50+ Beautiful Hawaiian Girl Names and Their Meanings

There’s something special about Hawaiian girl names, which can be as pretty and unique as the islands themselves. Hawaiian girl names have beautiful meanings and may be an appealing choice for your daughter, whether you hail from the stunning archipelago, have a connection to Hawai’i, or just love the way these names sound. Some Hawaiian names are even easy to pronounce—we promise! Choose your favorite from our list of more than 50 island names for girls.

Traditional Hawaiian Naming Process

Perhaps you’re drawn to Hawaiian names for your baby girl because of their beautiful sounds and cute meanings. The significance of Hawaiian names is no coincidence, as the traditional process of naming a child is just as unique as the monikers themselves. In Hawaiian culture, a name is considered a precious possession, so there are three distinct ways to name a baby:

  • Inoa pō. This is the traditional process of receiving a name through a family member’s dream.

  • Inoa hō‘ailona. This is the process of receiving a name through signs, such as in a vision, a flight of birds, or a shape in the clouds, for example.

  • Inoa ‘ūlāleo. With this process, you child receives a name through voice, such as in the wind.

Hawaiian culture dictates that if you receive a name in this manner, the child must receive it. If not, your baby could become ill until given the proper name! Of course, not all modern-day Hawaiians follow these traditions, but it’s fun and worthwhile to know about them.

Other traditional ways of selecting Hawaiian baby names for girls or boys include:

  • Inoa ho‘omana‘o. This naming process preserves history, as the names commemorate past events.

  • Inoa kūamuamu. This is a name given to a child to ward off evil spirits.

  • Inoa kupana. This process includes names handed down from ancestors.

  • Inoa ewe. These are names given to babies based on personality traits.

Despite these fun and unique traditions, today, Hawaiians name their baby girls whatever they want.


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Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

Although Hawaiian baby names for girls don’t typically top the list of the most popular names in the United States, there are some staples that are quite common in Hawai’i. The following are the top Hawaiian girl names in the United States.

Hawaiian Girl Names With Cute and Pretty Meanings

There is no shortage of cute and pretty Hawaiian baby girl names. Vowels dominate Hawaiian and every syllable ends on a vowel (besides borrowed words). This creates very pretty sounds that flow in a gentle pattern, resulting in beautiful Hawaiian girl names. Plus, names are all about their meanings, and these island names for girls have the sweetest backgrounds.

Hawaiian Girl Names With Flower Meanings

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that many Hawaiian baby girl names have flower origins, as the islands are covered with (and known for) dense, tropical plant life with gorgeous blooms! And, yes, Lei is on the list; it’s just one of many floral names for girls.

Hawaiian Girl Names With Strong and Unique Meanings

All Hawaiian names, whether female, male, or unisex, have distinctive meanings. Here you’ll find some strong and unique baby girl names with powerful backstories and associations.

Hawaiian Versions of English Girl Names

Perhaps you have a classic name in mind or want to name your baby after a relative with an English name. In that case, there are a few Hawaiian versions of traditional English baby girl names.

The Bottom Line

Hawai’i is a beautiful place with unique and strong customs and culture. When you’re thinking about choosing a baby name, it’s helpful to look at names of women from many places, including Hawaiian or island names. Use our list to expand your options or inspire new ideas! You can also get some new inspiration from our list of Asian girl names.

And, of course, if you’re Hawaiian or have a connection to the culture, this is the perfect list of baby girl names. Many names are unisex, so you can also read about Hawaiian boy names.

If you’re still on the fence or need even more inspiration, check out our Baby Name Generator to create custom searches and find that perfect moniker for your little one! Or, get help from your community by throwing a baby naming party.