Baby Gear Essentials for Your 4- to 6-Month-Old

Baby Gear Essentials for Your 4- to 6-Month-Old

Your baby is getting bigger by the minute. Here are a few baby care basics to make your lives easier during this growth period.

Baby sling. Adjustable and comfortable, a baby sling is perfect for a growing baby. The benefit of carrying your little one around in one of these pouches is that it frees up your hands and also keeps your baby close to you, which comforts and soothes her.

Pants with elastic waists. Since she's growing at an incredible rate, think about getting pants with stretchy waists that she can wear a little longer. This style is easy to slip on and off during diaper changes.

Mini blankie. A thin, soft piece of fabric may be just the thing for soothing and comforting your little one. As your baby gets older, this blanket may end up being his official transitional object — the precious item that provides emotional support at naptime and bedtime and when you're away from home.

Soft small toys. Soft toys are ideal for babies at this age. They are easy to grasp and squeeze, and are especially helpful during the teething stage when kids want to explore everything with their mouths. Be sure to keep all toys (as well as soft bedding and pillows) out of your baby's crib, to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Try to focus on the essentials, rather than the cute items you'll probably never use. Here's to happy, clutter-free parenting!


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Growing Baby

TDBerg4 5/18/2016
My baby girl loves being snuggled up in a blanket she likes to rub her face on them as well. I'm amazed at her growth as she has started grabbing at the toys on her playmat.


Aggie 5/11/2016
I wish my baby would use a blanket, anytime she is covered she throws it off.

Little blanket

megamom7 4/26/2016
My little guy loved cuddling with his blankets but had a scary habit of pulling them over his face. I found him a little blanket that is small enough to hold that has a little ducky head on it. He loves to cuddle with it and he can't cover his whole face with it.

babys do love there blankets

My baby loves her little taggies blanket! And has one soft side and one silky side plus the little tabs with different colors and textures.


Jacki 3/28/2016
I'm getting nervous about the crib arrangement. My LO is starting to roll around when she sleeps and she's only 3 months!