How to Throw a Baby Naming Party

Having a baby means countless reasons to celebrate with loved ones. From announcement parties to gender reveals and even traditional showers, there's no shortage of ways to celebrate your precious new arrival.

What Is a Baby Naming Party?

Baby naming parties are an age-old tradition in some cultures and are becoming popular among modern parents, too. Brainstorming your baby's name with the people you love can be a fun way to get family and friends excited and involved before, or even after, your little one arrives. Even if you already have a name in mind, you may have a blast hearing what names your loved ones would pick for you. We've prepared our best baby naming party ideas to inspire you and your family.


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Who to Invite and What to Serve

Consider keeping the baby naming party small. Four to ten guests, for example, makes for an intimate group and lets you all interact meaningfully together.

If you’re feeling crafty with your baby naming party themes, set out letter-shaped cookies as inspiration for your guests’ baby-naming party activities.

Also, make it easy on yourself and host the party potluck style. Ask your guests to bring a dish inspired by a certain person in their life, for example.

What to Do

  • Pass around baby naming books, and have a tablet or laptop available to access naming websites, including Pampers' extensive list of name ideas.

  • Set up easels with large pads of paper (or tape oversized paper to the walls) so your guests can add their suggestions.

  • Give guests your name criteria: Are you aiming for certain first letters or sounds? Are names from specific nationalities high on your list?

  • Have guests present their favorite first and middle name contenders to the group. Ask them to describe:

    • What they like about the name (Is there a significance the parents might not know about?)

    • What the name means

    • If anyone famous has the name

    • The name's popularity. You can always refer to Pampers' annual list of the top baby names for boys and a list of the top baby names for girls.

  • Don't forget to take guests' suggestions lightheartedly.

What to Keep in Mind

Baby names are an especially subjective (and emotional) topic. If you need more inspiration, why not try our Baby Name Generator? You can search our exhaustive database by gender, popularity, and even name meaning.

If nothing your guests come up with beats your favorite names, when you do make your baby name announcement, you can always say, “We were inspired by what you all thought of, but loved our name best." Whatever your baby name reveal ideas, you're sure to create lasting memories with your family and friends.