You're happy to organize a baby shower for a very fortunate mom-to-be, and although there is a lot to think about, putting this special day together is also a lot of fun. One of the first steps is to choose a great theme. As you brainstorm, think about the guest of honor and what kind of theme she would love. If you're sure she's happy to reveal she's having a girl, get inspired by these baby shower themes for girls, including loads of decoration, food, and game ideas. Of course, as a baby shower host, the world's your oyster. If you or the mom-to-be would prefer something less traditional, or a gender-neutral approach, take a look at our theme ideas for boys. For even more advice on how to host the perfect shower, head over to our baby shower tool.

Princess Theme

When it comes to parties, princesses never go out of style. The great thing about this theme is that there are so many symbols to play with. Think castles, tiaras, crowns, thrones, and more.

Princessbaby shower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

The color scheme for a princess-themed shower can include gold or silver, and pink or the very regal purple. To get you started, print these beautiful princess-themed invitations, thank you notes, and pennant banners. As a centerpiece, have a princess-themed diaper cake in the shape of a castle. If you have an armchair, drape gold, pink, or purple material over it to make a DIY throne for the mom-to-be to sit on. Hang two sheets of pink tulle (or some other fabric) behind the food table from under a plastic or paper crown; then pull the two sheets to the side, like a curtain, and cinch them with ribbon to create a royal backdrop.

Food Ideas

Organize a tea party offering a range of fancy tea flavors. Serve sandwiches cut into the shape of a crown. Create frosted cookies in the shape of a tiara, bow, or royal rattle. For cupcakes, go for decadent cream or icing toppings, and decorate them with edible sugar beads or glitter. Have a tiara cake topper to crown the cake.

Game Idea

A great baby shower game is to play princess trivia with your guests. Ask questions about princesses from real life, history, fairy tales, cartoons, or movies. For example, ask questions like: What’s the name of a princess who’s currently living?

Video Guide Princess Theme Baby Shower

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Theme

The mom-to-be and her little shining star are the focus on this special day, so why not go with a theme inspired by this popular children's song.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star babyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

This baby girl baby shower theme is pretty easy to bring together. Decorate the party zone with lots of star and moon shapes cut out from colored paper. Set a night-time mood with dark blue or black hues and fairy lights. Have a "twinkle, twinkle little star" diaper cake topper as a decorative centerpiece.

Food Ideas

Have star-shaped cake pops, a cake in the shape of a shooting star, and sandwiches cut into star and moon shapes. Frost cookies to look like peacefully sleeping star, moon, and cloud shapes. For easy on-theme food, cut mini star shapes out of gold glitter paper, placing them onto the ends of toothpicks and sticking them into any small bite-size snacks you have. You can also stick stars onto straws with superglue.

Game Ideas

Ask your guests to wish upon a star for the baby by writing down their best wishes for the newborn so she can read them when she’s older. Alternatively, print out this Wishes for Baby game. Bring a xylophone or toy keyboard to the shower and ask each guest to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." The superstar who gets the loudest cheers wins a prize.

Superhero Theme

Not all superheroes wear capes! Sometimes they wear maternity wear or bibs! The superhero theme is great if mom-to-be is having a girl, because there are lots of inspirational female heroes.

Superhero babyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

You don’t have to pick one character; you can have a general superhero theme with lots of red, yellow, and blue used for the tablecloth, balloons, tissue paper décor, paper plates, and pennant banners. Cover a bar table so it looks like a superhero cape by using a long red tablecloth that reaches the floor, and then place yellow or blue material on the tabletop between the serving plates. Invitations can be in the shape of a baby’s playsuit, designed to look like a superhero outfit. Salute the mom-to-be with text saying, "A little wonder baby is coming! Let’s celebrate mom-to-be – a real-life superhero!"

Food Ideas

Have cookies shaped and frosted to look like a superhero’s mask, or a multi-tiered cake designed to look like a superhero’s suit. The cake could even be designed to look like a pregnant superhero, so the mom-to-be knows you think she’s doing an amazing job. Have some green candies to represent kryptonite, that famous weakness of some superheroes − they’ll be the weakness of anyone with a sweet tooth, too.

Game Ideas

Ask guests to name as many female superheroes or heroines from movies, books, TV shows, or comics as they can. Give some hints to help. The guest who guesses the most wins a prize. Another activity is to ask guests to write down what superpowers they think the mom-to-be has and what superpowers they hope her little superhero will have.

Flower Power Theme

Flowers are a timeless theme, and a relatively easy one to decorate with if you can get your hands on some lovely fresh (or fake!) flowers. It’s also a great theme if you’re hosting the shower in your garden.

Flower Power babyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

For your centerpiece, create a bouquet diaper cake. Flex your creativity by tying balloons together in the shape of a flower bloom. For a whimsical touch, hang colorful pennant banners, lanterns, and individual flower stems from a string. Above the buffet table, hang a banner that says "Baby in Bloom."

Food Ideas

If you’re an amazing baker, there is stunning sugar art you can add to cupcakes so they look like flower blooms. If you’re a mere mortal in the kitchen, ask your local cake shop for help! Have cookies iced to look like flowers. Grab and slice up some fruit, arranging the slices on the tray to create a flower shape. Grapes or cherries make great buds; slices of melon or pineapple make for great petals; and celery makes a great stalk. Put some fresh flowers on the cake as decoration.

Game Ideas

If the parents haven't settled on a baby name yet, ask guests to list as many flower-inspired baby names as possible. The person who lists the most names wins. The prize can be a bunch of fresh flowers to take home!

Fairy Theme

For a magical baby shower, the fairy theme offers many options. Why not create an enchanted forest out of your garden or create a spellbinding food table that’s fit for a fairy.

Fairy babyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

For an enchanted forest-style shower, have some fake grass on the buffet table, and hang some branches overhead. You can hang flowers or colorful pennant banners from the branches, too. If you can come up with a small piece of log, place it on its flat side and use the top to serve cupcakes, decorated to look like toadstools (more on food later). For a classic fairy look, get a few helium balloons in purple, pink, or white, and cover them in soft tulle. Cinch the tulle at the base of the balloon, with the excess material hanging down below. They’ll look like fairies floating by. The tablecloth can be made from pink or purple tulle so it looks like a fairy skirt. To decorate the buffet table, have cutouts of pixies, fairy wands, fairy wings, and tiaras. Create mini cutouts to stick on the ends of toothpicks for small snacks, like cheese cubes. Hang some fairy lights and a sign that says "We’re waiting for a baby pixie" or "Welcome, fairy baby." At the entrance, have a sign that says "Fairies Welcome" and ask the mom-to-be to wear fairy wings. You could give each guest a little bottle of fairy dust (glitter) to get everyone in the mood.

Food Ideas

Cut your sandwiches in the shapes of fairies or butterflies; decorate your cupcakes or cake pops decorated like toadstools; and cover doughnuts in pink or purple frosting and edible glitter. You can create edible fairy wands by placing a star shaped cookie at the end of a long stick. Cotton candy in jars is a great touch, too, as it looks like a swirling fairy potion. Frost the cake to look like a fairy. Or, if your party has a more rustic, woodlands theme, cover the cake in dollops of fresh cream, berries, mint leaves, and mini chocolate toadstools with a pixie cake topper.

Game Idea

As a fun activity, have sheets of paper and arts and crafts tools like glitter, paint, glue, and scissors readily available. Ask your guests to decorate their sheet, leaving a space to write their "fairy godmother" wishes for the baby. The new parents can put these aside for their little fairy to read in years to come.

Mermaid Theme

Picking the mermaid theme gives you lots of mesmerizing underwater colors and symbols to play with.

Mermaid babyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

Go for colors like purples, greens, blues, and aquas. To create waves on the food table, get thin, plastic tablecloths in various greenish-blue colors, cut wavy edges, and layer the different colors so they all show. Scatter sand or shells between the food platters. Print shapes like corals, seahorses, fish, dolphins, and mermaids to decorate the table. To create a stream of bubbles, blow up white or transparent balloons in various sizes, and hang them in an upward spiral shape from smallest to largest. Make seaweed out of green streamers. For a mermaid-themed garland, fold short bits of purple and aqua tulle in half over a piece of string and cinch the tulle together right under the string to secure it in place. Hang purple and aqua streamers for an under-the-sea vibe and hang a banner over the food table bearing the message "Little Mermaid: Coming Soon."

Food Ideas

Get creative with all things under the sea. Frost cupcakes to look like shells. Bake cookies in the shape of a starfish. Place cream between two cookies, press one side together, and add a white, edible sugar bead in the wider half to create edible clam shells. String about 10 green or red grapes onto a skewer – label these seaweed skewers. Use food dye to make aqua-colored lemonade, and call it sea water. For the cake, use icing and food coloring to create a mermaid’s tail as it dives into the cake. For savories, use dip and veggies to create an octopus shape. Form your croissants into the shape of a crab by placing two toothpicks where the eyes would be, and then stick a blueberry or printed eye shapes at the ends.

Game Idea

A fun baby shower activity is to ask guests to write a message in a bottle. Put all the notes in a giant glass bottle for the baby girl to read when she grows up.

Little Miss Sunshine Theme

This is a great theme if you would prefer to steer clear of pink. It’s also perfect for a summer baby shower, or if you’re craving some sunshine during the colder months.

Little Miss Sunshine babyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

This theme is all about bright yellows and oranges. Add light gray, blue, or white to the color scheme for some contrast. Cut a big sun shape out of yellow paper, and stick it near the food table. Grab a bunch of yellow and orange balloons, and hang those up, too. Add some light blue and white helium balloons to represent the sky with fluffy white clouds. Make some on-theme pennant banners out of yellow paper, or hang some gold streamers up to represent sunbeams. Another option is to make yellow tissue pompoms. A bunch of real or fake sunflowers or yellow Gerber daisies will really pop on the buffet table. Hang a sign that reads, "You are my sunshine."

Food Ideas

Make cake pops that look like mini suns using yellow and orange food dye and icing. Bake sun-shaped cookies, and add a smiling, happy face. Choose yellow baking cups and top "sunny" cupcakes with yellow-colored cream, or use a piping bag to create sun-shaped cupcakes. For something savory, have little boxes of popcorn, perhaps with a sign saying "Ready to Pop!" or delicious buttery corn on the cob. For drinks, set up a lemonade stand − it’s the perfect summer drink!

Game Idea

Pour lots of yellow candies into a see-through jar. Ask guests to guess how many are in the jar. Once you’ve counted them all, the person with the closest guess wins the jar of candies!

Ladybug Theme

If the mom-to-be is having a little lady, picking the ladybug theme is a lovely choice.

Ladybug babyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

It should be easy to find decorations like balloons, paper plates, and tablecloths in red and black. With any luck, your local party supply shop may even have items in black and red polka dot design, too. Get some red and black card stock so you can make ladybug cut outs in various sizes. Red and black gift wrap and ribbon can be used to cover boxes, jars, and tubs that food is served in. You’ll have to be careful, but you could also add dots to red balloons with a black marker. For a little more DIY action, get a red bucket, and stick black pompoms or black paper dots on with superglue. Fill the bucket with ice, and use it to keep drinks cold. You can label your drink bucket with a sign saying, "A little ladybug is on her way."

Food Ideas

Provide bowls of black and red candies, and create red cake pops that are iced with black dots. If you’re having a cake, create a ladybug cake topper out of frosting. Decorate red cupcakes and strawberries with chocolate dots so they look like ladybugs. Bake cookies in the shape of a ladybug, and frost them accordingly. If you can find jars with a black lid, fill them with red candies, and stick fake eyes and antennae on them for a great ladybug-themed party favor.

Game Idea

Play ladybug trivia; you might be surprised how little (or a lot) your guests know about these beautiful beetles. Ask questions like: Can you tell how old a ladybug is by how many dots it has? What other names do ladybugs go by? Are ladybugs actually bugs?

Tutu Cute Theme

Looking for the perfect baby shower theme idea for girls? Look no further than "tutu cute." This theme is simply too, too cute to pass up!

Tutu Cutebabyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

For this theme, you’ll need lots of tulle, but it doesn’t have to be classic baby pink tulle. Why not go for hot pink, white, grays, purples – or any other color you think your guest of honor would love? Give the food table a tulle skirt, and add a ballerina’s tutu to baskets and jars. As a centerpiece, create a DIY cake stand with a tutu using tulle. Decorate the buffet table with mini ballet slippers, a toddler’s tutu, and a toy tiara, and give them to the mom-to-be at the end of the shower.

Food Ideas

Turn a pink paper cupcake liner upside down, and thread it onto a skewer, then put a white marshmallow on top. You now have an edible ballerina! Have cookies in the shapes of ballet slippers, pointe shoes, and leotards. Create cupcake ballerinas by icing the tops to look like tutus, then stick a cookie in the shape of a torso on top of each one. Cake pops can be made in the shape of ballet shoes, complete with the ribbon ties.

Game Idea

For a little fun, give your guests tulle skirts to put on as they arrive. Then, once everyone’s had something to eat and drink, play a game of ballet trivia, asking questions like: Is cardboard or wood used to make pointe shoes? How many basic ballet positions are there?

Pretty in Pink Theme

You can pick ANY color as the theme for a girl’s baby shower (the same goes for a boy's baby shower), but pink remains a popular choice.

Pretty in Pinkbabyshower theme ideas

Decoration Ideas

For a unique twist on this cute baby shower theme for girls, opt for hot pink instead of baby pink, and add other colors like gray, turquoise, gold, or peach into the mix. Find a pink tablecloth, cutlery, paper plates, and cups. For decoration, prepare a bunch of pink flowers and helium balloons. Hang giant, pink tissue pompoms and pink pennant banners. Don’t worry about going over the top – this theme calls for having a little fun with all things pink.

Food Ideas

Serve pink fruits like watermelon, raspberries, or strawberries. Berry iced tea and pink sodas will quench your guests' thirst, and having bowls of pink candy, cupcakes, cake pops, and other sweets in pink frosting will satisfy sweet tooths. Add edible pink sprinkles for even more fun. Create baby footprint sugar cookies.

Game Ideas

This theme is flexible when it comes to game ideas. You can really choose any of these baby shower games so your guests and guest-of-honor have a lot of fun.

More Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

  • There are so many ways to approach the theme for a baby shower for a girl. Think about the mom-to-be; would she like a baby shower that reflects her love of modern design, or would she prefer something that’s more baby-focused? Does she have a hobby or a favorite sports team you can reflect in the theme? Is there something she’s looking forward to doing with her child (like reading her favorite books to her)? Let the new mom's personality and passions shine though.

  • You don’t have to stick with pink! Many themes don’t even require a specific color scheme. If you want to pick a color that isn’t pink, yellow and purple are two popular baby shower colors.

  • If you’re unsure about what theme the mom-to-be would love, you can’t go wrong with a gender-neutral party focused on a baby essentials, like a stroller-themed baby shower.

  • Still not sure? Take our "What kind of baby shower should I host?" quiz.

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More Handy Tips

  • No matter which theme you pick, organizing it will be easier with our baby shower checklist.

  • If the mom-to-be doesn’t have a gift registry set up, your guests may start asking you for tips on what to buy. You might want to share this list with them. It includes ideas for some DIY gifts, unique presents, and nursery must-haves that new parents will really appreciate.

No matter what theme you pick, and how you bring the theme to life, the mom-to-be and your guests will be grateful for all the effort and care you’ve put in. You’re helping create memories that will last a lifetime.