When it comes to potty training I've been there, I've done that and I've written the book! OK, I'm kidding – I haven't written “the” book, but I have gone through potty training 5 times so I do consider myself somewhat of an expert. With potty training, the number one rule of thumb is knowing the right time to start. You don't want to start when your child isn't ready; you really want to make sure he or she understand and are excited to start the learning process. And after undergoing potty training with 5 of my kids, I learned very quickly that no two were the same! One of them learned right away, one of them took a long time, one of them asked to be potty trained, one of them learned from his sibling and one of them made us wonder if it would EVER happen!

Knowing that potty training has taken me through so many obstacles, I'm excited to share 7 of my “Potty Training Tactics” that may work for you!

1. Target Practice– My boys went crazy over this! Take something that floats (I highly recommend cereal) and have your child try to hit the target while they pee-pee in the potty! There's something great about a fun distraction, especially when it comes to potty training. Kids can get so nervous, which is why you want to keep it fun and light. Trust me, it worked like a charm on my first son and I used this trick three more rounds.

2. Foam Party - Dish Liquid, Bubbles Make Everything Fun – What can I say, everything is better with bubbles! Add some dish liquid solution to the toilet water and when they go on the potty, bubbles are created! Again, this is another great trick for boys as my sons absolutely LOVED the bubbles and my daughter was no different! Bubbles are lots of fun and create so much laughter!

3. “Necessary” Supplies – Trust me when I say, training pants will have your back “just in case” an accident happens – and they will! Potty training is not easy and there will be mishaps here and there. You want to make sure your little one stays encouraged throughout and I recommend using Pampers Easy Ups training pants as a trusted back up protection, especially during the night. Even when accidents do happen, the potty training learning process will keep on going.

4. Chocolate Works Wonders – As much as adults love chocolate, kids do, too! The easy trick of chocolate for a child never fails! Call it bribing or call it smart potty training, chocolate does the trick! Chocolate chips in our house seem to spark a love for potty training!

5. Timer Time – Every hour on the hour, it's potty time! Set the alarm every hour throughout the day, regardless of what is going on, and when the alarm goes off it is time to use the potty! Repetition and consistency are HUGE keys to potty training time.

6. Potty Training in one Week – Sometimes you just need to give yourself one week of complete and utter chaos to make it work. If you decide to do the “one week in” tactic, go big or go home. You need to commit to making it happen for you and your child. Just take the full week and stay consistent. Have a plan in place for the one week and go after it. I've heard it can be done, so success has been had at this tactic!

7. Naked Potty Training – And when it all seems impossible, don't get discouraged – instead just get back to basics! When you do the naked potty training tactic, your child will be able to tell immediately when they have an accident. This is good in the sense that they will be able to tell when they've gone and hopefully not let it happen the next time. This is also a tactic you need to commit to full on.

Remember, potty training is a huge milestone for any toddler, and for parents. You want to empower them and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I must admit, even after five rounds of potty training, this was bittersweet to write. My husband and I are on our last potty training adventure and I still don't know how the journey will unfold. The only thing that brings solace is that I have many tricks up my sleeve! If you are in the process or beginning to potty train, embrace these moments. It will happen and they will learn. Don't worry too much and try to have fun with your child throughout.