Pampers’ Best Diapers & Wipes for Your Baby

Choosing the right diapers and wipes for your baby is a decision that every parent faces. It’s not just about convenience—it’s about your baby’s comfort and well-being. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Pampers proudly offers a range of diapers and wipes designed to meet the diverse needs of your baby at every stage of their early development. So, say farewell to blowouts and take a closer look at our list of best diapers and wipes for newborns, overnight, sensitive skin, toddlers, and everything in between.

Choosing the Best Pampers Diaper for Your Baby

Before we look at some of our best diapers and wipes for babies, let’s see what important features make a great diaper:

  • Absorbency. A good diaper keeps wetness away from your baby’s skin, helping to protect against irritation, rashes, and chafing.

  • Softness. A soft surface gently protects your baby’s delicate skin.

  • Wetness indicator. The wetness indicator is a colored line on the diaper that turns from yellow to blue to let you know when it may be time for a change.

  • Shaped for your baby. A cutout on the front of the diaper goes around your newborn baby’s umbilical area. This helps keep the area dry and exposed to air to help it heal. Stretchy sides allow you to comfortably adjust the diaper to your baby’s unique shape for a custom fit and a range of sizes to work for babies from <6 to 41+ pounds.


Best of Babycenter

Pampers Best Diapers for Newborns

What are the best diapers for newborns? When it comes to our best newborn diapers, Pampers Swaddlers stand out as an exceptional product, designed with the utmost care for your little one. They’re recognized as our softest Swaddlers ever to comfort a newborn’s delicate skin. Here are some more reasons why they’re the perfect choice for your new arrival:

  • Clinically Proven. This diaper helps restore the skin’s natural pH, promoting healthy skin.

  • Umbilical Cord Notch. Incorporating a thoughtful design feature that protects your newborn baby’s belly. This is available on diapers from size newborn through size 2.

  • BreatheFree Liner. It wicks away wetness from the baby's skin, allowing it to breathe comfortably.

  • Dual Leak-Guard Barriers. These are positioned along the leg cuff, protecting where leaks often occur.

  • LockAway Channels. Ingeniously designed to lock away wetness and mess, ensuring dry, healthy skin.

  • Preemie Size Offering. Pampers Swaddlers are available in preemie sizes to cater to the smallest of newborns.

  • Superior Dryness. With a blowout barrier to help prevent leaks up the back and a wetness indicator, Swaddlers excel in providing dryness to keep your newborn's skin healthy.

  • Award-winning. Swaddlers have been recognized in the Good Housekeeping 2023 Parenting Awards.

Given these outstanding features, it's clear why Pampers Swaddlers are a great choice for parents of newborns.

Pampers Best Baby Wipes for Newborns

For the best wipes for newborn babies, Pampers Aqua Pure stands out. Its gentle, thoughtfully crafted formula, specifically designed for your little one's delicate skin, provides exceptional care and protection. Our Aqua Pure wipes are made with premium-quality materials that are soft and gentle to the touch, ensuring a comfortable and soothing experience for your baby. They are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and parabens, making them safe and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin.

  • 99% Water. Our Aqua Pure wipes are created with ultra-purified water, making up 99% of the formula for a gentle, mild clean.

  • Premium Cotton. Each wipe includes a touch of premium cotton, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel against your newborn’s delicate skin.

  • 1% Gentle Cleansers. A minimal amount of gentle cleansers is added to effectively clean while maintaining the skin's natural pH balance.

  • 0% Alcohol and Perfumes. The wipes contain no alcohol or perfumes, making them skin-friendly for your newborn.

  • Preservative Content. A small percentage of preservatives are included to protect your wipes from contamination, guaranteeing they are safe and effective for every use.

With our Aqua Pure wipes, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re using a product that is not only highly effective but also designed with the utmost care and consideration for your little one’s well-being.

Pampers Best Overnight Diapers

Are you ready to say goodbye to midnight diaper changes and hello to uninterrupted sleep for both you and your precious bundle of joy? When it comes to ensuring a cozy and dry night for your little one, Pampers Swaddlers Overnights truly shine! These overnight diapers are ingeniously designed to provide all-night dryness, making them an ideal choice for parents. With up to 100% leakproof nighttime skin protection, even your heavy wetter can stay dry from dusk to dawn with our best overnight diapers for newborns, babies, and toddlers.

  • Superior Absorbency. Our Overnight Diapers are designed with 50% more absorbent zones compared to ordinary diapers* (*Swaddlers Overnights vs. Everyday-of-the-Year diaper). This exceptional absorbency helps keep your baby's skin dry all night long.

  • Healthy Skin. These diapers promote healthy skin for up to 12 hours, thanks to their moisture-wicking BreatheFree Liner.

  • Wetness Indicator. They come with a useful wetness indicator that provides a visual cue when your baby needs a change. This feature is especially beneficial during the night, allowing for quick checks without much disturbance to your baby’s sleep.

  • Nighttime Prints. Swaddlers Overnights come adorned with 8 charming nighttime prints, adding a touch of fun to your little one’s bedtime routine.

Our Swaddlers Overnights have also been recognized by Forbes Vetted as the best overnight diapers to prevent nighttime accidents, and have earned accolades in the 2023 Sleep Awards by What to Expect, further demonstrating their performance in providing all-night dryness and comfort.

Mom Must-Have

Pampers Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin

If you’re looking for Pampers best diapers for newborns and babies with sensitive skin or diaper rash, look no further than Pampers Swaddlers. These diapers are meticulously crafted with a unique blend of features, specifically designed to prioritize the delicate needs of your baby's sensitive skin. With unparalleled comfort and protection, these diapers ensure that your little one stays dry, cozy, and irritation-free throughout the day. Trust our Swaddlers to provide the utmost care and peace of mind for both you and your tiny bundle of joy.

  • Clinically Proven on Sensitive Skin. Our Swaddlers diapers are clinically proven, hypoallergenic, and free from parabens and latex* (*No rubbing alcohol and no natural rubber latex), making them gentle on your baby's delicate and sensitive skin. You can trust that they ensure a comforting, irritation-free experience for your little one.

  • Clinically Proven to Help Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy 24/7. These diapers are not just about comfort; they've also been clinically proven to maintain your baby's skin health around the clock, offering constant care and protection.

  • Moisture-wicking BreatheFree Liner. Our innovative BreatheFree Liner effectively wicks away moisture, ensuring your baby's skin remains dry and healthy. This feature is key to preventing rashes and skin irritation.

  • Ultrasoft, Absorbent Layers. Every Swaddlers diaper includes ultrasoft absorbent layers, gently protecting your baby’s skin from wetness and irritation.

Our Swaddlers have been voted by What to Expect as a “2023 Mom Must-Have,” and have also received a Best of BabyCenter Award for the best diapers—a testament to their popularity and trust among parents.

Pampers Best Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Pampers Sensitive Wipes, meticulously designed and clinically proven to provide gentle care for your baby’s sensitive skin, proudly take the lead as our best option for delicate skin. With a hypoallergenic formula, these wipes are as mild as a washcloth and water for your little one's skin, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing experience. They’re also a great option if you’re looking for Pampers best wipes for diaper rash. Your sensitive baby’s skin deserves nothing but the best.

  • Trustworthy. Pampers is the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand and the #1 choice of hospitals. These credentials assure you of the quality and trustworthiness of our wipes.

  • pH Balancing Ingredients. Our Sensitive wipes contain pH-balancing ingredients, which help in maintaining your baby's natural skin pH balance, crucial for skin health.

  • Clinically Proven. Our sensitive wipes have been clinically proven for sensitive skin, reinforcing our commitment to your baby's skin health.

  • Skin-Friendly. These wipes are hypoallergenic, containing 0% alcohol, fragrance, parabens, and latex* (*No rubbing alcohol and no natural rubber latex). They epitomize gentle care for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Our Sensitive wipes have earned recognition from Forbes Vetted as the best baby wipes for keeping little ones clean and helping to prevent diaper rash, as well as being crowned as “2023 Mom Must-Have” by What to Expect.

For optimal skin health, use Pampers Sensitive wipes together with Swaddlers diapers. This combination ensures a comprehensive care routine for your baby's sensitive skin.

Pampers Best Natural Diapers and Wipes for Babies

For parents who prefer natural and sustainable products, we offer a fantastic line called Pampers Pure. Our Pure Protection diapers and Aqua Pure wipes have been thoughtfully designed with your baby's health and the environment in mind. With hypoallergenic materials and thoughtfully chosen ingredients, Pampers Pure offers a gentle and safe option for your little one, ensuring their comfort and minimizing their ecological footprint. Join us in our commitment to provide the best for your baby and the planet!

  • Thoughtful Ingredients. Our Pure Protection diapers are crafted with plant-based materials and other thoughtfully selected ingredients. Our Aqua Pure wipes are composed of 99% water, a touch of premium cotton, and 1% of our gentle cleansers, making them perfect for your baby's delicate skin.

  • Responsibly Sourced. Our Pure diapers are infused with responsibly sourced Shea and are produced using FSC-certified sustainably sourced pulp. These diapers are a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

  • Environmentally Conscious Production. Pampers Pure is not simply about the final product, but the entire production process. These diapers are made with 100% certified renewable energy and 0% manufacturing waste to landfill* (*All Global Baby Care factories. Diaper manufacturing in North America), delivering peace of mind with every diaper change.

  • pH Balancing. Our Aqua Pure wipes help restore your baby's skin's healthy pH, ensuring your little one’s skin health is maintained.

  • Safe and Gentle. Both Pampers Pure Protection diapers and Aqua Pure wipes contain 0% parabens and latex* (*No rubbing alcohol and no natural rubber latex), adhering to our high safety standards.

Choose Pampers Pure, our best natural diapers and wipes for your baby—because when it comes to your little one, only the purest touch will do.

Pampers Best Diapers for Toddlers

Toddlers are in a phase of life full of exploration and discovery. Every day is an adventure as they eagerly navigate the world around them, taking their first steps, and developing their motor skills. During this crucial stage, a good diaper plays a vital role in ensuring their comfort and well-being.

With Pampers Cruisers 360, you can trust that your little one stays comfortable and dry throughout their active day. These diapers are thoughtfully designed with unique features to provide an optimal fit and absorbency, allowing toddlers the freedom to move, explore, and play without any discomfort or interruptions. Whether it's crawling, walking, or running, Cruisers 360 are there to support every step of their journey, keeping them happy and content.

  • Unique 3-way fit. Pampers Cruisers 360 adapt around the waist, legs, and bottom, providing a comfortable fit that moves with your toddler. No more discomfort from ill-fitting diapers; your child can enjoy their active days with ease and comfort.

  • Dual Leak-Guard Barriers. These diapers are equipped with Dual Leak-Guard Barriers that gently seal around your toddler’s legs. This unique feature is designed to protect where leaks happen most, ensuring your toddler stays dry and happy.

  • 360 Stretchy Waist. Pampers Cruisers 360 has a 360 (degree symbol) stretchy waistband to help make diaper changes easy and Easy-Tear sides for quick removal. Cruisers 360 have a blowout barrier to help prevent leaks from any angle and provide up to 100% leak-free fit.

  • Lock-Away Channels. With our Cruisers 360, your toddler stays dry for up to 12 hours. Thanks to the innovative Lock-Away Channels that absorb wetness and lock it away from the skin, your child can enjoy uninterrupted playtime.

  • Efficient and Eco-friendly. Fewer leaks mean less laundry and less energy spent on clean-ups. By choosing Pampers Cruisers 360, you're making a choice that's not only great for your toddler but also kinder to the environment.

Choose Pampers Cruisers 360, because your active toddler deserves a diaper that keeps up with their constant motion. Trust Pampers to keep them comfortable, dry, and ready for adventure!

The Bottom Line

Choose our Pampers diapers and wipes for quality, safety, and sustainability. From hypoallergenic Pampers Pure to active-fit Pampers Cruisers 360 and gentle Pampers Sensitive wipes, we’re here to support your child’s early development.

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