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There are so many options to consider when naming your baby. So many so that it can be really challenging to figure out that “perfect” name when the time comes. While it is a struggle for some, making a shortlist is the best way for you and your partner to breakdown some of your favorites before your little one arrives. Some parents-to-be go a sentimental route, opting to name their baby after a family member or a name from their culture or nationality; while others choose a name based on something they like. Other options are religious names, a royal’s name or even your favorite celebrity’s name. Another option that’s been gaining in popularity is name your child a traditional last name as their first name. Read on to check out some fun last names that make great first names for girls and boys!

Girl Names

  • Campbell : A name commonly used as a first name in Scotland, however also often hear it as a last name. This strong name is great for those looking for a more unique girl’s name.

  • Kennedy : A Presidential name, this one is great as a first name as well as a gender-neutral option for your little baby.

  • Peyton : A light and friendly name that can mean Queen or Royalty might just be the perfect regal name for your little one.

  • McKinley : A traditional Scottish name, McKinley is a fun modern name for a little girl.

  • Blaine : A name of Irish origin that is short and sweet.

  • Marley : A name for those that love nature, Marley is a name derived from an Old English surname that means “wood clearing.”

  • Sutton : This is a simple name that is sure to stand out. A name you won’t hear often, Sutton has a fierce name for a little girl.

  • Tatum : A distinctive name for a little girl, Tatum is an English surname that is more recently being used as a first name.


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Boy Names

  • Anderson : A traditional last name, it’s been making a leap as a popular first name in the U.S over the past few years.

  • Lennon : Named after the iconic Beatle, this last name stands alone as a strong first name.

  • Beckett : Or maybe you want to take inspiration from classic literature for your baby’s name. Consider Beckett from the writer Samuel Beckett.

  • Lincoln : An ode to the 16th President, this strong last name is also an equally powerful first name.

  • Carter : A classic and traditionally English name, Carter is also a popular last name that’s made the transition to a first name over the years.

  • Smith : A modern last name that also works as a first name, Smith is a common last night name that sounds refined and classy as a first name.

  • Jackson : One of the most popular names of 2017, this traditional English name is a fun first name that can be modified with a shorter moniker like Jack or Jacks.

  • Campbell : Rooted in Scottish origins, Campbell is a regal name that’s also a very popular first name for boys.

We hope this list will help you as you figure out a great first name for your little one. As you can see, a strong last name can also make an incredible first name that can feel both unique and classic at the same time.

If you'd like to find more last names that make great first names, be sure to check out the Pampers Baby Name Generator.

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