Newborn baby checklist

There’s a lot to do as the birth of your baby nears, and assembling all those necessities for your newborn can be a daunting task. Use this newborn baby checklist to discover what you’ll need during your first three months with your baby, plus some other “nice-to-haves” to consider. Our list includes items your baby will need in the nursery, plus clothing, feeding, diapering, and bath time essentials, and helpful gear for when you’re out and about. Once you have these necessities, you’ll feel more prepared for the day you get to bring your baby home.

Nursery Checklist

For many (if not most) parents-to-be, the nursery becomes the most important room in the house! If you’ve been enjoying your time nesting but aren’t sure if you have all the essentials, use our baby nursery checklist for a complete list of things you may need for your little one’s arrival:

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Playtime Checklist

Our newborn baby checklist would not be complete without toys and baby gear items for playtime. Here are some things you could buy for your baby, or include on your registry, for playtime:

To learn more about the benefits of allowing your little one to play during tummy time, watch the video below.

Feeding Checklist

Feeding your baby is an essential part of parenting, and there are many items on our newborn checklist that can help make the process go more smoothly. Consider the following necessities for baby feeding time:

Newborn checklist

Diapering Checklist

Get ready for lots of diaper changes! It may not be the most glamorous part of parenting, but it’s an essential routine for your baby. Luckily, you can earn rewards for all those diaper and wipes you purchase with the Pampers Club app. Here is a comprehensive list of the items you’ll need (or might like to have) for diapering your baby:

If you’re new to parenting, and, therefore, new to diapering, fear not! We’ve got you covered with our downloadable new parents’ guide.

Clothing Checklist

It’s fun to shop for (or be given) adorable, mini-size baby clothes. Keep in mind that newborns grow out of smaller-sized clothes quickly—sometimes in a matter of days—so you might want to buy bigger sizes, too. Besides being cute, newborn baby clothing is an essential item for your checklist. Don’t forget to include layers (unless you live in a particularly warm climate). It’s usually best to dress your newborn in one more layer than you’re wearing yourself.

The following are the most important things to buy for your baby’s wardrobe:

Bath Time Checklist

During your baby’s first year, they may only need about three baths a week. However, even a minimal bathing schedule requires some newborn baby essentials! Our checklist includes everything you’ll need for your baby’s bath time in the first few months:

On-the-Go Checklist

You might be surprised by how much you need when you take your little one out and about. To make sure you have the essentials, our newborn checklist includes all the gear you might need when you’re out with your baby:

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Health and Safety Checklist

It’s helpful to have a good supply of newborn health essentials, as at some point you’ll need to take your baby’s temperature or put a bandage on a small scratch. These are some basic items to have at home:

Education and Preparation

Although these are not physical things to buy for your baby, preparing to become a parent and educating yourself on childbirth and baby care deserve a place on any newborn checklist. Before your baby arrives, soak up the wealth of information that will best prepare you for the months ahead with your sweet newborn. Here are a few suggestions that parents often find invaluable:

The Bottom Line

Preparing for the arrival of your newborn can be both fun and exhausting. By following this checklist, you’ll have all the things you’ll need for your newborn baby. To make it a bit easier, download a simplified version of this checklist to have on hand while you shop and prepare for your little one’s debut.

And if you're still working on your baby shower registry, you might like to add some of these items so that your loved ones know what you actually need!

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