Pampers Are Made With Love In The USA From Domestic & Imported Materials

For more than 60 years and over three generations, we at Pampers have been developing diapers with the aim of providing parents and their babies with a great combination of the highest quality and comfort.

Whether that’s our wet wipes which are designed with your baby’s delicate skin needs in mind, the super powerful absorbent core of our diapers and pants, or our extra small diapers specially developed for premature babies.

Together with parents, our worldwide experts are constantly innovating to make our products even better for babies, whilst trying to take steps to reduce the environmental impact.

Did you know that the Pampers diapers you buy are produced exclusively in our own factories across the USA from domestic & imported materials. And the development of our diapers also takes place very close to you, namely at the Pampers Research and Development Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We know that many of you are looking for ecofriendly diaper options for your little ones. And our environmental footprint is an important priority for us when it comes to our manufacturing facilities too.

Here’s how we’re taking steps across our factories as Pampers:

Purchasing Renewable Electricity

Did you know the electricity we purchase for most of our domestic manufacturing sites is renewable?

Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill

We’re proud to say that our manufacturing sites in the USA are Zero Manufacturing waste to landfill, instead it gets incinerated for energy, reused or recycled.

Applying strict quality controls

All of our manufacturing plants comply with all US safety requirements, ensuring your little ones get the best diapers they deserve. Read more on our responsible manufacturing approach here.

Offering Traceability

We a have a code on the packaging of our diapers that makes them traceable after sell. We have a diaper for every age and stage, from your previous newborns through to your adventurous potty trainers. Read more on our diaper & pants range here.