300+ Best Twin Names for Your Sweet Pair

If you’re having twins, you may agree that the best things come in twos! But since choosing one baby name is challenging enough, you may be wondering how to do double duty and pick the best twin names for your little duo. We’ve collected more than 300 pairs of baby names for twins to help you find the perfect match. Whether you’re looking for cute, unique, popular, old-fashioned, rhyming, or famous twin names, our list has them all, plus more.

Popular Twin Names

If you’re looking for twin names that are trendy, you could consider choosing from among the most popular names of recent years. We’ve listed the following girl and boy names in order of popularity, so you can mix and match and choose a hip pair for your little twins.

Popular Girl Twin Names

In recent years, the trendiest girl names in the United States have been the following, paired by popularity:

1. Olivia, Emma 2. Ava, Charlotte 3. Sophia, Amelia 4. Isabella, Mia 5. Evelyn, Harper

Popular Boy Twin Names

Pick from these five pairs of favorite boy names, listed by recent popularity in the U.S.: 6. Liam, Noah 7. Oliver, Elijah 8. William, James 9. Benjamin, Lucas 10. Henry, Alexander

Popular Boy and Girl Twin Names

Now that you know the 10 most popular boy and girl names in the United States in recent years, you can pair them any way you want if you’re having boy and girl twins. We’ve listed them in pairs based on popularity, but feel free to mix and match to your liking! 11. Liam, Olivia 12. Noah, Emma 13. Oliver, Ava 14. Elijah, Charlotte 15. William, Sophia 16. James, Amelia 17. Benjamin, Isabella 18. Lucas, Mia 19. Henry, Evelyn 20. Alexander, Harper

Cute Twin Names

There are so many cute names for twins; how can you possibly narrow them down? If you’re on the hunt for names that are just as adorable as your little duo, check out these lists of sweet pairings for inspiration.

Cute Girl Twin Names

For twin baby girls, cute names can be those that go together in sound or letter, or even in what they signify, such as London and Paris.

21. Ava, Eve 22. Betty, Betsy 23. Ella, Emma 24. Ivy, Lily 25. London, Paris 26. Olivia, Sophia 27. Paige, Payton

Cute Boy Twin Names

To choose two cute names for your boy twins, you could focus on name length, the sound of the adorable monikers, or pair letters together, like with Carter and Cooper. 28. Andrew, Matthew 29. Benjamin, William 30. Caleb, Issac 31. Carter, Cooper 32. Christopher, Jeremiah 33. Jake, Josh 34. Santiago, Sebastian

Cute Boy and Girl Twin Names

These pairs of cute names for boy and girl twins are some of the most precious on our list! Consider Leo and Cleo, a truly adorable match if you prefer rhyming names. 35. Aiden, Abigail 36. Austin, Addison 37. Jackson, Ella 38. Leo, Cleo 39. Noah, Naomi 40. Sam, Mia 41. William, Emma


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Unique Twin Names

For something different, consider unique twin baby names that let your little pair stand out from the crowd and offer individuality. Rare baby names for twins come in all forms. You’ll find cute, trendy, old-fashioned, and rare monikers when searching for unique baby boy and girl twin names!

Unique Girl Twin Names

Starting with unique girl names, our list of favorite pairs includes some that evoke a sense of the past, like Faith and Hope. 42. Adriana, Melinda 43. Dinah, Isla 44. Faith, Hope 45. Frida, Ida 46. Harper, Harlow 47. Skyler, Taylor 48. Zelda, Zoe

Unique Boy Twin Names

Unique names for boys can be old-fashioned like Grayson and Harrison or a bit hip and cool like Zaire and Zeke. Put them together for the perfect pair! 49. Christian, Sebastian 50. Darren, Warren 51. Decker, Tucker 52. Devin, Evan 53. Grayson, Harrison 54. Hewitt, Wyatt 55. Ian, Ivan 56. Justin, Quentin 57. Miles, Niles 58. Nathan, Nolan 59. Vance, Vaughn 60. Zaire, Zeke

Unique Boy and Girl Twin Names

Unique twin names for a boy and girl pair can match, like Ashton and Ashley, or be a bit funny, like Lucky and Lulu. 61. Ashton, Ashley 62. Emmitt, Ivy 63. Evan, Yvonne 64. Everett, Eve 65. Jamal, Jamila 66. Lucky, Lulu 67. Oliver, Olivia 68. Tristan, Kristen 69. Zachary, Zoey 70. Zayne, Jayne Need some more help choosing baby names for twins? Watch this video for some fun facts that could help you find the perfect baby name times two.

Old-Fashioned Twin Names

Some old-fashioned names are making a comeback and offer a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps you’re looking for classic monikers for your babies that would honor family members, or maybe you simply like the sound of some of these staples. Either way, we’ve got plenty of old-fashioned twin girl names and boy names.

Old-Fashioned Girl Twin Names

Old-fashioned girl names provide some truly adorable options! Imagine cute twin sister names like Rose and Ruby or Florence and Goldie! 71. Bertha, Martha 72. Camilla, Carolina 73. Clara, Maria 74. Cora, Dora 75. Delilah, Dorothy 76. Edith, Edna 77. Florence, Goldie 78. Jillian, Lillian 79. Rose, Ruby

Old-Fashioned Boy Twin Names

For old-fashioned names for boy twins, you have cute options like Albert and Arthur or Ralph and Roger. 80. Albert, Arthur 81. Allen, Edgar 82. Edward, Everett 83. Ernest, Frank 84. Frederick, Walter 85. Ralph, Roger 86. Victor, Vincent

Old-Fashioned Boy and Girl Twin Names

Old-fashioned names of twins for boys and girls are somehow even cuter! Options like Silas and Sophia or Cecil and Cecilia might melt your heart. 87. August, Augustine 88. Cecil, Cecilia 89. Eustace, Esther 90. George, Georgina 91. Reginald, Rosemary 92. Silas, Sophia 93. Victor, Victoria

Rhyming Twin Names

Names that rhyme are adorable and memorable! If you like the sound of rhyming names for twin boys or girls, you have plenty of options, including some that are funny, unique, and creative.

Girl Twin Names That Rhyme

You’ll find plenty of female twin names that rhyme, and for some parents, the best twin girl names are those that have a matching sound. 94. Addison, Madison 95. Adeline, Madeline 96. Bailey, Hailey 97. Darcy, Marcy 98. Emma, Gemma 99. Ella, Bella 100. Gillian, Lillian 101. Haylie, Kaylie 102. Macy, Stacy 103. Mary, Carrie 104. Shelly, Kelly

Boy Twin Names That Rhyme

Likewise, there are many rhyming twin names for boys, such as Brett and Rhett or Barrett and Jarrett. 105. Ayden, Hayden 106. Barrett, Jarrett 107. Blake, Jake 108. Brett, Rhett 109. Cole, Joel 110. Daniel, Nathaniel 111. Derek, Eric 112. Dorian, Torian 113. Harry, Larry 114. Kyle, Lyle 115. Sloane, Stone 116. Vance, Lance 117. Wendell, Kendall

Boy and Girl Twin Names That Rhyme

Looking for a boy and girl name that rhyme? You’re in luck; you’ll find several adorable rhyming names for boy and girl twins below! 118. Aidan, Jayden 119. Cade, Jade 120. Darren, Karen 121. Drew, Sue 122. Finn, Quinn 123. Kenny, Jenny 124. Lane, Jane 125. Tate, Kate

Twin Boy and Girl Names That Start With the Same Letter

If you’re looking for matching twin names or have identical twins and want names that go together, consider monikers that start with the same letter. This is a nice way to suggest a connection while still giving each a separate identity.

Girl Twin Names That Start With the Same Letter

Twin baby girl names that start with the same letter might be what you’re looking for, such as Rhoda and Rita or Jamila and Jenna. 126. Amelia, Angela 127. Barbara, Briana 128. Beatrice, Bernice 129. Caitlin, Carolyn 130. Elizabeth, Erica 131. Jamila, Jenna 132. Mackie, McKenna 133. Natalie, Nicole 134. Rhoda, Rita

Boy Twin Names That Start With the Same Letter

For some parents, the best twin names are ones that start with the same letter. If you agree, consider these options for your baby boys. 135. Adam, Aiden 136. Alexander, Alistair 137. Harvey, Henry 138. Lucca, Louis 139. Simpson, Stewart

Boy and Girl Twin Names That Start With the Same Letter

For matching boy and girl names, we’ve compiled a few adorable options that start with the same letter. 140. Cameron, Catherine 141. Emery, Ella 142. Ivan, Ivette 143. Jack, Jill 144. Lucian, Lucille 145. Michael, Michaela 146. Vincent, Veronica

Biblical Twin Names

Biblical baby names or Hebrew names often sound perfect together, so they’re an excellent option for twins whether you’re religious or not.

Biblical Girl Twin Names

Besides sounding nice together, these girl names for twins also offer classic and unique options. 147. Abigail, Naomi 148. Anna, Hannah 149. Candace, Chloe 150. Damaris, Deborah 151. Elizabeth, Judith 152. Esther, Eunice 153. Joanna, Leah 154. Martha, Mary 155. Rachel, Ruth 156. Rebecca, Susanna

Biblical Boy Twin Names

You may love biblical twin names because these offer options for both long and short baby names! Saul and Seth are short and sweet, whereas Abraham and Benjamin are lengthy and adorable. 157. Aaron, Abel 158. Abraham, Benjamin 159. Adam, Hiram 160. Caleb, Joshua 161. Daniel, David 162. Elijah, Ethan 163. Ezekiel, Gabriel 164. Gideon, Stephen 165. Isaac, Lucas 166. Ishmael, Israel 167. James, Joseph 168. John, Joel 169. Matthias, Moses 170. Paul, Peter 171. Samuel, Simon 172. Saul, Seth

Biblical Boy and Girl Twin Names

Biblical options also work well for boy and girl twin names, offering quite a few choices for cute and old-fashioned pairings. 173. Caleb, Rebecca 174. Isaac, Rebecca 175. Jacob, Judith 176. John, Joanna 177. Mordecai, Esther 178. Samson, Delilah 179. Seth, Ruth

Mythological Twin Names

Mythological names can sound both unique and powerful. If legends, tales, and myths intrigue you, how about names from Greek or Roman mythology for your little twins?

Mythological Girl Twin Names

Give your baby girls a sense of strength and power with adorable pairs like Clio and Iris or Penelope and Phoebe. 180. Athena, Daphne 181. Cassandra, Melania 182. Clio, Iris 183. Gaia, Thalia 184. Harmonia, Larisa 185. Helen, Selene 186. Penelope, Phoebe

Mythological Boy Twin Names

Good twin boy names are chosen in many ways, with some parents giving their little guys strong and powerful monikers. These mythological options fit that theme perfectly! 187. Argus, Linus 188. Adonis, Hermes 189. Ajax, Atlas 190. Damon, Jason 191. Hector, Helios 192. Mentor, Nestor

Mythological Boy and Girl Twin Names

Options for twin names for boys and girls can sometimes feel endless! If you want to go with something out of the ordinary, consider these mythological pairs. 193. Apollo, Artemis 194. Ares, Aphrodite 195. Eros, Aphrodite 196. Hades, Persephone 197. Zeus, Hera

Famous Twin Names

You might be surprised at how many famous twins exist. You can choose names from popular musicians, actors, celebrities, and even names of 90s sitcom stars. At the very least, you know these names go well together!

Famous Girl Twin Names

Dip into the past with famous girl twin names like Tia and Tamara Mowry or channel a more modern pair like Brie and Nikki Bella. 198. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Mary-Kate and Ashley, also known as the Olsen Twins, are most famous for interchangeably playing the role of Michelle Tanner in the 1990s sitcom Full House. Today, they’re better known for their work in the fashion industry. 199. Barbara and Jenna Bush. Jenna and Barbara are the daughters of former president George W. Bush, the only U.S. president to have twins. 200. Brie and Nikki Bella. Nikki and Brie performed with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) network and competed as “The Bella Twins” from 2008 to 2011. 201. Malika and Khadijah Haqq. Khadijah and Malika are twin sisters known for their friendship with the Kardashian family. Today, both work as actresses. 202. Tamara and Tia Mowry. If you were a fan of the 1990s sitcom Sister, Sister, you might love this duo for your twin girls! Tia plays the straitlaced sister, and Tamara plays the more impulsive sister.

Famous Boy Twin Names

From pop-rock musicians like Benji and Joel Madden to Disney stars like Cole and Dylan Sprouse, famous boy twin names come from diverse backgrounds. 203. Benji and Joel Madden. Twins Joel and Benji are the vocals behind the American pop-rock band Good Charlotte. They started the band together—just the two of them—in 1995. 204. Cole and Dylan Sprouse. Disney fans might like the twin boy names Dylan and Cole, actors who played Zack and Cody Martin in the Emmy-nominated show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. 205. James and Oliver Phelps. James and Oliver are English actors known for playing Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter film series. 206. Kenny and Keith Lucas. Keith and Kenny, also known as The Lucas Brothers, are the brains behind the Academy Award–nominated film Judas and the Black Messiah. They’ve written and produced several other works, including the animated series Lucas Bros. Moving Co. 207. Ronde and Tiki Barber. If you’re a fan of American football, you might like the boy twin names Ronde and Tiki, who played in the National Football League (NFL). Tiki was a running back for the New York Giants, and Ronde a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Famous Boy and Girl Twin Names

Leave it to the singers, actors, and children of some of the world’s favorite celebrities to give us adorable boy and girl names that go together! 208. Aaron and Angel Carter. Aaron is a pop and hip-hop singer whereas Angel is a model. They’re both siblings of Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys. 209. Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi. For famous twin names with an Italian twist, consider Giovanni and Marissa, both actors. Giovanni is known for his work in the TV show My Name Is Earl and the Avatar films, whereas Marissa is known for the film Dazed and Confused and several TV shows. 210. Hunter and Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett is certainly more famous than her twin brother Hunter, but they’ve both found a career in acting. 211. Sir and Rumi Carter. Although not quite famous on their own yet, Sir and Rumi are the twin children of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, so surely their future holds promise. 212. Spencer and Peyton List. Another acting duo, twins Spencer and Peyton are known for numerous roles in movies and TV shows. You might recognize Spencer from the series Fringe or The Fosters, whereas Peyton is known for Bunk’d and Cobra Kai roles.

Twin Names With Similar Meanings

Some creative twin names for boys and girls come with the same or similar meanings. It might not be evident that they are matching twin names, but their special meanings will connect your little ones.

Twin Girl Names With Similar Meanings

If you select names with stoic meanings like “noble” or more whimsical meanings like “rainbow,” your baby girls could have matching twin names without even realizing it. 213. Alice, Arya. Alice comes from Adelaide, which means “noble,” and Arya is a Persian name also meaning “noble.” 214. Anya, Anouk. Anya is a Russian diminutive of Anna, and Anouk a French one. Therefore, both Anya and Anouk mean “favor, grace.” 215. Badra, Luna. An Arabic girls’ name, Badra means “full moon,” and Luna is a Latin name simply meaning “the moon.” 216. Bella, Linda. Mix a cool, modern name like Bella with a classic like Linda for your twin girls! Both mean “beautiful.” 217. Citlali, Estella. From the Uto-Aztecan language family in Central Mexico, Citlali means “star,” In Latin, the name Estella also means “star.” 218. Eve, Zoe. Eve is a Hebrew name meaning “to live, to breathe,” and Zoe is the Greek translation of Eve, meaning “life.” 219. Irene, Salome. Irene derives from Greek and Salome from Hebrew. If you like the meaning “peace,” you can opt for these beautiful twin girl names. 220. Keshet, Iris. These two monikers both mean “rainbow,” with Keshet being a Hebrew name and Iris a Greek name.

Boy Twin Names With Similar Meanings

Match your twin baby boys with names that have similar meanings, such as “brave” and “lion.” 221. Aden, Keegan. Aden and Keegan are both Irish names meaning “little fire.” 222. Andrew, Charles. For a simple meaning for twin boys, consider Andrew and Charles, which both mean “man.” 223. Bruno, Duncan. If your twin boys are little brunettes, perhaps you’d like names that mean “brown.” Bruno is a German name, and Duncan is Scottish Gaelic. 224. Casey, Everett. Meaning “vigilant” and “brave,” respectively, Casey and Everett are very cute options for baby boy twin names. Casey derives from Irish and Everett from German. 225. Leo, Lev. Leo is the Latin word for “lion.” If you’d like your twin boys to be little lions, you can pair Leo with Lev, which also means “lion.”

Boy and Girl Twin Names With Similar Meanings

What are matching twin names that are also unique? For boy-girl twin names, you could consider names such as these that have similar meanings. Again, your little ones might not have names that match in an obvious way, but you’ll know their special connection. 226. Vito, Ava. Vito is a Roman name originating from the Latin word vita, meaning “life.” Ava, a name derived from Eve, means “to live” and “to breathe.” 227. David, Amy. These two names both mean “beloved” and are truly classic American names. David is a Hebrew name, and Amy is a beautiful French girls’ name. 228. Felix, Abigail. For your happy babies, you could choose the names Felix and Abigail, which mean “happy” and “joy,” respectfully. Felix is a Latin name, and Abigail is Hebrew. 229. Fiore, Pua. Names of twins that mean “flower” are quite rare when you have a boy and a girl. You’ll have to dip into the Italian language for your boy, as Fiore means “flower.” You have plenty of options for your girl, but we love the Hawaiian girls’ name Pua. 230. Helios, Marisol. Helios is a Greek name that means “sun,” whereas Marisol is a Spanish girls’ name that means “sea and sun.” 231. Jesse, Gia. Jesse is a Hebrew name, and Gia is an Italian girls’ name. Your little pair is truly a gift, so why not give them names with the meaning “gift.” 232. Leonard, Ariel. A German name, Leonard means “brave lion,” and Ariel, a Hebrew name, means “lion of God.” 233. Richard, Erica. Richard is a Germanic name meaning “brave ruler.” To match this meaning, you could opt for Erica, an Old Norse name that means “ever ruler.” 234. Ryan, Reagan. If you’re looking for royal baby names, consider giving your pair those with the meaning “little king,” like Ryan and Reagan, which are both Irish names.

Unisex Twin Names

Gender-neutral baby names are great options for twins. You can choose two unisex twin names that you love and not worry about whether you’re having twin girls, twin boys, or a boy/girl pair. And as a bonus, with unisex names, you can choose who receives which moniker after getting to know your babies a little better! 235. Alex, Avery 236. Andy, Casey 237. Bailey, Blaire 238. Blake, Jesse 239. Briar, Greer 240. Devin, Drew 241. Elliott, Lake 242. Jesse, Julian 243. Kameron, Kit 244. Lennon, London 245. Max, Morgan 246. Nicky, Noel 247. Parker, Sam 248. Perry, Terry 249. Rory, Tory 250. Taylor, Wren

International Twin Names

Choosing international names can be another creative and unique option for twin names, as well as an excellent way to honor your heritage. Perhaps your family has Irish roots or hails from Latin America; or maybe you have Italian blood or come from an Arabic-speaking country. Regardless, we’ve included several cute international name combos for twins!

International Girl Twin Names

Choose beautiful Italian girl names like Gia and Ida or go for unique options like Ren and Rina in Japanese or Basia and Dosia in Polish.

International Boy Twin Names

So many international names are cute choices, including French boy names like Gilles and Gustav or the Swedish Per and Otto.

International Boy and Girl Twin Names

Matching twin girl and boy names can also be from the same heritage, such as the Arabic boys’ name Zain and girl name Zahra.

Tips for Choosing Twin Names

There are many different strategies for choosing the best twin names. To help you out, we’ve included a few tips based on popular twin baby-naming methods: types of twins (fraternal or identical), matching names, rhyming names, and waiting to meet your little ones.

Types of Twins

To start, consider what type of twins you’re having: two girls, two boys, or a boy-girl pair. Do you know the babies' sex yet? Once you know, it might be a little easier to narrow down your choices. Our list includes options for each type of twin pairing.

Matching or Rhyming Names

When having twins, it’s tempting to go with matching first letters or rhyming baby names, like Josh and John or Bailey and Hailey. These are excellent options, and many parents love the matching letters and sounds for twin names! Just keep in mind that sometimes, matching twin names can be difficult for you or your kiddos later on in life. For example, Madeline and Adeline are perfect matching twin names for girls, but they sound very similar. Imagine calling for Madeline, and Adeline shows up! If you use matching names, you might want to find a pair that still has a bit of differentiation, such as Lillian and Gillian or Cole and Joel. On another note, you might want to use different first letters to give your twins a sense of individuality. For example, though Josh and John are also excellent choices, you could try Tom and John to give your babies their own initial letters while still having a similar sound.

Getting to Know Your Twins

Another option for naming your baby twins is to get to know them first. Some parents prefer this method regardless of how many babies they’re having. You could pick out a few options and wait to meet your little duo before assigning names. Or you could go with gender-neutral options that you love and assign accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a baby name isn’t the easiest task, especially with so many wonderful options out there! So, if you’re trying to pick two baby names for your twins, you might not know where to start. We hope our list of unique, popular, cute, old-fashioned, famous, and rhyming twin names for girls and boys lends inspiration and helps you discover the perfect pair. Before you know it, your little ones will arrive and the adventure will begin!