Now that you have a new little one in the family, every day has its fair share of special moments. While this shouldn't deter you from capturing these occasions and milestones, remember that you're part of the family, too.

Browse through the photos you have of your child — exactly how many are you in? You were there, yes, but as the person behind the camera.

Evaluate the moment. When you're thinking about taking a picture, take a second and assess what's going on. Whose moment is it? Is it your baby's first haircut? Is it the first time your new family is bringing your child over to the in-laws? In both of these situations, the odds are you're taking the keepsake photo.

Here's another plan: if the moment is all about your child, snap away! But if the moment is about your family, including you, you need to find a way to be in the picture.

Give yourself a break. Unless you are truly expert at taking good selfies, it's time to ask someone else to take the photo, so you can experience and capture the moment at the same time. It may be hard to relinquish your role as the recorder-in-chief, but these moments only happen once. Go ahead and hand over the camera or the phone!