The Best of the Best Unique Baby Girl Names

The Best of the Best Unique Baby Girl Names

If you've been scouring the Internet determined to find uncommon baby names that will melt your heart, then look no further than our comprehensive list of unique girl names.

Searching for girl names that will set your daughter apart can be fun, so read on! Given one of the names on our list, we're confident your daughter will always stand out from the crowd and make her mark. We know you will put a lot of thought and love into giving her a name as unique as she is.

Click on each of the unique names below to learn more about its history and meaning*:

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So, have you decided on one of these unusual names for your baby girl?

If you’re still undecided, try our Baby Name Generator, where you can search names by gender, popularity, meaning, and more.

And, you can also consult these lists of cool, international girl names as well as our top baby girl names.

*The list of names in this article was obtained from the US Social Security Administration website.

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