If you've ever fallen in love with literary names from your favorite classics, why not consider baby names from books when naming your little one?

Literary boy names and girl names from the likes of Dickens and Austen have stood the test of time, so if the name of your favorite character still makes you nostalgic, it could be the perfect choice for your baby, too.

You can be sure that baby names from literature will always tell a story, and one that your child can be proud to carry for a lifetime. Click on any of the names below to learn more about its story and origins*.

If these classic names from literature haven’t captured your imagination, don’t worry! You can always browse our comprehensive guide to other unique baby girl names, and some for boys, too.

Or maybe there is someone in your family with a larger-than-life legacy who you are considering naming your baby after. Great idea! Don’t forget to check out our guide to naming your child after a family member for advice.

Still need inspiration? Spend some time browsing our Baby Name Generator. This easy-to-search tool allows you to explore thousands of names by gender, popularity, origin, and more. We’re confident you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

*The list of names in this article was obtained from the US Social Security Administration website.