50+ Popular Hawaiian Boy Names and Their Meanings

Many Hawaiian names—whether boys, girls, or unisex—offer special sounds and meanings. That’s partly because the Hawaiian language is beautiful, and the cultural process of baby naming adds a unique touch. So, whether you’re from the state of Hawaii, have island ancestry, or have a special connection to the archipelago, you can find inspiration in our list of more than 50 Hawaiian names for boys.

Traditions Behind Hawaiian Names

Not only does the Hawaiian language feature beautiful-sounding baby boy names, but the cultural process behind naming is also beautiful and unique. In traditional Hawaiian culture, a name is significant and sometimes sacred, and, therefore, isn’t always given by parents’ choice. Instead, there are seven ways a baby may receive a name:

  • Inoa pō is receiving a name through a family member’s dream.

  • Inoa hō‘ailona is determining a name through visual signs, such as in a vision or seeing an image in nature (like in the clouds).

  • Inoa ‘ūlāleo is when a family member hears a name through voice, either directly or via nature, like in the wind.

  • Inoa ho‘omana‘o means preserving history through name, so your baby boy’s Hawaiian name can commemorate past events.

  • Inoa kūamuamu is giving a specific name to a child to deter evil spirits.

  • Inoa kupana means handing down a name from ancestors.

  • Inoa ewe names are given based on personality traits.

In Hawaiian culture, the belief is that, if a name comes to you in the first three ways (dream, vision, or voice), you must use it. If you don’t, your baby may fall ill until they receive the correct name! But if you don’t receive it through the spiritual world, then you can opt for one of the other processes.

However, in today’s modern world, Hawaiians name their babies however they want and don’t necessarily follow tradition. Nevertheless, it’s still fun to learn about the beliefs and customs connected to these beautiful names!

Popular Hawaiian Boy Names

Hawaiian boy names don’t tend to make the list of popular baby names in the United States. However, traditional and authentic Hawaiian boy names always make it into the list of favorites in Hawai’i and the neighboring islands. And some of these names are also popular throughout the country.


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Hawaiian Boy Names With Cute and Unique Meanings

It’s not hard to find cute and unique Hawaiian baby boy names. In Hawaiian, a Polynesian language, there are far more vowels than consonants, and every syllable ends with a gentle vowel sound. That’s why many guys with traditional Hawaiian names have melodic titles that sound so beautiful!

Equally as interesting are Hawaiian boy names with unique meanings. The monikers below have cute, sweet, and original backstories that will give your baby’s name a double “Aw!” Many are also unisex baby names that could be good choices if you don’t know your baby’s gender yet or prefer a gender-neutral option.

Hawaiian Boy Names With Strong Meanings

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that many Hawaiian baby boy names have strong meanings, given the traditional naming processes described above. It’s common for baby boy names to refer to aspects of nature, a physical place, or the spiritual world. Along with strong meanings, these names uphold that gentle rhythmic cadence of the Hawaiian language.

Hawaiian Versions of English Boy Names

If you want to name your baby after a family member with a traditional English name, or you love a good classic, you’re in luck! Many Hawaiian boy names are versions of English names for men, including the ever popular Adam, John, and Benjamin. So, you get the best of both.

Real Hawaiian Boy Names From Island Mythology

All the boy names on our list are real Hawaiian names, but if you’re looking for unique authenticity and tradition, consider a mythological name. These names originate from Hawaiian, Maori, or Polynesian languages, many honoring mythological gods. They also work perfectly for interesting Hawaiian middle names for baby boys.

The Bottom Line

Hawai’i is a beautiful archipelago with distinct customs and culture. And all the interesting traditions and stories create cute, unique, and strong Hawaiian names for baby girls and baby boys!

Choosing a baby name can be both fun and challenging, as you might find it easy or difficult to narrow down a name for your baby. We hope our list of Hawaiian boy names help you finalize the first and middle names for your little one. But if you’re still on the fence, you can always use our Baby Name Generator.

This tool allows you to create custom searches to find the perfect name to fit your baby boy!

Other ways to get some naming inspiration is to host a baby naming party, or read some of our other baby name articles, like Asian boy names, old-fashioned boy names or middle names for boys.