Big Love For Reducing GHG Emissions

We want every baby to have a brighter future, and that’s going to take some Big Love – caring not only for babies’ happy and healthy development today, but also for the world they will grow up in tomorrow.

It’s a great aim, but our Big Love for the planet needs guidance so we can see what we’ve achieved, and where we need to focus our efforts. That’s why we’re using science, innovation and partnership to help protect the planet by showing it the same kind of big love that moms and dads show their babies. We’re determined to take action on climate change as part of our company’s ambition to achieve Net Zero GHG emissions by 2040. We’re always learning, and we love finding new science-based ways to reduce our environmental footprint across the entire lifecycle of our products. We look at the big picture—everything from our ingredients, to our manufacturing and how we transport our finished diapers. It might surprise you to know that in the whole life cycle of a disposable diaper, 60-80% of its total environmental impact comes from the sourcing and production of its raw materials.That’s why we’re always working to improve our diapers’ design, and constantly looking for more effective ingredients. Our innovations have enabled us to reduce our diapers’ weight by up to 50% over the last 30 years, significantly reducing their environmental impact. Over the last 50 years, we’ve also doubled our diapers’ absorbency, to provide parents and babies with Pampers’ trusted dryness. We are also working across all our manufacturing operations to reduce our carbon footprint. So big love to our partners and everyone in the whole Pampers supply chain—they’re helping reduce our carbon footprint and create a brighter future for babies.

Big love for science-based targets

Big love needs a big plan to guide it, so our parent company P&G has set targets to guide us in lowering our emissions. We’re determined to take action on climate change as part of our company’s, Net Zero GHG emissions by 2040 Ambition. Our 2030 goals to pace our progress toward net zero were submitted to The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi):

  • Reducing emissions across our operations by 50 percent;

  • Reducing emissions across our supply chain by 40 percent.*

And we’ve already started the journey.

You can see there’s no one simple solution—reducing our carbon footprint requires a holistic approach to reduce emissions across the entire lifecycle of our products. It’s a journey that involves us, parents and our suppliers, and it’s something we’ll continue working on together.

Big love for lower-carbon materials

We’re committed to work towards using 50%* sustainable and/or bio-based, recycled and renewable materials in our diapers and wipes by 2030. We have already started the journey with the launch of our Pampers Pure Protection products, made with sustainably sourced plant-based materials**.

*We use BioPE in our Pampers Pure Protection diapers. BioPE is made from a plant-based material—in this case, responsibly-sourced sugarcane. Our Aqua Pure Protection wipes use plant-based materials from responsible sources like premium cotton. They’re hypoallergenic and free from fragrance, parabens, and latex*.

Big love for more plant-based and recycled materials in our future, helping parents in their quest for more sustainable living.

Big love for renewable electricity

We’ve got big love for renewable electricity—so much so that 100% of our US facilities are purchasing renewable electricity.

Big love for our responsible suppliers

We know we can’t change the world on our own. Any steps towards sustainability are always more effective if they’re done in collaboration with like-minded partners. We work with a lot of people who think the same way as us, and we’re working with them reduce their carbon footprint to create their own Big Acts of Love. Our partnerships are working! Pampers is actively working with suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint and avoided an estimated one million metric tons of GHG from the production of its materials over the past five years. That’s equivalent to removing over 215,000* gas powered cars from the roads in 1 year!

There’s more good news—many of our environmentally-conscious suppliers now have formal Corporate Social Responsibility departments, dedicated to working on sustainable innovation. They’ve developed company-wide plans and targets, started public reporting, and employed new innovations—and a lot of it is due to our friendly encouragement and advice. Big love to all our sustainability-minded suppliers who are helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Together, we believe we can contribute to a brighter future for babies everywhere.

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