Feeding your baby: 3 tips to getting it right

Feeding your baby: 3 tips to getting it right

Feeding your baby should be a time of bonding and relaxation. Here are three things to remember to keep the process calm and enjoyable for both you and your baby.

  1. There is no deadline on breastfeeding. If your 15-month-old still loves to breastfeed and you do too, then stick with it. At around six months, your child is getting nutrients from solid foods, so his desire for breast milk may lessen.
  2. Breast milk or formula is enough to keep your new baby hydrated. The only time when you need to give your baby water is when she's sick and losing fluids through vomiting or diarrhea. In this case, consult with your pediatrician first.
  3. The first solid food can be a fruit or vegetable. In the past, parents were encouraged to start with rice cereal or another single grain cereal. We now know that a fruit or vegetable (think mashed banana or pureed avocado) is a great first food. Just make sure it's soft and has a single ingredient.

Feeding your baby is an ideal opportunity to bond with your baby, and also cultivate a tradition of happy eating with her mom!


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Yum Yum

CanePrncs1129 4/29/2016
We've been eating our puree foods for almost a month now. Started out with just veggies and recently added fruits to food group.

Solid food

I was very excited to start solid foods.My baby prefer to eat fruit and veggies than cereal.So I'm skipping cereal as if now..

Super Solids

I love to see my son eat new foods! I saw a feeding article that suggested avocado and banana. I whipped him up a small bowl and I must say he loved it!!

Just started solids

Pediatrician just gave the go ahead to start solids. Was told to start with cereal in the morn. Have been at it just a few days and it's starting slow but hopefully baby will take it well.


Tara 4/8/2016
My little one loves to eat. He is willing to try anything I put in front of him. I try to make eating a fun family time.