Baby gear essentials for your 4-6 month old

Baby gear essentials for your 4-6 month old

Baby accessories, clothes and general stuff you growing baby needs

They grow oh-so-fast from this point on. From home to the playground, it's time to re-evaluate your baby-care equipment and add a few extra basics.

Baby sling. Carrying your little one around in one of these pouches frees up your hands and also soothes your baby since she's held close to your body.

Pants with elastic waists. Since she's growing at an incredible rate, think about getting pants with stretchy waists that she can wear a little longer. They also slip on and off easily during diaper changes.

Mini blankie. A thin, soft piece of fabric may be just the thing for soothing and comforting your little one. As your baby gets older, this blanket may end up being her official blankie or transitional object provides emotional support when you're away from home, on the road, or during naptime and bedtime.

Soft small toys. Soft toys are ideal for babies at this age. They are easy to grasp and squeeze. They are especially helpful during the teething stage when kids want to explore everything with their mouths.

As long as you focus on the essentials, there's less risk of you stocking up on things you'll probably never use. Here's to happy, clutter-free parenting!

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My 4 month son loves his toy turtle he licks and plays with it and sometimes it's the only things that calms him down



My daughter's blankie has a little bird on it that she just loves to chew on. She has to have this blanket in her hands to sleep when we are outside of our home.


shuierhf 9/30/2015

My son like to bite all the things which he can catch


Jacky 9/27/2015

I noticed my almost 4-month old baby loves to lick his toys haha As my mom babysits while im at work, she introduces a blankie to him. She says he likes the blankie but I have yet to see

toys toys and more toys


My son loves his little bears sleeps with them and of course tries to eat them too

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