Complete Clean Baby Fresh Scent

WIPES Pampers®
Complete Clean™
Baby Fresh Scent

Based on 4286 reviews
A soft and strong wipe for a refreshing clean

Complete cleaning
Cleans, moisturises, freshens


Great for bottom, hands and face

Completely cleans, from top to bottom


Soft and strong

To clean up all the messes quickly


Refreshing scent

For a fresh feeling and an enjoyable changing experience

Clinically proven gentle
Designed with your baby's delicate skin needs in mind


Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic

To ensure they are gentle against your baby's skin

Pampers® Complete Clean™
Baby Fresh Scent



Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes

"I love Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes. These wipes are gentle enough to keep baby soft skin soft and tough enough to get every little inch of my baby's bottom. The fresh scent leaves baby bottom clean and smelling great. Hats off to you Pampers"

GeriJune 25,2017

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Pampers® Complete Clean™ Baby Fresh Scent reviews

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Pampers® Complete Clean™ Baby Fresh Scent

Overall Rating   4286


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"Love them. My daughter has sedative skin and pampers wipes and diapers are perfect for her. So soft"

Jillian_JR3782Z4D1ONovember 08,2019 US

Pampers Baby Fresh

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"I love the way pampers cleans , smell, they are priced equally to others in the market , but you are getting a better deal."

MelissaCM600755576October 22,2018 US


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"We never go without them they are Great. I always buy these for others for gifts at baby showers."

webnfrogSeptember 19,2018 US

Prefer the sensitive

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Gentle Cleaning
Cleans Well
Good Value

"They are good wipes, but we prefer the sensitive ones. These still way better than other brands(softer)."

KarenSeptember 16,2018

Sensitive + Frensh Scent

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"These wipes not only work great in sensitive skin, but smell amazing as well. I was using pampers sensitive wipes since my daughter was born. They worked fantastic, I have no complaints. But one day I decided to try theese. I believe they were out if the sensitive. Glad I did because they work very similar but also have that baby fresh scent. I have tried many other brands and would not change for anything. Others I have tried are either too dry, wet, small, give my daughter a rash, or are too expensive. There are perfect, I definitely recommend them mamas!"

Jenn3483811548824June 23,2018 US


Pampers® Complete Clean™ Baby Fresh Scent



Pampers® Complete Clean™ Baby Fresh Scent

Overall Rating*
Cleans well*
Gentle Cleaning*
Good Value*

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