Once Upon a Name…Baby Names Inspired By Classic Fairy Tales


Inspiration for baby names is all around us. Remember when we put together a list of last names that make great first names? Or names that are inspired by past presidents?

Have you considered the names of favorite fairy tale characters for your baby? If you were obsessed with a character from your favorite fairy tale book or movie that might be the perfect name for your soon-to-be bundle. Wouldn’t that make for a sweet story?

I love the idea of giving a child a name from a story that they can read and learn from. In all fairy tales there are lessons to be absorbed and character traits to take note of. I looked to my favorite fairy tales from their original story to their Disney version for name inspiration.

Beauty & The Beast

  • Belle: A character who shows bravery, love of reading and the ability to see true inner beauty. The perfect nick name would be Elle.

  • Maurice: The village inventor and devoted father to Belle. Could be a great name for a boy.

  • Chip: The boy turned teacup with the small crack who befriends Belle and looks up to her. Chip is such a sweet character in the Disney version of the tale.

  • Claudette, Laurette and Paulette: Remember the trio of beautiful women who fawn over Gaston? While I wouldn’t suggest you name triplets this (wouldn’t that be a mouthful?) individually the names are beautiful.


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Jack & The Beanstalk

  • Jack: A solid and classic name that seems to be a very popular name right now. Isn’t the moral of this tale to listen to your mother? A wise lesson to learn to instill at a young age.

Hansel & Gretel

  • Hansel: The brother in the sibling duo who helps outsmart the witch to save their lives. A cute and unique name for a boy. Hans could be used as a nickname!

  • Gretel: In the story, Gretel is a strong female character who overcomes the evil witch. She was a character of great strength and resourcefulness.

Sleeping Beauty

  • Aurora: The princess of the tale in which love wins. This name means natural light you see in the sky. A beautiful and bright name for a girl.

  • Phillip: A classic and regal name fit for a prince, just like in this story. A cute nickname would be Phil.

  • Flora: One of the three fairy godmothers who uses her magical powers to help Princess Aurora and Prince Philip. Such a sweet name for a girl.

  • Leah: The queen and also Aurora’s mom. While this isn’t a uncommon name if you love this story and the name it would make for a great reason why you named your baby this.

  • Stefan: The king and dotting father to Aurora. I love the name and spelling for a boy.

  • Hubert: Also a king, but he was Phillip’s father. An old-school name that is asking for a comeback.


  • Jiminy: Remember the beloved cricket with the conscience? A meaningful option for a boy name. While it’s rather unique, it quite a strong name for your little one.

  • Cleo: The bubbly personality goldfish, which also serves as a feminine name that isn’t too mainstream.

  • Figaro: The cat in the tale who is easily angered but deep down has a heart of gold.


  • Rapunzel: The girl who preserved with patience and persistence. If this was your daughter’s name wouldn’t it be a requirement that she has long hair?

  • Eugene: The love interest of Rapunzel who is better known as Flynn Rider. All 3 names lend themselves to be adorable boy names.


  • Ella: Does this name really need any explanation? The perfect ode to the main character of this fantasy tale. Perfect name for any princess.

  • Jacques & Gus: The two mice that serve as Cinderella’s sidekicks. Perfect for twins too!

  • Duke: The grand duke in the tale is the king’s right hand man who organized the fall for Prince Charming to meet and marry a woman.

  • Bruno: A bloodhound who is Cinderella’s pet dog, a friend of the mice and an enemy to the cat Lucifer.

  • Major: The horse that lives with Cinderella and also a friend of the mice. He is transformed into a coachman by the fairy godmother so that Cinderella can attend the ball. Love this name for a boy.

There are so many places you can look for inspiration when naming your baby girl or boy. If you’re a lover of literature and classic fairy tales, there are so many stories you can get lost in to find the perfect name for your upcoming arrival so that you can all live happily every after.

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