Baby Nursery Ideas: The Top 5 Accessories

Baby Nursery Ideas: The Top 5 Accessories

You'll want your nursery to be a comfortable and inviting room for both you and your baby, as you'll be spending a lot of time here. Once you’ve installed the basics, you could add these accessories to make your baby's nursery even more mom-, dad-, and baby-friendly.

Nursery Ideas Checklist

A rocking chair and side table. A sturdy rocking chair or glider will keep you comfy while nursing and cuddling your baby, and the gentle back-and-forth motion can help soothe her to sleep. Place a small side table next to the chair for items you'll need for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

A fan. A soft breeze will help you and your new baby stay cool, literally and figuratively. The fan's constant whirring acts as a white-noise machine, which can help calm your baby when she's fussy.

A baby crib mobile. Go for something colorful — red is the first color she’ll be able to see. If you plan on hanging the mobile over your baby's crib, make sure the mobile is firmly fastened to the side rails and placed out of her reach. When your baby is 5 months old (or sooner, if your baby starts pushing up to her hands and knees before then) you'll need to remove it from the crib and hang it someplace else.

Baby books. Books do more than look good on a shelf: reading out loud to your child — no matter her age — helps teach her about vocabulary, communication, and the world around her.

Of course, the best accessories for your baby's nursery are Mom and Dad! Before you know it, you'll be switching out her crib for a big-kid bed, so cherish these early memories!

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