Trend-Setting Celebrity Baby Names

We already watch and analyze their fashion choices, hair styles, and exercise regimens, so why not take inspiration from celebrities' baby names, too? If you’re looking beyond the usual baby name lists, try thinking like a rock star for a moment, and consider some celebrity kids' names you may not have thought of.

It might take some serious star quality (and attitude) to pull off certain names, but celebrities have given us such famous baby names as Silas, Vivian and Wyatt that will sound just as cool on your local playground as they do on the red carpet.

Celebrity Baby Boy Names


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Celebrity Baby Girl Names

So, you've decided on the perfect name? Now the question is: do you keep it a secret or share it with the world? Both options may be tempting, and there are many factors to consider, so take a look at our insightful guide to sharing your baby's name.

Whatever name you've chosen, we're sure sharing his or her name with a celebrity will be your baby's first of many brushes with greatness.

If these celebrity names don’t excite you, then you can always try our Baby Name Generator, which makes searching and sorting through names easy and fun. Browse through a selection of names from other interesting categories like literature or names inspired by nature.

If you’re in need of additional name ideas for your little one, check out our lists of the top 1000 names for girls and also a list of boy names for some fresh inspiration.