23 Baby Game Ideas for Your Baby's First Year

There's nothing more fun or rewarding than playing with your baby. Playtime together is entertaining for both of you, of course, but it's also a big part of the way your little one learns and grows. No matter how simple the game, play stimulates the senses and helps your baby develop skills, which means she’ll learn a lot about the world around her through play. Here are some great suggestions for games you can play with your baby at home.

Games for Babies From Birth to 6 Months Old

These game ideas can work well for your newborn up until she’s around 6 months old:

Tummy time mom with baby

Games for Babies From 6 Months to 1 Year Old

The following game ideas can work well for your baby from 6 months old up to around the time he’s 1 year old:

Mom playing with baby girl

The Bottom Line

Playing with your baby can be a fun activity, a bonding moment, an educational experience, and a developmental opportunity for her. No matter which game you choose, your baby will love the time spent together, and you may find that playing together becomes a highlight of your day too!