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About Pampers Bright Beginnings

At Pampers, caring for babies is more than just our purpose, it’s in our DNA. We believe a baby’s earliest days are the most essential towards shaping their brightest beginnings, and are committed to supporting their happy, healthy development right from the start.

Through our hospital partnerships, education programs, and diaper and wipes donations, the Pampers Bright Beginnings programs supports babies and their families by enabling early success and development, and enhancing access to resources, tools and support.


Pampers is proud to be the #1 choice of U.S. hospitals* for nearly 50 years. Our belief in the happy, healthy development of all babies drives everything from diaper design to grants and resources we provide to hospitals. We partner with NICU nurses to create products that protect baby’s skin, promote sleep and address the clinical needs of premature infants who are as little as one pound. We provide grants for hospitals to invest in cameras to keep families connected to their babies when they have to be apart. We support nurses who care for newborns with scholarships, free continuing education courses and clinical resources so they can provide the best care for their tiniest patients. All grounded in supporting baby’s healthy development -- from hospital to home. *Based on sales of newborn hospital diapers and wipes


Research shows that reading to a baby between the ages of zero and three is proven to impact core brain development through the exposure to words. Our vision is that all babies will be read to from birth, ensuring their happy, healthy development right from the start. Pampers is partnering with local hospitals, NICU centers, and community groups to provide resources to parents on the benefits of reading to their baby, as well as donating books.


Pampers is devoted to helping babies in communities that need it most, when they need it most. Through ongoing donation efforts and partnerships with organizations including Feeding America, Operation Homefront and Matthew 25, Pampers strives to create a measurable impact that will help babies get the bright beginnings they deserve.