83 Flower Names for Girls

Flower names might have just the right touch of sweetness and femininity you're after for your baby girl's name. Although some of these baby flower names are quite common, others are really unusual and are a good choice if you want a name that stands out. Discover lots of cute and beautiful girl flower names here, along with details about the blooms they are linked to, and find the best name for your pretty little flower.

Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers


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Spanish Flower Names for Girls

Girls’ Names That Start With “Rose”

Although not all of these names have floral links, they do all start with the letters or sound of the word rose.

Blue, Purple, and Violet Flower Names for Girls

Red and Pink Flower Names for Girls

One-Syllable Flower Names for Girls

The Bottom Line

We hope that you love one of these flower names so much that you’ll been able to settle on it for your baby girl’s name. If you're still looking for inspiration, take a peek at our list of nature-inspired baby names to find some cute and pretty plant names for girls.

And, for even more baby names, check out our Baby Name Generator for baby girl name ideas that you can search by starting letter, theme, and other filters!