Pampers approach on improving environmental sustainability

Our Approach

to improve environmental sustainability

We’re On A Journey

to find science-led solutions across the life cycle of our diapers

Some Of Our Steps

from materials to manufacturing

  • Less laundry logo

    Less Leaks*, Less Laundry, Less Energy

    *vs the leading value brand

  • Manufacturing Waste logo

    Pampers’ factories are zero manufacturing waste to landfill

  • Made in the USA Logo

    Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials

  • Regrown trees logo

    One tree is regrown for every tree we use

  • Certified diapers logo

    All wood pulp in our diapers is third party certified by a globally recognized certification system.

  • Recycled diapers packaging logo

    Pampers diaper packaging is designed to be recyclable where facilities exists

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