21 Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games for a Great Remote Party


Virtual baby shower games are trending and provide a lot of fun for a digital audience. So, we’ve rounded up some of the best ones to consider if you’re planning an online baby shower and need some game ideas to play on a virtual platform. If you’re the lucky parents-to-be and guests of honor, you can enjoy playing these games and relax during the shower without having to plan anything. From online baby shower quizzes to virtual guessing games, here are plenty of cute, unique, fun, and easy activities that your online guests will surely love.

Cute Virtual Baby Shower Games

If you’re looking for cute virtual baby shower games that you can easily do online with your digital guests, you have plenty of options. Cuteness can involve games with adorable baby items, sweet messages for the baby or parents, or little baby animals. We’ve rounded up our favorite perfectly cute games to play at your remote baby shower.

1. Who Is Who?

This cute baby shower game idea will certainly get your virtual guests oohing and ahhing! It doesn’t get much cuter than baby photos.

What you’ll need:

  • An individual baby photo of each guest

  • A digital collage of all the guests’ baby photos

How to play:

Ask your guests to find a baby photo of themselves and send it to you in digital format. This virtual baby shower game works fine on any calling platform, like Zoom, Skype, or even Facebook. You’ll show your guests the baby photos one by one. At the end, present a digital collage you’ve created of all the baby photos. Allow about five minutes for everyone to decide what photo belongs to which guest; whoever has the most correct matches wins.

2. Name That Price

Everyone loves adorable baby items, like blankets, jumpsuits, and rattles. To make those essential baby items a little more fun, you can play a “Price Is Right” virtual baby shower game where your guests must guess the prices of these items.

What you’ll need:

  • A mix of 10 or so cute baby items, like a pack of newborn diapers, a pacifier, and a swaddle blanket, for example

How to play:

Show your virtual guests each baby item one by one. They’ll have roughly 15 seconds to write down how much they think that item costs. After they’ve guessed, you’ll reveal the true prices of each item, and whoever was closest in their guess gets the point. Whoever has the most points wins the game!

3. Baby Trivia

This fun and cute virtual baby shower game is perfect for the digital age, especially if you’re playing with a mix of parents and non-parents. It will be amusing to test your guests’ baby knowledge and see which of the non-parents know their stuff!

What you’ll need:

  • 10 to 20 trivia questions related to babies

  • Virtual game platform

How to play:

Ask your baby shower guests to log into a virtual game platform, such as Kahoot. You can personalize trivia questions on these types of online tools, and guests can easily submit the answers to typical baby trivia questions. Some examples of questions could be

  • What percentage of babies are born on their actual due date?

  • How long does it typically take for babies to triple their birth weight?

  • How many babies are born in the US each year (roughly)?

In the end, the guest who has the greatest number of correct answers is the winner.

4. Wishes for Baby

This might be the cutest virtual baby shower game, though it also works well for in-person showers, too. You’ll ask your guests to write sweet wishes for the future baby!

What you’ll need:

  • An online social or video platform, such as Zoom or Facebook

How to play:

Ask your virtual baby shower guests to send you their sweet wishes either in the chat feature of your video platform (like Zoom or Skype) or through social media, like a Facebook group. Leave it up to the guest whether they want to be sentimental or funny. For example, they could write something cute, like “I wish for your baby to always have sweet dreams,” or something funny, like “I wish for your baby to never have any blowouts!”

Give your guests a few minutes to think of wishes and submit them. Then, either you as the host or the parents-to-be read the wishes aloud without revealing who wrote what. The rest of your guests can try to guess who the wisher is and either laugh or wipe a sentimental tear in the process.

5. Name That Tune

Bring your guests right back to their own childhoods with this sweet and cute virtual baby shower game. You’ll see who can remember their favorite songs from their earlier years.

What you’ll need:

How to play:

This baby shower game idea works perfectly in a virtual setting, as all you need to do is play clips of different children’s songs for your guests. Play each song until one of the guests shouts out the correct song title; the winner will be the person who identifies the most songs. You could create your own playlist or use an established one from a music streaming service.

6. Baby Faces

This cute baby shower game idea will challenge your guests to be creative, with predictably hilarious results. You can easily organize this game using a digital and shareable platform.

What you’ll need:

  • Digital photos of the parents-to-be

  • Digital design software (can be free online)

  • Digital shareable software (also can be free online)

How to play:

Using free digital design software, “cut” the photos of the parents-to-be, so you have separate pieces of their faces, such as the eyes, eyebrows, hairline, nose, mouth, and so on. Then, mix these pieces up and put them on a shareable file that your guests can access virtually. You can find free versions of these programs online, such as Canva for design or Google Docs for sharing files.

Then, ask your guests to piece together a face using different parts. Maybe the baby will have Mom’s eyes, chin, and ears, but Dad’s nose, eyebrows, mouth, and hair. In the end, you have several silly and cute baby depictions that will make your guests laugh!

7. Baby Animals

Could baby animals be the cutest addition to a virtual baby shower game? We think so! But this game has a challenging twist because not everyone knows the names of baby animals, and some have interesting labels.

What you’ll need:

  • A list of baby animal names related to their species and their adult counterpart

How to play:

Using a digital platform like Zoom, Kahoot, or even Facebook, gather with your virtual baby shower guests and start the game by sending out names of baby animals. Your guests will have to match them to the adult name. Some unique and somewhat challenging examples include

  • fawn to deer

  • joey to kangaroo

  • foal to horse

  • cygnet to swan

  • kit to beaver

  • pup to rat

  • kid to goat.

Whoever correctly matches the most baby animals is the winner.

Speaking of baby names (though, not for animals), let the parents-to-be know that our Baby Name Generator can help supply ideas for the perfect moniker!


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Hilarious Virtual Baby Shower Games

Spice up your virtual baby shower with some of these hilarious game ideas! They’ll definitely get your group laughing, even when everyone is meeting from afar. Plus, funny games are the perfect way to create a few memories.

8. Emoji Codes

Perhaps you’ve seen this game idea used for other types of parties, but it also works well for virtual baby showers. Basically, your guests must identify a meaning using only emojis.

What you’ll need:

  • A list of emoji strings that, with a little creativity, make a baby-related word or phrase

How to play:

You can create these emoji codes online using several different free platforms, or you can make your own. For example, you can combine the following emojis to create funny words or sayings:

  • Mom + two fingers + bee = mom to be

  • Bread + arrow + steaming heat = bun in the oven

  • Computer + baby + shower = virtual baby shower

Let your guests have fun deciphering these codes, and whoever answers the most correctly wins the game.

9. Never Have/Did I Ever

Put a baby shower spin on this funny game idea and enjoy laughing with your virtual audience. Depending on your guest list, you might have to alter the phrasing to fit those who are or have been parents and those who don’t have kids.

What you’ll need:

  • A theme based on experiences specific to your guest list (parents, non-parents, or a mix)

  • A list of questions to help with inspiration

How to play:

If you’re familiar with this game, you know how it goes: each guest says “never have I ever,” followed by an experience they’ve never had. If someone else has had this experience, they put down one finger. You can use one or two hands, so either 5 or 10 experiences. In this virtual baby shower game, you’ll focus on either parent experiences or childhood experiences (for those who are not parents) depending on what works best for your guest list.

Some funny examples for groups of parents could be

  • Never have I ever been peed on by my baby

  • Never have I ever fallen asleep standing up from pure exhaustion

  • Never have I ever had to sing the same lullaby more than twice in a row.

Some examples for groups of non-parents could be, with a slight word change,

  • Never did I ever break a bone as a kid

  • Never did I ever own a (insert most popular toy in your childhood)

  • Never did I ever get more than a coin from the Tooth Fairy.

Whoever still has fingers up when everyone else has all their fingers down is the winner.

10. Don’t Say Baby

This is a funny idea for baby shower games in general, but it also works just as well in a virtual setting. It’s not a specific game you play but rather an activity that runs in the background of the entire party.

What you’ll need:

  • All you need to do is give your guests a simple direction

How to play:

This simple and easy virtual baby shower game is one that you can run in the background of your party until someone wins. All you need to do is give your guests one rule: Don’t say the word baby! If someone says it, they’re out of the game. Whoever is the last person remaining who has yet to utter the word baby is the winner.

11. Word Scramble

Get your guests to exercise their brains with this fun virtual baby shower game that you can easily organize online with platforms like Zoom or Kahoot. Word scrambles always seem like a breeze, but if you use baby-related words, it will add to the challenge!

What you’ll need:

  • 10 scrambled words

  • An online platform like Zoom or Kahoot

How to play:

To share the scrambled words with your baby shower guests, you can create an activity on a virtual game platform like Kahoot, for example, or through the chat feature on Zoom or Skype, or on whichever tool you’re using. Some examples are

  • racepiif or pacifier

  • lrotlesr for stroller

  • airedp for diaper.

Whoever is able to unscramble the most words in a certain time frame (try to give your guests at least five minutes) wins the game.

12. Baby Belly or Food Belly

It’s possible that we’ve all eaten a little too much and had what you might call a “food belly,” one that sticks out like a baby belly! This hilarious baby shower game will surely make your virtual audience laugh.

What you’ll need:

  • Online photos of baby bumps and food bellies

How to play:

This virtual baby shower game idea works well on Zoom or any other digital platform. All you need to do is distribute the photos through the chat feature, with each assigned a number. With each photo, your guests will have to decide if they’re looking at a true baby belly or just someone who had a big meal!

13. The Parenthood Game

This baby shower game idea is a hilarious one, even in a virtual setting. Basically, you’re asking your guests to answer silly questions about their own parenting methods.

What you’ll need:

  • A list of funny questions related to your guests’ individual parenthood

How to play:

Since this could work like a trivia game, it’s a great virtual baby shower activity to do on a platform like Kahoot, where your guests can all play at the same time. You’ll simply submit your questions on Kahoot (or in the chat of whatever platform you’re using) and see who has the funniest answers! Some ideas include

  • How many times have you accidentally touched baby poop?

  • How long do you keep the art your kids bring home from school?

  • What’s the weirdest drawing your kids have given you?

  • Have you ever experienced a public temper tantrum?

14. Design the Baby

For this game, you’ll use a social media platform, such as Instagram, to create funny drawings of what your guests will think the baby will look like.

What you’ll need:

  • A group chat on a social platform, like Instagram or Facebook

How to play:

Instruct your guests to use their digital art skills for this hilarious baby shower game idea! If using Instagram, for example, ask your guests to use the Story feature to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like. Your guests can vote on who has the best (as in, the worst) drawing.

Easy Virtual Baby Shower Games

We’ve already listed quite a few virtual baby shower games, but we know that “easy” is a category that appeals to busy baby shower hosts and guests. Planning a baby shower is a job in and of itself and going digital adds to the work. Keep things simple and easy for yourself with these game ideas.

15. Royal Family Tree

It’s likely that your guests know at least a few members of the British royal family, so you can test their knowledge by asking them to fill in a family tree!

What you’ll need:

  • Digital family tree (available online for free)

How to play:

Send your guests a link to a free online family tree that they can edit and see how many members of the royal family they can place correctly. You can help them out by putting in a few here and there, such as the more obvious ones like Queen Elizabeth II and the future king, Prince George.

16. Baby Prediction

Though this game won’t produce instant results, it’s a fun activity you can add to any baby shower, including online parties with a virtual audience.

What you’ll need:

  • A place where guests can submit their baby predictions

  • A list of baby prediction categories

How to play:

In addition to the parents-to-be, the new arrival is the star of the show, so you can ask your guests to predict things like

  • what day and time the baby will be born

  • how much the baby will weigh at birth

  • how long the baby will be

  • whether the baby will have hair or no hair

  • the baby’s name.

Keep these predictions handy for when after the baby is born. Whoever has the greatest number of correct answers can get a belated prize.

17. Baby Bingo

Virtual baby bingo works perfectly for a baby shower game, and you can easily find free versions to download. This way, all your guests can play at the same time!

What you’ll need:

  • Virtual baby shower bingo game to download

How to play:

Playing bingo virtually is the same as playing in person; your guests will just use a digital platform. This is a great game for giving away prizes!

18. Scavenger Hunt

Believe it or not, you don’t need to gather physically to have a scavenger hunt! Zoom scavenger hunts (or those on the digital platform of your choosing) work well as a game for any party, even virtual baby showers. Just be sure that the objects being hunted are those that would work for everyone, such as household items.

What you’ll need:

  • A list of common household items

How to play:

Give your guests a list of common things they can find at home, like spoons, books, plants, etc., plus a few uncommon ones, and see who can check off the most items!

19. Celebrity Babies

In this game, just like the first idea on our list, you’ll need to match baby photos to adults. This time, you’ll use celebrity photos rather than photos of your guests.

What you’ll need:

  • Baby photos of celebrities

How to play:

This is another virtual baby shower game that you can use on Kahoot, Zoom, or Facebook, for example—or really any digital platform of your choosing. Simply distribute the baby photos of celebrities and see who can match the most correctly.

20. Memory Game

This might be the easiest virtual baby shower game to prepare, and it’s a party classic. Guests always seem to love the challenge of memorizing details!

What you’ll need:

  • A digital photo of a baby-related scene

How to play:

Whether you’re doing a Zoom virtual baby shower or using another digital platform, all you have to do for this game is share your screen. On the screen, put up a photo of a scene relating to babies or parenting, such as a nursery or playroom. Give your guests 15 to 30 seconds to look at the photo. Then, ask a series of questions about the items or layout of the scene and see who can answer the most questions correctly.

21. Would They Rather

Switch up the classic game Would You Rather to fit the parents-to-be and ask them questions about what they would rather do while raising their child. You can make the game sentimental or funny!

What you’ll need:

  • A list of questions about raising their child for the parents-to-be

How to play:

Ask the parents-to-be one question at a time. Following the theme, you’ll need to give them two options so they can decide what they would rather do. You can either ask these questions before the party or during it. Then, have your guests predict which choice each parent chose.

Some funny examples include: would they rather . . .

  • Change diapers for 10 years or push a stroller for 10 years?

  • Sing the same song or read the same book every night?

  • Have a limitless budget for baby clothes or for baby toys?

If you’d like to coordinate a baby shower gift for the parents-to-be, a fun idea is to get them those typical items you need in the hospital bag. Check out our hospital bag checklist below:

Tips for Virtual Baby Shower Games

Now that you have plenty of ideas for virtual baby shower games and activities, we wanted to add a few more tips for how to manage an online party. Although a digital gathering might not seem as intimate or lively as an in-person party, the following tips can help things run smoothly and make lasting memories.

  • Plan ahead. As with any baby shower, it’s important to plan ahead so that you can stay organized and give your guests plenty of notice. Feel free to use our baby shower checklist to help!

  • Keep it smallish. A virtual baby shower opens up the option to invite more people, as everyone can fit on a platform like Zoom! But because people can’t break off into smaller groups for chitchat, it’s better to keep the party small enough so that everyone can still mingle.

  • Make it fun (or funny). To make up for the lack of personal interactions, help your guests (and the parents-to-be) make lasting memories by providing some lighthearted moments. Laughter is a great way to keep your guests entertained and enjoying themselves, even from afar. The best way to do this is, of course, with funny virtual baby shower games on Zoom or another digital platform.

  • Be flexible. Be flexible yourself but also let your guests have a little flexibility in their arrival and departure times. You could even let people come and go as they choose, which keeps the party moving and adds to the fun.

  • Don’t forget the food. Can you serve food at a virtual baby shower? Not technically, but there are some alternatives. Tell your guests to bring their own snacks, so it feels more like a typical baby shower! You could even send out easy baby shower food recipes and give each participant a gift card to the grocery store.

Virtual Baby Shower Platforms

A key decision when planning virtual baby showers, especially digital games, is which platform to use. In the end, it’s up to you, but you might be curious about the price.

Luckily, you have your pick of free virtual platforms for baby showers and games, such as playing on Zoom, Skype, or Facebook. Some tools, though, will cost a bit of money to use, like when playing virtual baby shower games with Kahoot. But since you’re saving some of your budget by going digital, you might be able to allocate funds to these platforms.

Virtual Baby Showers: Prizes

Baby shower prizes add a lot to the party, so perhaps you don’t want to miss out when hosting a virtual gathering. But just think of it this way: If you can host virtual baby shower games on Zoom, Facebook, Skype, or other digital platforms and still have lots of fun, you can also provide prizes!

Just keep going with the digital theme, such as by sending a gift card via email or shipping prizes from an online retailer. There are so many ideas for virtual gifts these days, like eBooks, online classes, music, and movies.

The Bottom Line

A virtual baby shower can be just as fun and entertaining as an in-person gathering, especially if you put the focus on games. We hope our list of ideas sparked some inspiration, keeping in mind that you can adapt many traditional baby shower games to a virtual or digital platform online.

Just remember to pay attention to baby shower etiquette, be a little creative, and have fun with it, and your guests will follow suit and surely enjoy the party!

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