100 Cute, Creative, and Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


Finding out you’re pregnant might be one of the most thrilling times in your life! Sharing the news with your partner, family, friends, and colleagues will be a very special moment, so you may be on the hunt for some top-notch pregnancy announcement ideas. Read on to find out when and how to announce your pregnancy and to discover some creative, cute, and funny ways to share the big news.

When to Announce Your Pregnancy

Announcing you're pregnant is probably the next most exciting thing after finding out you're pregnant. Deciding when to announce your pregnancy is a personal choice, but it partly depends on who you're telling.

For example, you might want to tell your partner first, especially if you're experiencing any early signs of pregnancy. Parents typically come next, but choosing when to tell your parents you’re pregnant may depend on how you plan to share the news. Other family members and best friends are usually next in line, but you may wait to share the news with your colleagues and wider circle of friends and acquaintances.

There are a few pregnancy milestones that some people like to wait for before revealing the big news to their broader community:

  • The first trimester. You can announce your pregnancy whenever you want, but it’s common to wait until you're through the first trimester. Many expectant parents feel it’s safer to share their news at this time, as the risk of miscarriage is lower.

  • The first ultrasound. You might decide to wait to tell some people until after your first ultrasound or until you know your baby's gender, so that you can do both at the same time. You also might want to use your sonagram photo in your baby announcement!

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How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Before revealing the big news to the world, think about who you want to tell and in what order, and how you want to make the announcement. For example, you could reveal the news in person, over the phone, virtually, on social media, or by mailing a pregnancy announcement card.

The following list is typically the order in which people announce their pregnancies to their family, friends, and acquaintances. This can provide ideas of whom to notify and some common ways to do it:

  • Partner. If you didn't find out together, your partner would likely be the first person you tell. There are some great ideas for telling your partner you’re pregnant, and we’ve included a few in our list!

  • Parents and immediate family. Every situation is unique, but you might like to share your news with your kids, parents, and your partner's parents—the soon-to-be grandparents—next and likely in person. A pregnancy announcement to your kids might be first, followed by parents, siblings, and close relatives. Of course, if relatives happen to live far away, you can arrange a virtual baby announcement.

  • Extended family. Consider delivering your pregnancy announcement to extended family members (such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) either in person, on a video chat, or with a card.

  • Closest friends. You might like to share a pregnancy announcement with your best friends individually (in person or virtually) or together at a group lunch where you surprise them all at once.

  • Boss and colleagues. When you're ready to announce your pregnancy at work, your boss should be the first to find out. When you decide to share the news might depend on numerous factors, including what type of work you do, how family-friendly your workplace is, whether you're showing yet, and whether your workplace has any policies about pregnancy or maternity and paternity leave.

  • Acquaintances and everyone else. These are hi-and-bye neighbors, people you only see occasionally, or casual friends. One of the best ways to announce your pregnancy for this group of people will be on social media. Of course, you can also choose to tell some in person the next time you bump into one of them when you’re out and about!

Watch this short video to see how some Pampers Parents chose to announce their pregnancies:

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

If you and your partner didn't find out about your pregnancy together, there are several ways you could plan a surprise announcement. All work whether you’ve been trying to have a baby, or if this is an exciting and unexpected pregnancy announcement. Here's some inspiration:

1. Say it with coffee. Serve your partner a cup of joe in a new mug with a personalized message, such as “You're going to be a parent.” It will surely brighten your partner's morning routine.

2. Pregnancy test gift box. Surprise your partner with this classic pregnancy announcement idea, where you wrap your pregnancy test in a gift box and let your partner open it at a special time, such as during a date night.

3. Pregnancy test in plain sight. Think of a place where your partner is bound to spend a lot of time, such as the kitchen or bedroom. Hide the pregnancy test in the fridge or leave it on the bedside table for the ultimate surprise.

4. Photo booth surprise. Surprise your partner with the news in a photo booth while the camera snaps multiple pictures. You’ll treasure the strip of images forever, and your little one will also love seeing it in a few years. This is also a fun way to announce your pregnancy to your kids.

5. Blindfolded guessing "test." For a funny pregnancy announcement idea for your partner, blindfold them and do a taste test of pureed foods, including baby foods. Keep feeding them until your partner guesses what you’re trying to say.

6. Silly games. Reveal your news during game night, especially if this is something you like to do together. Good options are charades, celebrity heads (where instead of being a celebrity, your partner is “pregnant”), or spelling out your message on a board game.

7. Professional photo shoot. Have both you and your partner write down sweet messages on chalkboards during a photo shoot. Your final message will be something like “I’m pregnant.” Then face each other to reveal what you wrote. The photographer will catch your partner’s surprise.

8. Table for three. Book a table at your favorite restaurant but make the reservation for three rather than two. Ask the restaurant to set the table with plates, and write “congratulations” on the plate at the third setting. Give your partner time to connect the dots and enjoy their reaction!

9. Piggy bank. It’s never too early to start saving, so this baby announcement idea is playful yet practical! Order a custom-made piggy bank with “BABY” on the side (or paint one yourself with supplies from a craft store) and put some coins in it. Present it to your partner and watch their eyes light up.

10. Diaper delivery. Order a pack of diapers and wipes online and ask your partner to answer the door when the delivery arrives. Or, if they’re not home, wait to open the box with them. At first, they might be confused about why you ordered baby essentials, but eventually, they’ll figure it out!

Fun and Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You can be as creative and goofy as you want when announcing your pregnancy. If you love laughing, these ideas might fit the bill and work perfectly for social media, email, snail mail, and/or in-person reveals:

11. Kid news. If you have kids, let them deliver the news! Ask your older child to wear a T-shirt or hold a sign that has “only child” crossed out and replaced with “big brother” or “big sister.” Snap a photo or ask them to walk into the room where friends and family await!

12. Thought bubbles. Get a little silly by posing with thought bubbles and write something funny, such as “Something big is happening!” or “diaper-changing-master-in-training.”

13. The “bump” metaphor. A classic and funny baby announcement idea is to wear an outfit with “bump” written over your belly while your partner holds a sign that reads “under construction.” You can try to match the style of street signs and wear hard hats for even more fun!

14. Bun pun. This pregnancy announcement idea is ideal if you love the classic “bun in the oven” pun. Place an actual bun in the oven and pose in front of it. Share the photo on social media or email and see who can guess what it means first!

15. Punny quotes or lyrics. If you and your partner have a favorite movie, TV show, book, or song, do something fun with a famous quote or lyric, adding your own play on words to deliver the message. Take a photo or record a video of the two of you performing the line and share it with your friends and family. For some inspiration, examples include “Here’s looking at you, kid” from Casablanca, Justin Bieber’s Baby song, or “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

16. Baby food feeding. Take a photo of you and your partner feeding one another baby food! Make it an especially funny pregnancy announcement idea by wearing bibs and getting the food on your faces. Send it out to family or post on social media and see who figures it out first!

17. Ice, ice, baby. If you love a good pun or the musical artist Vanilla Ice (who doesn’t?), use his famous lyric “Ice, ice, baby” to announce your pregnancy. Ask your partner to hold two bags of ice and stand to your right. You’ll point to your baby bump and ask a friend to take a photo. In the end, you’re the lyric: ice, ice, baby!

18. Gone fishing. Head out on a photo shoot with you and your partner or friends and bring fishing poles. Sit down by a pond, lake, or river and pose as you “catch” your ultrasound photo or something that indicates a baby is on the way, such as a little sock or baby hat!

19. Baby backpack. This funny pregnancy announcement idea is perfect if you love the great outdoors. You and your partner can stuff your hiking packs and put them on, then hold a small backpack. Post on your socials or send it to family and friends! Cute ideas for pregnancy announcement captions could be “conquering a new mountain” or “on a new adventure.”

20. Little seedling. Put a small seedling in between two established plants and take a photo. Post on social media to see who can guess what it means or use some fun pregnancy announcement captions like “A little sprout is coming!” or “Kale, yeah! We’re having a baby!”

Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

If you're looking for a creative and cute pregnancy announcement, these ideas definitely have the “Aww” factor! Use them to craft an adorable social media post or send an announcement off by mail.

21. Baby jumpsuit clothesline. Gather a few baby jumpsuits and hang them on a clothesline. Snap a photo and share it on your socials! You could also add other baby items, such as socks, booties, or plush toys.

22. A sweet message. For sharing your news with coworkers, you could bring in a box of doughnuts, cupcakes, or muffins with the news written on a tag or spelled out in frosting.

23. Family pets. This is a great option for a DIY pregnancy announcement. If you’re a pet lover, you could make your dog or cat a scarf, T-shirt, or sign with the message, “My parents are getting me a tiny human.” This is one of the best pregnancy announcement ideas, as everyone loves a cute pet photo!

24. Siblings photo op. Sibling pregnancy announcements are always a cute idea, especially when they involve signs with adorable messages. If you already have children in your family, you could ask them to hold a sign saying, “Sibling tie-breaker coming on [add your due date].” If you’re unsure of your due date, check out our Due Date Calculator.

25. Career-themed puns. Create a baby announcement related to your career. For example, if you and your partner are in tech, you can make personalized T-shirts that say “loading…” to represent your littlest techie who’s busy developing in your baby bump!

26. Baby book. This cute pregnancy announcement idea is very subtle. Take a photo of yourself or you and your partner reading your favorite books from childhood and let your friends and family do the guessing!

27. Beach chairs at sunset. If you live near a beach, take a romantic photo at sunset while sitting in beach chairs. You and your partner can sit in traditional chairs while holding hands, then place a small chair of the same style between you.

28. Word game tiles. Display your pregnancy reveal on a word game tile holder! Gather all the letters you’ll need for your message and post or send a photo revealing the news. You could have “We’re pregnant!” or “baby on the way” as your announcement.

29. Say it with cake. Everyone loves a sweet treat, so you can’t go wrong with this cake pregnancy announcement idea! Order a custom-made cake to share with family, friends, or coworkers. It can say something like “Guess what?” or “Surprise!” and have a few frosting decorations of baby items. If you’d like to combine your pregnancy announcement with gender reveal ideas, you could use pink or blue frosting.

30. Ultrasound photo. Many parents-to-be enjoy using their first ultrasound photo to reveal the exciting news. There are many ways to show it off, so use your creativity here! For a classic pregnancy announcement idea, simply hold up the ultrasound photo across your belly or toward the camera so it’s in the foreground.

31. Baby beach hat. Some couples like to take a “babymoon” vacation before their little one arrives. If you’re planning one with a beach destination, get a custom-made beach hat that says something like “baby on the way” and pose with it while in paradise.

Unique and Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Sometimes, you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and craft a baby announcement that’s different. To put a unique or creative spin on your pregnancy reveal, we’ve included the following ideas that you can use to post on social media or present to your family and friends in a card or email:

32. Coming soon letterboard. There’s a reason why letterboard pregnancy announcement ideas are trendy—they’re super cute! Instead of the typical “baby arriving…” message, try something a bit more unique, such as just “coming soon” with a few baby items around it. This way, your message is a little mysterious, and people will have to connect the dots!

33. Pose with a high chair. Put a high chair next to you or between you and your partner and strike a pose. Make it more creative by holding a sign announcing your pregnancy! You’ll need a baby high chair eventually, so plan ahead and get one before your little one’s arrival or borrow one from a friend for this unique pregnancy announcement idea.

34. Bicycle and tricycle. This pregnancy announcement idea has it all—it’s cute, unique, creative, and fun! You have a few options, but the idea is that you and/or your partner are riding bikes, either one bike, two bikes, or a tandem bicycle. Behind you, place a cute little tricycle to show that you have a baby on the way.

35. Surfboard reveal. This baby announcement idea is creative and fun if you’re a surfer or paddleboarder. Take a photo of you on your surfboard or paddleboard and place a mini version next to you or between you and your partner. A small boogie board would probably do the trick.

36. Draw in the sand. Go somewhere that has a beach and draw doodles in the wet sand. Make sure one of those doodles is your pregnancy announcement with something like “We’re pregnant!” or “Baby on the way.”

37. Will you be mine? This could be a nice option if the timing of your baby announcement coincides with Valentine’s Day, but you don’t necessarily need the holiday to implement this idea. For the holiday version, you can send Valentine’s Day cards to your family and friends “from” your baby with messages like “Be my aunt?” or “Will you be my grandma?” If not for Valentine’s Day, you can simply send out messages that are more like proposals such as “Will you be my pop-pop?”

38. Family campout. If you and your family enjoy camping, craft a cute and creative photoshoot at a campsite. Set up your tent, get the fire going, roast marshmallows, and hang some twinkle lights. Then, put a mini tent next to you! You can find tutorials online making these little tents with just a wire hanger and a T-shirt.

39. Seasonal jumpsuit. Pregnancy announcements can take place on certain holidays or, of course, within a specific season. You can play up the time of the year by decorating a baby jumpsuit or positioning seasonal items around a plain white jumpsuit. Think of a beach ball, ice pops, and sandals for summer, or snow, greenery, and wool hats for winter. Or for a New Year’s pregnancy announcement, try a little DIY and write something like “a tiny resolution” on the jumpsuit!

40. Sports ball belly bump. Sports fans will surely enjoy this cool and unique pregnancy announcement idea! Get a custom-made T-shirt that looks like your favorite sport ball and put it on. As it stretches over your belly, it will take the shape of a basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc.! Then, take a photo and send it off!

41. Survival kits. A new baby is a lovable new challenge! A fun pregnancy announcement idea for partners, parents, grandparents, or other family members (like soon-to-be aunts and uncles) is to create “survival kits” for them. Things to include are custom-made T-shirts with “Dad” or “Auntie” on them, baby essentials like pacifiers, chocolate bars for surviving late nights, and a baby book.

42. Rubber duckies. Here's a unique way to announce your pregnancy that's also very simple. Take a photo of you and your partner with lots of adorable rubber duckies floating around you, such as while sitting on a dock or next to a blowup pool (just make sure the rubber duckies don’t float away if you’re out in nature!). These cute yellow ducks are synonymous with babies, so your family and friends will surely pick up on the message.

43. Fine print. This creative yet adorably nerdy pregnancy announcement idea brings some humor into the process. You’ll need to create a custom-made label for something you’d like to give to your partner, friends, and family. Some ideas include candles, bottles of wine, or chocolate bars. The name of your item should be “Always Read the Fine Print,” and the fine print on the label is where you reveal the surprise!

Virtual Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If your family or friends live far away, don’t forget that we’re in the digital age—you can still have lots of fun with a virtual pregnancy announcement! Plan a virtual call with your family and/or friends and use the pregnancy reveal ideas below to surprise them.

44. Unwrap the bump. Surprise your virtual audience with your baby bump! Tie a ribbon around your belly and tell your family or friends that you have a gift to give them. Stand up and show them your bump to reveal the news!

45. Balloon surprise. You’ll need a bundle of pink and blue balloons filled with helium for this virtual pregnancy announcement idea. Tie a ribbon to each and secure them to the floor so when they float up, they’re right behind you. Before your virtual call, cover them with something heavy, like a blanket. When you’re ready to reveal the surprise, remove the covering and let them float up! If you’re using this opportunity to plan a gender reveal party, you could choose just one color that discloses the gender!

46. Baby blocks. Think back to your own childhood for this baby announcement idea and gather those cute traditional wooden blocks. You can find them online or at antique shops. Line them up with your message (something like, “We’re having a baby!”) and put them behind you. See how long it takes for someone on the call to notice!

47. Coming soon belly bump. Like the unwrapping your belly bump idea from above, this one also involves standing up to reveal the news. This time, though, you’ll wear a shirt stretched across your bump that reads, “Coming soon!” You could also use paint directly on your belly if you’d like. (For safety, it’s best to avoid acrylic and latex paints, so stick to non-toxic, FDA-approved paints specifically made to be applied to the skin.)

48. T-shirt surprise. Once again, this baby announcement idea will surprise your audience with a message on your tummy, but your partner can also take part in the fun. Get T-shirts that say something like “Mom” and “Dad” so when you stand up, your friends and family will see that you’re about to become new parents!

49. Pregnancy riddle. Get creative with this virtual pregnancy announcement idea by presenting your audience with a series of riddles. Prepare a few that reveal different baby items, and then in the final riddle disclose that you’re pregnant! If you’re into these puzzles, make them fun and a bit tricky but easy enough to solve for your friends and family.

50. Storytime. You’ll need help from the pros for this baby announcement idea. Grab your favorite children’s book and tweak the story a bit. Start to read it to your virtual audience, but after a few pages, begin to tell the new story, which ends with revealing your pregnancy!

51. Scratch-off tickets. This is a fun one for a virtual pregnancy announcement idea, but it requires a bit of prep. First, you’ll need to order custom-made scratch-off cards that reveal your message. If you choose something like “We’re having a baby!” you’ll need four cards, one with each word. Then, mail the cards to everyone participating in your virtual call. Instruct your family and friends to scratch the cards together to reveal the surprise news.

52. E-card on three. For this idea, simply email an e-card with the pregnancy announcement to everyone joining you on the call but instruct them not to open it yet. While on the call, tell your family and friends to log into their email and click open on the count of three.

53. Baby cry. For a funny and clever pregnancy announcement idea, use this one! Get a recording of a baby crying and play it a few times while on the virtual call. When you hear it, excuse yourself and then come back to the screen. Wait until someone asks about the noise before revealing the news—they may need to listen to your “baby” crying a few times before catching on.

54. Pregnancy cravings. This is another creative and clever pregnancy announcement perfect for a virtual setting. While chatting with your family and friends, make it obvious that you’re eating stereotypical pregnancy craving foods—the weirder, the better! Make them stranger with each bite: Smother peanut butter on a pickle and take a crunchy bite; dunk meatballs in a glass of milk and dribble on your face; put hot salsa on a chocolate-chip cookie and lick your fingers. Someone is bound to ask you what you’re doing, which is your cue to announce your pregnancy.

Ideas for a Second or Third Baby Announcement

Having a second baby may call for a slightly different type of pregnancy announcement that involves your kids, which makes it more fun! Check out the following ideas for a little inspiration.

55. Sibling’s new best friend. A second pregnancy means your little one is getting a new bestie! Design a T-shirt or write something on a chalkboard announcing the arrival of your child’s "new best friend."

56. Only-child expiration date. Likewise, your current child will no longer be an only child if it's your second pregnancy. Create a cute T-shirt or do a chalkboard illustration indicating your due date as the expiration date of your little one’s “only child” title.

57. Sidewalk chalk art. Whether it's your second, third, or fourth (or more) pregnancy, this option is a great announcement idea for the entire family. Equip your little crew with sidewalk chalk and let them have fun! While they work, you’ll create a pregnancy announcement in the middle of their art. Snap a photo of the announcement while your kids are still drawing!

58. Ice cream cones. Your current child will love this pregnancy announcement idea! Get a family photo with each person holding an ice cream cone but give your child two to hold. Take the photo quickly before the ice cream melts and see who can decode the message!

59. Snowman lineup. If you’re announcing your pregnancy during the wintertime, wait for a snowy day and create a little snowman family. Of course, add a small addition at the end to reveal you’re having another baby!

60. Temporary tattoos. Order custom-made, skin-safe temporary tattoos and put them on your current children. Kids love playing with these, and you can take photos of them sporting messages like “new baby on the way” or “big sister.”

61. Numbered chalkboards. Line up your family by age, with each member holding a chalkboard. The oldest gets no. 1, and the new baby gets the final number. If your youngest can’t hold two chalkboards, prop it up next to them. Snap a photo and share!

62. Picnic at sunset. Gather your family for a sweet photo shoot at sunset. Set up a picnic blanket and snacks and ask a friend to take photos of you. Put a few baby items on the blanket, such as a sippy cup or bottle. Cute pregnancy announcement captions for this one could be “We need a bigger blanket” or “Our picnic basket just got heavier.”

63. Oldest, youngest. This pregnancy announcement idea works for a second or third baby. Dress your current children in T-shirts that indicate their current title as either “only child,” “oldest,” or “youngest.” Then, cross out the title with a big black marker and write in the new one. For example, your only child will now be the oldest, or your youngest will be a middle child! Let the T-shirts do the revealing.

64. Little little, big little. Another siblings T-shirt idea, this pregnancy announcement requires custom-made shirts and works for the second or third baby. If you’re having a second baby, your current child will wear a “Big Little” shirt, and you can hold an infant jumpsuit that reads “Little Little.” If you’re having a third baby, your oldest will wear “Big Little” and your youngest “Medium Little,” and you can hold a jumpsuit that reads “Little Little.”

65. Here we “grow” again. Put a pun into it with this idea! Take a family photo with everyone wearing a shirt that reads “Here we grow again!” and hold a baby item, like a bootie or rattle.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnant with twins? Make your pregnancy announcement double the fun with one of these ideas. Post the announcement on Facebook or other socials, or send it in the mail!

66. Birthdates and feet. Snap a photo of your feet and your partner’s feet on a sidewalk and use chalk to write the year of your births on the pavement. Then draw two little pairs of feet next to you and write the year of your due date.

67. Eating for three. Take a picture of yourself holding a bowl with the words “eating for three” written on the side. This is a great picture for social sharing, too.

68. Copy and paste. Reveal your news with personalized infant T-shirts—one that reads “copy” and another that says “paste,” or something like “We wished for one…” written on one T-shirt and “…but got two!” written on the other. The great thing about this idea is that you’ll be able to use these tees after your little ones are born.

69. Everything’s better in pairs. Buy two pairs of baby booties and have a friend take a photo of you and your partner holding them, hinting at what’s to come. You can also use this photo on your pregnancy announcement card if you choose to send one.

70. Twins for dummies. Create two faux book covers mimicking the “for dummies” series with the title “Twins for Dummies.” Take a photo of you and your partner reading the books with confused facial expressions!

71. Scoops of ice cream. Get a large clear bowl and fill it with two or four heaping spoons of ice cream. You and your partner can pose with it, with spoons in hand. Add some baby items to the scene to make it more obvious. Think of some fun pregnancy announcement captions, such as “eating for four,” “Two scoops are better than one!” or “double the fun.”

72. And then there were four. Create T-shirts for you and your partner that read, “And then there were four.” Take a photo of you wearing them while holding a pair of baby shoes and use it as a cute twin pregnancy announcement idea.

73. Baby clothes lineup. Take a photo of two pairs of baby clothes, either lined up on a surface or hanging from a clothesline. If you know the gender of your twins, you can use traditional colors like blue and pink. Otherwise, feel free to use any colors you want; just make sure there are pairs of everything to make it clear you’re having twins.

74. Two eggs in a nest. This creative little twin pregnancy announcement is a cute one! If you enjoy art, decorate two eggs to look like birds and place them in a nest. You can find lots of nest-making materials at a crafts store. Take a photo and use it to announce that you’re having twins!

75. Two are due. Have fun with a rhyme and create your announcement using the phrase “two are due.” You can put it on a T-shirt, chalkboard, or a party sign, or use it simply as a photo caption.

Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Family in Person

You have lots of options when deciding how to tell your parents (the new grandparents) you’re pregnant. When it comes right down to it, pregnancy announcements to parents and family members can be anything you want! Here are some ideas for how to make the big reveal special and memorable:

76. Nana and pop-pop naming. This is one of the most sentimental ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person, but it only works for your and your partner's parents, who are becoming grandparents. Invite them over for a naming party where, after the big reveal, they can choose what they’d like their grandchild to call them. To get the ball rolling, write different options on paper sorted by gender and have them pick them out of a box and mull it over.

77. Blindfolded take-the-hint game. This funny pregnancy announcement game involves blindfolding your parents and having them attempt to tie their shoelaces. After they complete the first pair, swap out the other pair with baby shoes and see if they get the hint! Film the moment to capture their reaction.

78. Photo op to remember. A surprise pregnancy announcement photo is a hilarious way to remember the moment. While taking a family photo, instead of shouting “cheese,” you and your partner shout, “We're pregnant!” The best part about this pregnancy announcement idea will be the immediate reaction of your family that’s captured on camera!

79. Fortune cookie message. Have a local bakery make fortune cookies and provide them with little strips of paper bearing messages of your news. On take-out night, pass the cookies around to your loved ones.

80. Children’s book giving. Invite your family over and present each family member with a children’s book. Preface the giving by telling them they’re each getting one of your favorite books from childhood and that they need to practice reading it. Why? Surprise—you’re pregnant!

81. Pizza party. Have a pizza party and prepare the food yourself. Use toppings like pepperoni or peppers to spell out messages on each pie, such as “I’m pregnant!” or “We’re having a baby!” Watch your family members’ faces as they take notice!

82. Pregnancy announcement games. Organize a fun game night for this baby announcement idea! To share your big news, you’ll want to choose a guessing game or something that’s interactive. Whether you choose charades, guess who, or 20 questions, one of the answers should be “We’re having a baby!”

83. Personalized announcement gift. This simple pregnancy announcement is also a sentimental one. Give the grandparents-to-be a personalized gift, such as a framed picture of your pregnancy announcement card or your little one’s sonogram.

84. Scavenger hunt. Invite your family over and tell everyone to arrive at the same time. Place the first clue of the scavenger hunt on your front door. You and your partner will be in one room with your pregnancy announcement, and you can listen while your family moves from room to room, solving the clues. When they get to you, reveal the surprise!

85. Customized puzzle. This pregnancy announcement idea will delight the entire family if you like puzzles. Order a personalized puzzle with larger pieces so it won’t take too long to put together. Dump out the pieces and play music and offer snacks to your guests as they work. Someone will eventually notice the message before the puzzle is complete, and their energy will be entertaining to witness, especially as others start to catch on!

86. Team jerseys. Get everyone in your family a jersey with their new title on the back, including you as “Mom” and other family members like “Grandpa,” “Grandma,” “Auntie,” “Uncle,” “Cousin,” etc. Present the jerseys to everyone while you make the big pregnancy announcement and snap a fun family photo.

87. Plate reveal. Entertain your family members with a dinner party and order custom-made plates with a message like “We’re having a baby!” or “You’re going to be a grandfather.” Serve each member their dish and wait for the excitement as the first person finishes their meal!

Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media

Many of the pregnancy announcement ideas above can easily be shared online over social media, especially the ones that include taking a photo of the reveal. However, we included the following ideas specifically for social sharing:

88. How big is my baby? A popular way to announce your pregnancy on social media is to share a photo taken of you while you hold a piece of fruit in front of your belly, representing the size of your baby. For ideas on which fruit or vegetable to use, check out our pregnancy calendar and find your pregnancy week. For example, at 17 weeks, you'll need to pose with a pear.

89. Show a family-sized shoe lineup. Another good idea for a pregnancy announcement post is to reveal your new addition with a photo of a row of shoes, including yours, your partner’s, and some tiny booties representing your baby. If you have a cat or dog, you could show your and your partner’s feet in socks and your pet’s paws next to tiny baby socks.

90. A message board. For something elegant, ask a graphic designer to create an image (or create one yourself) that says something like “We’re having a baby!” or “The adventure begins on [fill in the due date]!” or “Our family is growing.” You can size this pregnancy announcement to work with Facebook banners or on Instagram stories.

91. Pose as a math equation. Another clever pregnancy announcement post is creating a math equation to reveal the news. Have a wall or backdrop prepped with a giant plus sign, an equal sign, and the number “3.” Insert yourself and your partner on either side of the plus sign and have a friend take the picture. If you’re pregnant with multiples or already have children, simply adjust the number of your total.

92. Announce it with pumpkins. If you’d like to share your news around Halloween or in the fall, get a little crafty with some pumpkin carving or line up pumpkins in order of size to announce your new baby.

93. Spread the buzz with coffee cups. Coffee lovers, this one’s for you! Assemble a display of paper coffee cups from your favorite coffee shop. Two big ones represent you and your partner, and a smaller espresso cup represents your baby. Take a photo and share! Your followers will love your new “babyccino.”

94. Movie poster message. Movie buffs can create their own movie poster for a unique and cool pregnancy announcement. All you need is a good photo of you and your partner, some editing skills to add the movie title, your names along the top as the starring actors, and the due date under the words “coming soon.”

95. Pose with a buggy. Borrow or rent an old-fashioned baby buggy and pose with it in a photo announcing your pregnancy. Play it up by dressing in costumes from a bygone era and using a vintage filter!

96. Dad and Mom cheer. Order a set of mugs or glasses, one reading “Mom” and the other “Dad” (or the title of another family member, like “Aunt”) and pose for a photo as you hold them. You could intertwine your arms while sipping from glasses, or get a little silly with coffee mugs and give an exhausted look.

97. Let the countdown begin. Hold a sign that says “Let the countdown begin!” with your expected due date. If you post this pregnancy announcement idea on Facebook or Instagram, you can use the countdown feature in your story!

98. Bump ahead sign. Find a road sign warning drivers of a “bump ahead.” It’ll be more obvious if you’re already starting to show, but if you have yet to develop a baby bump, it’ll be a tricky riddle to solve! Pose next to the sign and post on your socials.

99. Hands and baby shoes. Hold hands with your partner while you each dangle a baby shoe on your finger. Get a photo of just your hands and the baby shoes and post it online.

100. Baby on board. We can’t forget a true classic! “Baby on board” is probably the most popular phrase to use in a pregnancy announcement, and you can be creative with it! Post any photo you’d like of you with your bump, partner, or family, with this traditional phrase as the caption.

The Bottom Line

We hope these pregnancy announcement ideas have sparked your creativity, and that you've found the perfect way to surprise your partner, kids, family and friends. Sharing this news is just one of many delightful milestones you'll encounter in your pregnancy journey—and perhaps before long you'll be enjoying a baby shower thrown in your honor.

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