Big Love For Every Baby

In the time it takes to read this sentence, 31 new babies will have been born across this planet of ours. That’s 267 born every minute… 16,041 every hour… 385,000 every day* and each one of these babies deserves a bright future. Pampers is devoted to giving every baby a Bright Beginning—a safe, healthy and happy start in life.


Big love for safety and quality

Product safety, quality and transparency is our top priority. We create diapers that millions of parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals trust every day. In the U.S., we’re proud to be the #1 pediatrician recommended brand.

We have independent accreditation from organizations like the Skin Health AllianceTM, which provides an independent dermatological accreditation for the skin safety and efficacy of our diaper and wipes products. There is no elemental chlorine in our diapers, and the materials and ingredients we use are safe for baby’s delicate skin.

More than 500 in-house scientists at Pampers work in collaboration with pediatricians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to ensure our diapers’ quality, safety and performance. Parents know their babies best, so we listen to their expertise too, inviting thousands of families to provide quality feedback on our diapers. We share the ingredients that go into our products and each Pampers diaper pack has a unique code that makes it traceable back to the factory where it was made. When parents and caregivers buy Pampers for their baby, they’re buying expertise from thousands of experts and years of collaboration, listening and learning.

Big love for maternal health equity

At Pampers, we understand that a happy, healthy baby begins with a happy, healthy caretaker. U.S. maternal mortality rates are among the highest of developed countries, and they are especially high among Black moms, who die from pregnancy related complications at two to three times the rate of White, Hispanic, Asian American and Pacific Islander women — regardless of their income or education levels. We are continuing to spotlight the importance of maternal health equity to support and uplift Black mothers and advocate for the care they need.

Big love for equality and inclusion

Across the breadth of our work creating products for little ones and their families, we promote diverse, equal and inclusive representation of babies, parents and caregivers. This comes to life in our packaging, communications, and activities in the communities where we live and work.

We have big love for dads’ equality, too! In the U.S., we wanted to help address the inequality that hands-on dads face when taking care of their babies while they’re out and about. Nine out of ten dads have gone into a public restroom that didn’t have a baby changing table. So from 2020-2021, we partnered with baby changing tables maker Koala Kare to provide 5,000 tables in men’s restrooms across the U.S. and Canada to help more dads and babies “love the change” together. No more changing their babies’ diapers on the floor, or wrestling with them on toilet seat covers!

Big love for preemies and diapers for all

Some babies are born before they’re strong enough to leave the hospital. Pampers was the first major brand to develop diapers that are specially designed for the millions of babies born premature around the world. Globally, we collaborated with nurses and spent over 10,000 hours innovating and developing them, and we’re thrilled that our preemie diapers are recommended by 95% of NICU nurses.*

*Based on P2 – 2020 US In-Hospital New Diaper Performance Survey

We’ve designed our smallest diapers to enhance things that are vital for premature babies’ early development, like uninterrupted sleep and protection for their delicate skin. Our preemie diapers have an innovative Multi-Stripe Wetness Indicator, too. With three detection lines instead of one, nurses and parents are alerted to as little of 10mL of urine, regardless of what position baby is in. With this, we’re changing baby’s first 24 hours for the better, helping nurses know when they need changing and when to let them dream on.

We also print a little “I Love you” message on every preemie diaper. It’s an expression of love that a parent can leave with their baby when they have to leave them in NICU overnight.

Every baby deserves a safe and healthy start in life – even when circumstances make it difficult. Whatever happens around them, babies still need their diapers changed! That’s why we provide our diapers to parents and caregivers around the world who otherwise might not be able to get hold of them.

We donate millions of diapers to families in need every year primarily through our partnership with Feeding America—an organization that provides food and household essentials through 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries across the U.S. In addition, we regularly contribute to disaster relief efforts as part of P&G’s Mobile Relief Program.

Big love to every baby born today, tomorrow, and every day. We’re doing our best to help make this world a brighter place for them to grow up in.

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