Best Lightweight Strollers for Baby & Toddler

Having a lightweight stroller can be a very handy item, especially if your family travels a lot. Whether it’s going on errands or road trips in the car, taking the train or the bus, making your way around a busy airport, or even spending the day at the zoo or the park, a lightweight stroller is a must-have.

More than 4,000 Pampers Parents voted on which lightweight stroller they think is the best. Find out which brands and models made the list, and read detailed reviews so you can find the right one for you and your baby or toddler.

What Is a Lightweight Stroller?

A lightweight stroller is exactly as it sounds. It’s a full-size stroller that weighs less than standard models and is also more easily foldable and transportable. Lightweight strollers are not to be confused with umbrella strollers, which are usually good for small, short trips, but not so much for extended travel or a more rigorous day out.

All the lightweight strollers on this list come in at under 23 pounds, but most are even lighter than that, the lightest weighing 9.5 pounds.

Having a super-light stroller can come in handy whenever you need to carry your baby in one arm, and your folded-up stroller in the other. Lightweight strollers are also practical for easy stowing in the trunk of your car.

For these kinds of situations, a stroller that not only is light but can also fold up compactly is a huge benefit.

Types of Lightweight Strollers

There are a few different lightweight strollers on the market:

  • Single. Seven of the nine strollers on our list are lightweight strollers that hold a single baby or toddler.

  • Jogging. One lightweight stroller on our list is a jogging-style stroller with rubber tires on the wheels that make it easier to jog with.

  • Double. One of the strollers on our list is a double stroller that can hold your baby as well as a toddler-aged child.

The 9 Best Lightweight Strollers

Here are the best lightweight strollers as chosen by Pampers Parents:

1. Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Why pick this one? Pampers Parents voted the Graco Breaze the best lightweight stroller because it’s so easy to use—it folds up with just one hand.

It features an extra-large canopy that offers UV 50 protection, front swiveling wheels with suspension for a smoother ride, a removable cup holder for you, and an extra-large storage basket for all of your baby’s things. One item missing from this stroller is a baby tray.

The stroller’s seat can be reclined in multiple positions for your baby’s comfort, and the harness can be configured as both a 3-point and a 5-point harness.

The design has a modern color scheme of gray and black with appealing geometric patterns.

Highlights: Many Pampers Parents liked that almost all Graco Click Connect infant car seats can securely attach to this stroller, which is convenient in case you want to create your own travel system

Price*: about $101.92 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

2. Evenflo Aero Ultra-Lightweight Stroller

Why pick this one? The Evenflo Aero is easily foldable with one hand and is self-standing when folded to make it easier to manage. The manufacturer claims it also stores easily in tight spaces.

The stroller features an extra storage pocket on the back of the seat where you can stash things like your keys, wallet, and phone. There’s also a large storage basket underneath for all of your baby’s essentials, and there are two mesh in-seat pockets to keep your baby’s smaller items nearby. There’s also a cup holder for you that can accommodate bottles and cups of various sizes.

The stroller’s canopy features UV 50 sun protection. The handlebar is padded in foam to make it more comfortable to hold and easier to steer.

One complaint that Pampers Parents had was that the handlebar height is not adjustable, which means it may not be at a comfortable height for everyone.

Highlights: The rear wheel locks are a convenient safety feature that help the stroller stay steady when you put your baby in the stroller or take her out.

Price*: about $116.49 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

3. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single Stroller

Why pick this one? This newly redesigned Baby Jogger is now compatible with the manufacturer’s infant car seat and carry cot, so you could turn this stroller into a travel system if you wish. The manufacturer touts the stroller’s ultra-compact, one-handed fold. Once folded, the stroller can slip into the included carry bag.

This stroller is perfect for travel as it can fit into small spaces and is very lightweight at just 14 pounds. It has lightweight rubber composite tires with front-locking swivel wheels and suspension for a smoother ride.

For your baby, there’s a deep padded seat and calf support. The UV 50+ protective canopy has a peekaboo window so that you can keep an eye on your little one.

The two front wheels are positioned closer together than the back wheels. Although this stroller is advertised as a jogging stroller, it has four wheels, which is unusual because most jogging strollers are three-wheeled for better maneuverability. Some parents noted that the four wheels make it difficult to steer and maneuver.

Highlights: Add-on accessories such as a belly bar or a child tray can be purchased separately, so you can buy just those extras that you need.

Price*: about $229.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

4. gb Pockit Stroller

Why pick this one? At just 9.5 pounds, this stroller folds to a very compact 14 x 12 x 7 inches. It may be small, but it’s built to be strong, too. It can hold a baby or toddler who weighs up to 55 pounds, as well as 11 pounds of items in the storage basket underneath.

Although this is the lightest stroller on our list, parents wished it were a bit sturdier and that it had height-adjustable handles.

The gb Pockit is ideal for families who like to travel, as the stroller can easily fit in the trunk of most cars or an overhead rack on most trains. It’s self-standing when closed. It’s also easy to push and steer because of its swiveling front wheels.

Highlights: It has a sliding back panel for adjusting the back of the seat to your child’s torso length. The five-point harness has shoulder pads for extra comfort.

Price*: about $152.00 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

5. Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller

Why pick this one? Babyzen calls their YOYO+ the world’s first luxury stroller, and the price reflects that. At $499, it’s the second most expensive stroller on our list. It’s great for travel as it can fold compactly. There’s also a carrying strap and an included travel bag for easy transportation.

The YOYO+ comes with a reversible backrest so your baby can face you, and a rain cover to keep your baby protected in inclement weather. Other unique features include a multi-positioning reclining seat for your baby’s comfort.

There is potential to add an infant car seat to the stroller, but the adapters must be purchased separately.

Highlights: Unlike many other strollers, the YOYO+ features removable and washable fabrics. This lightweight stroller uses a soft-drive system, which means there’s no need for locking the front swivel wheels when on rough terrain.

Price*: about $499.00 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

6. Summer 3Dpac CS+ Compact Fold Stroller

Why pick this one? Not only is the Summer 3Dpac stroller lightweight and compact when folded, it is also designed to self-stand when folded, locks for safekeeping, and is easy to carry with the included strap.

The stroller features a multi-position recline, and the position of the leg rests can be adjusted for your little one’s comfort. The five-point harness is also adjustable to three different heights. There’s a bumper bar, too.

You’ll really like the extra-large canopy that has a visor and peekaboo window. There’s also plenty of storage space underneath, cup holders for both you and your baby, a mobile phone holder, and a storage pocket in the back.

Highlights: The stroller is compatible with different infant car seats from quite a few manufacturers, which means you don’t need to purchase a separate adapter to add your baby’s car seat.

Price*: about $123.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

7. Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller

Why pick this one? The Bugaboo Bee5’s manufacturer claims its compact and lightweight stroller is as reliable as any heavy-duty stroller on the market. The stroller can be used from the moment your baby can sit up until she weighs 37.5 pounds, which may be a pretty short lifespan. However, if you buy the Bee bassinet base that’s sold separately, your little one could start using the stroller earlier.

The stroller’s plush seat and seat back are extendable to grow with your baby, and the handlebar height is adjustable to fit you and your partner’s heights, which isn’t something every stroller offers.

If you’d like to use an infant car seat from a compatible brand, you’ll have to purchase an adapter. For the price of over $700, you’d think the adapter would be included.

Highlights: The stroller features machine-washable fabric and the seat is reversible so that you can choose to have your baby face you or the world. This is the only stroller on this list with this option.

Price*: about $719.00 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

8. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Stroller

Why pick this one? The Kolcraft stroller’s lightweight design is ideal for travel. The extendable canopy provides UV protection and has a peekaboo window so that you can keep an eye on your baby. The stroller folds easily with one hand and stays standing, making it easier to handle when traveling.

The stroller includes a storage basket below the seat, all-terrain wheels with front suspension for a comfortable ride, and a five-point harness.

One potential negative is that this stroller can’t be adapted to use an infant car seat, so this may not be the stroller for you if that’s a feature you are looking for.

Highlights: What sets this stroller apart from the others on this list is that it has a removable child tray with dual cup holders, and a parent tray with two water bottle holders.

Price*: about $67.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

9. JOOVY Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

Why pick this one? The manufacturer claims that this is the lightest weight and most compact double stroller on the market. It’s designed for a baby and an older child who can either stand or sit on the caboose (the rear platform and bench). Pampers Parents say it’s “not bulky like most other double strollers,” and note that it “fits through narrow spaces.”

The manufacturer claims that the stroller’s frame is designed to be extra sturdy and stable. The canopy can provide coverage for both of your children. Also included are a parent organizer with room for two cups, and a snack tray for your baby.

The stroller’s universal car seat adapter allows you to fit most major brands of infant car seats in the stroller. However, when using the stroller with an infant car seat, the seat has to be reclined, which makes the older child’s seat inaccessible. In this configuration your older child only has space to stand.

Another important thing to note is the weight limit, which is a maximum of 45 pounds per child—so you may not be able to use this stroller for both of your children once one of your children weighs more than this upper limit.

Highlights: If your children are aged within two years of each other, you might consider buying the optional Caboose Rear Seat for your older child. The extra seat reclines and folds up with the stroller.

Price*: about $199.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

Features to Look for in a Lightweight Stroller

Consider these features when deciding which lightweight stroller to buy. Some of them were also highlighted by Pamper Parents as key factors they considered.

  • Safety. Almost all of the strollers on our list are JPMA-certified, which adds an extra level of reassurance. And all of them have a five-point harness. This type of harness secures your baby at or above his shoulders, at his waist, and between the legs, so he can’t slide, fall, or climb out of the stroller. It’s even better if the straps are adjustable to fit your child as he grows.

  • Weight. Every pound makes a difference when it comes to lugging a folded stroller from place to place or squeezing it into tight spaces, so the more lightweight the better. Look at the weights of each stroller on this list in order to help you decide. At 9.5 pounds, the gb Pockit Stroller is the lightest on our list.

  • Compact size. It’s a good idea to check the measurements of your car’s trunk and any other space where you might need to store the stroller. Then, compare that with the folded measurements of the stroller you’re considering purchasing to make sure it’s compatible.

  • Easily foldable and self-standing. A stroller that can be folded with one hand is something you’ll absolutely love, especially when you’ve got a baby in your arms. Better yet is a stroller that is self-standing, which means it stands up on its own after you’ve folded it, making it easier to manage when you’ve got your hands full.

  • Portability. A key feature of a lightweight stroller is its portability. Once folded, will it be easy to carry from place to place and easy to stow away? Almost all of the strollers on this list are easily transportable. Having a dedicated carry handle also makes it easier to transport the folded stroller. The Baby Jogger and Babyzen come with carrying bags, which help protect the stroller and make portability even easier.

  • Compatibility with an infant car seat. Some of the strollers on our list are compatible with multiple different manufacturers’ infant car seats, which is great if you’d like to get more use out of your stroller. Keep in mind that some strollers require that you buy a separate adaptor for attaching the car seat, so this is an extra cost that’s worth considering.

  • Affordability. Lightweight strollers can range from under $100 to over $700. A more expensive stroller doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. It may be the brand or the design that carries the higher price tag. It’s worth weighing the features against one another before making your final decision.

  • Large canopy. Keep your baby protected from sunlight and/or bad weather with the right-sized canopy. The larger the canopy, the more protected your baby will be. Some lightweight strollers even feature mesh panels for extra airflow or peekaboo windows so you can see your child from above, so give some thought to whether these features are important to you.

  • Storage. A large storage basket is a must for when you’re on the go. Make sure it’s easy to access the under-the-seat basket when your child is in the stroller and/or when the seat is reclined back. Consider what kind of extra storage compartments you’d like to have as things like cup holders and extra pockets can be very convenient for storing everything from water, snacks, and toys to your keys and mobile phone. Just remember that you should never place hot drinks in the cup holder for safety reasons.

  • How easy it is to maneuver and steer. Larger wheels make a stroller easier to steer, as can swiveling front wheels that you can lock when placing your baby in the seat. Front suspension helps with maneuverability and makes for a smoother ride.

  • Child weight limitations. Before choosing your stroller, check the maximum child weight. You will get more use out of the stroller if the weight limit is higher.

  • Easy to clean. Some strollers offer a removable fabric cover that you can machine-wash. Others may just be wiped clean. The Bugaboo Bee5 on our list features machine-washable fabrics.

  • Amusement park-approved. This may be a feature that is important to you especially if you plan to travel to an amusement park, which may not allow strollers wider or longer than a certain size. The Kolcraft Stroller on our list is approved for amusement parks.

Safety Tips for Using Your Lightweight Stroller

Once you’ve purchased your lightweight stroller, remember these safety tips every time you use it:

  • Before you place your baby in the stroller, check that the wheels are in a locked position

  • Never leave your baby unattended when she’s in the stroller

  • Always use the safety harness to secure your baby when she’s seated in the stroller

  • Engage the brakes every time you stop, even if it’s just for a short period

  • Do not hang a diaper bag or your handbag from the handlebar, as it can cause the stroller to tip backward, endangering your baby

  • Keep your baby away from the stroller when you’re folding it so that her fingers don’t accidentally get caught in any of the folding mechanisms

  • Make sure your baby can’t reach the wheels when she’s sitting in the stroller

  • If you have any hanging toys dangling above your baby’s head, make sure they are securely fastened so she can’t pull them off

  • Metal parts can get extremely hot or extremely cold, depending on the weather, and especially when the stroller has been stored in the trunk of your car. Check that the stroller is a safe temperature before placing your baby in it, and keep her away from the metal parts.

Whether you’re heading out for a quick jog, going on a road trip to Grandma’s house, or flying to an amusement park for the trip of a lifetime, a lightweight stroller can be a lifesaver. We hope you’ve found just the right lightweight stroller for your little one so that you can enjoy your adventure while having one less bulky thing to worry about.

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