When to Tell People You Are Pregnant and What to Consider


Learning you’re pregnant is an exciting moment in your pregnancy journey. After savoring the news yourself, you might wonder when to tell people you are pregnant and how to share this moment with your community, including your partner, parents, family, friends, and coworkers. Though when to announce your pregnancy is ultimately a personal choice, some factors might influence the timing, and we’ve gathered all the helpful details.

When “Should” You Tell People You Are Pregnant?

This is a very common question with a not-so-clear-cut answer. There really is no “best” time to announce your pregnancy or a rule for when you should tell people you’re pregnant. When you share the news is totally up to you!

But in addition to the question “When should I announce my pregnancy?” you might be wondering how long to wait to share the news. It might help to consider the following when deciding when to announce your pregnancy:

  • First trimester. When is it safe to announce a pregnancy? This is a concern for many parents, as early pregnancy loss (a miscarriage earlier than 13 weeks) occurs in about 10 percent of known pregnancies. But the risk of miscarriage is much lower after the first trimester, which is why many feel it’s safer to wait until the following trimester to share the news.

  • First prenatal appointment. If you think you might be pregnant and take an at-home pregnancy test, you might want to confirm the pregnancy with your healthcare provider before sharing the news. At this appointment, which often takes place at around 8 to 10 weeks, your provider might do a health screening and determine any risk factors. You may feel better knowing these details before sharing your announcement.

  • Sonogram. If you wait until after an ultrasound exam to share your big news, you'll likely have a sonogram (an ultrasound image) that you could include in your pregnancy announcement, which could be a fun idea! You’ll likely have at least one ultrasound during your pregnancy, typically a standard ultrasound at around 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. However, your healthcare provider may recommend more.

Pros and Cons of Waiting to Announce Your Pregnancy

If you’re on the fence about when to tell people you are pregnant, it might help to consider the pros and cons of waiting a little longer to reveal the news:

  • Pros. When you share the news, you have people there to support you. Those early signs of pregnancy aren’t always the most fun (morning sickness and fatigue, for example), and you may want someone in the know to help you along the way. Plus, it’s fun to have your partner, friend, or family member there to discuss exciting things, like choosing a unique baby name or decorating the nursery.

  • Cons. Once you share the news, get ready for all the questions! Everyone will want to know how you’re feeling and might even want to touch your belly. And one con to really think about is what happens if you do have a miscarriage after announcing your pregnancy. It’s a personal choice, so ask yourself if it’s better for just one or two people in your inner support circle to know or if you’re OK with others knowing.

So, when do people announce their pregnancy?

Everyone is different, of course, with various factors at play that could influence when to tell people you are pregnant. You can share the news right away or wait until that baby bump of yours is starting to show. It’s really up to you! But keep reading for a little more advice on when to tell people you are pregnant, starting with your partner and even your acquaintances.

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When to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

When it comes to a pregnancy announcement to your husband or partner, there are two popular times to reveal the news:

  • As soon as possible. Some like to share the news with their partner right away! It’s exciting for both of you, and it might be helpful to have your partner’s support from the get-go.

  • After the first prenatal visit. If you’d like to get your pregnancy confirmed by your healthcare provider, you could wait until after that initial prenatal appointment.

For cute pregnancy announcement ideas, check out the video below:

When to Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant

When to tell your parents you’re pregnant depends on personal circumstances, but some popular times include:

  • As soon as possible. Some people like to tell their entire inner support circle right away, and that might include your parents.

  • After telling your partner. If you want your partner to be the first to know, your parents are usually the next in line, and it might be fun to surprise them together!

  • After the standard ultrasound. Using the sonogram photo is a great way to announce your pregnancy to your parents, so you might want to wait until after your ultrasound.

When to Tell Immediate Family About Your Pregnancy

As for your siblings, aunts, uncles, and other members of your immediate family, there are quite a few popular times:

  • After telling your partner and parents. Once your partner and parents know the news, siblings and immediate family are typically the next to find out.

  • After the standard ultrasound. Again, if you’d like to use your sonogram photo to reveal the news, you can wait until after your ultrasound.

  • As you start to show. Your baby bump could be a clue to others, so sharing the news when you start showing might be the best time.

When to Announce Your Pregnancy to Friends, Coworkers, and Acquaintances

When do people announce their pregnancy to other friends, bosses, coworkers, and casual acquaintances? These groups are typically the last to know, and you can share your news with them whenever you want! A baby announcement at work might look different than a casual social media post. Still, here are a few popular timings:

  • After the standard ultrasound. A cute little photo or social media post of your sonogram is a great way to announce your pregnancy. Plus, you might feel it’s safe to share your news with your wider circle by that time.

  • As you start to show. Once you start showing, it’ll be tricky to hide the news from friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. When your belly bump arrives might be the time to announce your pregnancy.

  • With a birth announcement. For casual friends or acquaintances that you see only once in a while or interact with on social media, you might want to wait until your baby is born and send or post a birth announcement.

How to Tell People You’re Pregnant

Once you decide when to tell people you are pregnant, you can start thinking about how to share your news. You can really get creative with this, whether you’re telling your partner you’re pregnant or surprising your parents, but a few typical ways to reveal your pregnancy include:

  • In person. Revealing the news face-to-face can make the moment even more special. Share your announcement over dinner or with a fun night in!

  • At a party. When you want to tell a group of people the news, you might want to consider a party for your friends, family, and/or coworkers. This way, everyone can celebrate together!

  • On a virtual call. If family or friends live far away—or you want to embrace the digital age—there’s always a virtual call. You can stand up to reveal your baby bump as a surprise!

  • On social media. Announcing your pregnancy on social media has become the go-to method after letting your close family and friends know. It’s a great way to share the news with a wide audience all at once.

  • With a card. A classic card via snail mail or e-mail is always an option. You can design a pregnancy announcement card to send in the mail or opt for an e-card.

  • Via phone. Sometimes, all you need is a phone call or even a text! You can send something first like “I have news…” to set up your announcement.

How you tell people you’re pregnant may depend on who they are and your unique situation. It’s common to share the news in person with your partner and parents, and some enjoy telling their immediate family in person, too, or with a party.

If your family lives far away, virtual calls, classic phone calls, or pregnancy announcement cards are all great options. Deciding on how to tell friends you are pregnant may depend on how close you are and could include an in-person visit, party, or card. A cute social media post might be all you need for other acquaintances.

The Bottom Line

Deciding when to announce your pregnancy comes down to personal choice and may be dependent on a few factors. Some like to tell their inner support circle (partner, best friend, or parents) early to have some help from the start. But others like to wait until after the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is low. Everyone’s situation is different, so consider the information above to make the right decision for you and your family.

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