source for Pampers diapers is third party certified by a globally recognized certification system like a

We also support FSC® in their work to increase adoption of FSC standards, ensuring that wildlife is protected and contributing to thriving local communities as we harvest the wood pulp we need.

Have more questions?

Check out this link on how our parent company P&G is mapping the impact globally across four key areas: Nature, Water, Waste and Climate OR if you want to deep dive into the detail, you can read more about how P&G is Protecting Forests for generations to come here.