Your new baby deserves all the fanfare and celebration of a royal baby, so why not bestow a fitting name, too? Royal babies always capture our imaginations and hearts, so it's only natural to look to real prince names and princess names for inspiration.

Royal baby names are usually chosen for their strength, historical significance, and their ability to endure throughout generations. If you want a name for your child that will stand the test of time, see our list below of the perfect prince and princess baby names.

Simply click on any of these royal names for boys or girls to learn more about its history and famous bearers.

The world's monarchies may not have as much influence as they used to, but not where baby names are concerned! We hope you've found a regal choice for your new baby from our list, but if you're still searching, you may find something more modern among our list of the top baby names for 2017.

And, if you want to share the joy and fun of naming your baby, check out our guide to hosting a baby naming party.

Finally, have a look at our Baby Name Generator. This tool makes browsing and choosing names easy, as you search by gender, first letter, and even popularity. Enjoy!

*The names included in this article were obtained from the US Social Security Administration website.