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How to Use Hybrid Cloth Diapers

Good for Baby, Good for the Planet

Clinically proven hypoallergenic

Our diaper inserts are designed for you baby's delicate skin. Free of elemental chlorine, fragrances, parabens and latex (natural rubber).

Up to 12 Hours of Proven Pampers Protection

Because your baby deserves skin-loving care without compromises, Pampers Pure Protection hybrid diaper locks wetness away for up to 12 hours.

Less Waste

Our hybrid diaper uses 25% less disposable materials which means up to 25% less waste in our landfills*. *Less waste compared to Pampers Pure Protection disposable diapers size 1-5.

Less Water

Reusable cloth diaper cover is easy to clean and uses on average 270 less gallons of water per year vs. traditional cloth diapers*. *based on average cycle volume (gallons) for HE and Standard washers

Soft Reusable Cloth Diaper Covers

Crafted to be super soft both inside and out for baby’s complete comfort with microfleece inside and soft waterproof coating outside.

Fun Designs

Reusable cloth diaper covers come in a variety of designs so you can customize your stash.

Easy To Wash

The reusable cover can be used several times before washing. Wash in cold or warm water up to 104F/40C. No chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low or hang dry. Do not iron. Avoid fabric softener as it can build up on the fabric of the reusable cloth diaper cover.

Baby's Safety First.

Just like you, we put baby's safety first

Our diapers and wipes are made with carefully selected and evaluated materials.

Customer Reviews

Pampers® Pure Hybrid Starter Kit

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By Smith - August 22, 2022

I have been using pampers since i was a baby. my mom began with pampers with my sister and I. I decided to use cloth diapers and felt terrible while I was expecting my son because I did not think I would carry on the tradition of using Pampers. Well to my surprise Pampers changed the Game with introducing the Hybrid line and inserts. They are everything I have come to know and love about the pampers brand. They are the best evolution Pampers has made to date. 16 months along using Pampers Hybrid and I could not be happier!!!

By Sabrea - August 18, 2022

My mother go these for me to try, I love them! But I can seems to find the disposable inserts anymore. Are they not being made anymore?? I really hate to start using disposable diapers.

Pampers Response - August 18, 2022

Thank you for your review!

We're sorry for your disappointment, Sabrea. Pampers Pure inserts are no long made, but the makers of Pampers also makes Charlie Banana, so we know the Charlie Banana inserts work perfectly with the Pampers Pure covers. We'd be glad to help you further. Please reach out to us when you can by calling 1-800-726-7377.

By Sarah - July 15, 2022

We love these so much! Please please please bring them back! We cloth diaper but use these for naps and night time and when on the go. They have been perfect.

Pampers Response - July 18, 2022

Thank you for your review!

We're sorry for your disappointment. We are committed to offering you great product choices to help reduce diaper waste without compromising the Pampers protection you need. So, stay tuned for an even better sustainable diaper solution for parents! In the meantime, we recommend trying Charlie Banana inserts, as they work perfectly with our Pampers Pure covers. We’d like to learn more about your experience so we can help you further. Please reach out to us when you can by calling 1-800-726-7377.

*Consumers received free product to try and review

What’s in our diaper?

At Pampers, we care about your baby's health above all else. That's why we put lots of love into determining what materials we put in our products.

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What's in Pure Protection Hybrid?

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