Your Child’s First Birthday: Building Lasting Memories

Time to celebrate your baby's first year! In addition to throwing a party, you may want to mark this important milestone in other ways. Check out these ideas for creating meaningful traditions and lifelong memories.

Ideas for your Baby's 1st Birthday

  1. Plant a tree. Like your baby, a tree will grow with each passing year, putting down roots and branching out into the world. Every year you can take photos of your child by her special tree. It's a wonderful way to record her life and to teach her about the connection we have to the earth and environment.

  2. Make a first-year quilt. This is a sweet way to save a piece of that adorable newborn garment or beloved blanket you can't bear to throw out. Assemble the items you'd like to use, cut them into squares, and sew them into a quilt that you'll appreciate for years to come — and eventually give to your child when she's older.

  3. Record your baby's story. Select your favorite photos from the past 12 months and put them in a scrapbook. Write a little story or create a slideshow highlighting the special moments and milestones during her first year. Reading your baby's story or watching the slideshow together will become a treasured ritual.

  4. Make a footprint. Use a casting kit to make an impression of your child's foot or hand. Place the impression in a double frame with the cast on one side and a first-birthday picture on the other.

  5. Create a time capsule. Collect items that capture the essence of your baby's first year: a photo of your home, a swatch from his favorite blanket, the rattle he adored, and so on. Seal them in a box to open on his 18th birthday.