Top 180 English and British Boy Names and Their Meanings

Welcome to the captivating world of British and English boy names, where tradition, elegance, and diversity intertwine. We delve into a rich tapestry of names that reflect the cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. From popular, classic, and royal baby names to modern, cool, and unique options, discover the perfect name to bestow upon your little prince with these British and English names and their meanings.

Popular British Boy Names

With many British boy names appearing in the list of top names in the United States, you’re sure to recognize many of these common male monikers from the UK. So, keep up with the latest trends and try one of these popular British boy names.

1. Noah. On the top spot in Britain is this common male name that’s not only popular with the British but is also the number 2 boys’ name in the United States. This popular Hebrew boys’ name means “rest,” bringing to mind the biblical story of Noah and the Ark.

2. Oliver. Oliver is a popular name in Britain that became common in medieval times. With its roots in Latin, meaning “olive tree,” Oliver carries associations of peace, strength, and wisdom.

3. George. This is a beloved and enduring name in Britain that holds deep historical and royal significance. Derived from the Greek name Georgios, meaning “farmer” or “earthworker,” George has been associated with strength, bravery, and patriotism. With several prominent British kings bearing this boys’ name, George continues to be a popular choice.

4. Arthur. Steeped in legend and myth, Arthur is an appealing and classic British boys’ name. Associated with the legendary King Arthur, this name carries a sense of chivalry, heroism, and nobility.

5. Muhammad. Muhammad is a widely chosen name in Britain, reflecting a diverse and multicultural society. With Muhammad being an important religious figure in Islam, it’s a name that holds deep religious and cultural significance.

6. Leo. Having steadily gained popularity in Britain over the years, Leo conveys a sense of strength and vitality. Derived from the Latin word for “lion,” and with its short and impactful sound, Leo carries a modern and energetic appeal.

7. Harry. This beloved and enduring British name for boys has a sense of charm and charisma. As a diminutive form of Henry, Harry has a friendly and approachable quality. It gained even more popularity with the rise of Prince Harry, bringing an air of royalty and modernity to the name and, of course, the magical Harry Potter.

8. Oscar. Stylish and internationally recognized, Oscar has roots in Old Irish, meaning “deer friend,” and ties to Irish mythology. Alternatively, it may also have Scandinavian or Old English origins.

9. Archie. Endearing and cheerful, this popular British boys’ name has captured the hearts of many Brits. Derived from the name Archibald, Archie has a friendly and playful character and means “genuine” and “brave.” It has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, in part due to its association with the young royal, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

10. Henry. Here you have a classic and timeless British name that exudes regality and sophistication. With its origins in Germanic roots, Henry means “ruler.” It has been a popular and common boys’ name throughout British history, borne by kings and esteemed male figures. It’s perfect for your own little king!


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Unique and Uncommon British and English Names for Boys

Discover our collection of unique boy names, each with its own distinct charm and meaning. From the elegant sophistication of Barclay to the Celtic allure of Cavan, these uncommon British and English boy names with unique meanings evoke a sense of individuality and intrigue, making them perfect choices for those seeking something truly distinctive.

11. Balfour. If you like Scottish boy names, this unique moniker comes from a Scottish surname, which itself was derived from place names meaning “village” and “pasture.”

12. Barclay. The name Barclay is another uncommon British boys’ name of Scottish origin. It means “birch tree meadow,” combining the symbolic meaning of the birch tree (representing renewal and growth) with the tranquility of a meadow.

13. Cavan. Cavan is a unique English name for boys that originally comes from the Irish county of Cavan. It means “handsome” or “comely” and signifies attractiveness and charm.

14. Ebenezer. If you like unique baby names, you may recognize this interesting English name for boys’ from Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. But Ebenezer is, in fact, a Hebrew name meaning “stone of help.” It holds a strong biblical association and conveys the idea of relying on a solid foundation or divine assistance.

15. Edison. Edison is a modern and innovative British boys’ name, reminiscent of the famous inventor Thomas Edison. It means “son of Eda” or “son of Adam.”

16. Gallagher. This name comes from an Irish surname-turned-first-name, which originated from the Gaelic word gallchobhair, meaning "foreign helper" or "foreign warrior." Gallagher is also the surname of the musicians Liam and Noel from the British band Oasis.

17. Gladwin. This uncommon British boys’ name has the adorable and upbeat meaning of “bright,” “cheerful,” and “friend.”

18. Neville. Neville is a distinguished British boys’ name derived from an Old French surname meaning “new town.” If you’re a fan of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom is a loyal friend of Harry’s.

19. Newton. This unique English name for boys originates from an Old English surname meaning “new town.” Namesakes include Sir Isaac Newton, the renowned physicist and mathematician who formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

20. Piers. The name Piers is a charming and distinctive British male name of Old English origin, meaning “rock” or “stone.” It’s a medieval form of the common boys’ name Peter.

More Unique and Uncommon British and English Names for Boys

There are so many rare English and British boy names to choose from that we just had to add a few more:

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Classic and Old-English Boy Names

Step into the realm of classic and Old English boy names, which harken back to a bygone era, exuding strength and nobility. Keep reading for an inspiring list of old-fashioned boy names.

31. Aldous. Containing the Old English element ald, meaning “old,” this unique boys’ name has been around since the Middle Ages. Aldous Huxley, a British author, bore this name.

32. Alfred. With the cool meaning of “elf counsel,” this Old English baby boys’ name was borne by the ninth-century king and scholar Alfred the Great. If you’re a fan of classic movies, you may be reminded of the film director Alfred Hitchcock.

33. Cuthbert. Meaning “familiar” and “bright,” Cuthbert is a unique Old English name for boys. It belonged to a sixth-century saint and hermit who was known for his healing powers.

34. Earl. Your baby boy doesn’t need to be an aristocrat to bear this Old English name. Meaning “nobleman” or “warrior,” this short, strong name wouldn’t seem out of place in the modern world.

35. Edwin. Borne by a seventh-century king of Northumbria (now northern England and south-east Scotland) and the second man to walk on the moon, Edwin Aldrin, this Old English name for boys is an inspiring choice. It means “rich friend.”

36. Hamilton. This name comes from a Scottish and English surname meaning “crooked hill.” You may also recognize this Old English boys’ name from Alexander Hamilton, which is now a famous musical about the Founding Fathers.

37. Milton. This classic Old English name means “mill town” and was derived from a place name in England. John Milton, who wrote the epic poem Paradise Lost, is a famous namesake.

38. Norton. If you hail from a northern town or state, why not choose this Old English boys’ name that simply means “north town?”

39. Oakley. Oakley is a cool-sounding Old English name for males that could easily fit a modern baby boy. It means “oak clearing” and is also used as a gender-neutral name.

40. Stanley. Meaning “stone clearing” in Old English, this classic boys’ name is still familiar today, with namesakes such as movie director Stanley Kubrick and a character in A Streetcar Named Desire.

More Classic and Old English Boy Names

If you loved going back in time with those Old English boy names, we’ve got more for you:

Cool and Modern English and British Boy Names

Cool and modern British and English boy names are ones that exude style and individuality. From the charismatic Aidan to the edgy Bowie, discover a collection of names that effortlessly blend coolness with British charm.

51. Aidan. Cool and modern, this common British boys’ name has Irish origins, meaning “little fire.” It gained popularity in the late 20th century.

52. Beckham. Beckham is a trendy and contemporary British and English name for males that gained prominence due to the fame of soccer player David Beckham. It carries a sense of sporty charisma and style, making it a popular choice if you’re seeking a name with a touch of athletic flair.

53. Bowie. Are you a music lover? If so, you could go with this cool and edgy English boys’ name that's inspired by the legendary musician David Bowie. It has a distinctive and artistic vibe, reflecting creativity and individuality.

54. Camden. Camden is a modern British boys’ name derived from a place name in London, the vibrant and trendy Camden Town. In Old English, it means “enclosed valley.” It's a popular choice if you’re seeking a name that captures the essence of a lively city.

55. Darcy. Here you have a cool English boys’ name with aristocratic roots, made famous by Jane Austen's character Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. It embodies sophistication and charm with a modern touch as a first name.

56. Darwin. Darwin is a cool English name for boys associated with the renowned scientist Charles Darwin, known for his theory of evolution. It represents curiosity, scientific exploration, and a forward-thinking mindset for your future scientist!

57. Huxley. Meaning “woodland clearing” in Old English, this modern and distinctive British boys’ name comes from the name of a town in Cheshire, England. It may bring to mind the notable writer Aldous Huxley.

58. Jones. This boys’ name that starts with J comes from an English and Welsh surname, which was derived from the given name John. It’s pretty common as a surname and makes a cool and trendy given name.

59. Keaton. This name is originally from an English surname that was derived from various place names in England, including Ketton in Rutland, Ketton in Durham, and Keaton in Devon. This modern British boys’ name possibly means “river town” in Old English.

60. Presley. Presley is a stylish and modern British boys’ name that became prominent due to Elvis Presley. If you enjoy old-school rock 'n' roll, this name might be a cool ode to Elvis!

More Cool and Modern English and British Boy Names.

Keep reading for more cool and modern British names for boys:

Royal and Traditional British Boy Names

Royal and traditional British boy names are steeped in history, evoking images of grandeur and sophistication from the men that carry them in England and Britain. From the distinguished Philip to the majestic Richard, these royal baby names embody the rich heritage and enduring legacy of the British monarchy.

71. Albert. The name Albert is a traditional and regal British boys’ name that means “noble” and “bright.” It has royal connections through Prince Albert, the beloved husband of Queen Victoria, known for his influential role in the Victorian era and his support of cultural and educational endeavors.

72. Burton. While not directly tied to royalty, Burton carries an air of timeless elegance and an old-fashioned British vibe for your baby boy. It’s a classic name that derives from a surname meaning “fortified town.”

73. Clarence. This noble and traditional British boys’ name means “bright” or “clear.” It holds royal connections through the title Duke of Clarence, which has been bestowed upon members of the British royal family throughout history.

74. Desmond. Desmond is a distinguished British boys’ name with Irish origins, meaning “from South Munster,” a region in Ireland. While not specifically tied to royalty, it has a sense of refinement, evoking images of ancient Celtic nobility.

75. Edward. If you’re seeking a classic and enduring British boys’ name derived from Old English, consider Edward. The name has deep royal connections, having been given to several English kings, including Edward the Confessor, and the current Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. It means “wealthy guardian” or “prosperous protector.”

76. Fitzroy. This rare British boys’ name has interesting royal connections. It’s composed of the Old French fitz, meaning “son of,” and the Norman-French roi, meaning “king,” and was commonly used for illegitimate sons of kings.

77. Howard. Derived from the Old English words for “brave” and “guardian,” this traditional British boys’ name has notable aristocratic associations, as it was borne by the Howard family, one of the most prominent noble families in English history.

78. Lorne. From the Scottish place name, Lorne, this royal British boys’ name belonged to the legendary king of Dál Riata, Loarn mac Eirc.

79. Philip. Philip is a timeless and regal British name derived from the Greek boys’ name Philippos, meaning “lover of horses.” It holds strong royal connections through Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

80. Richard. Here is an old-fashioned and royal British boys’ name originating from Old Germanic, meaning “brave ruler” or “powerful leader.” It has royal associations through various English kings named Richard, including Richard the Lionheart, known for his military prowess during the Crusades.

More Royal and Traditional British Boy Names

Why not crown your little king with one of these royal British boy names:

Cute English and British Boy Names

Step into a world of cute and endearing English and British boy names, where sweetness and charm are aplenty. These names capture hearts with their delightful sounds and meanings. From the whimsical Elton to the gentle Ennis, explore a collection of names that add an extra dose of cuteness to any little one's personality.

91. Blake. Meaning “black” in Old English, why not use this cute boys’ name for your dark-haired little man? Or honor a favorite poet, William Blake.

92. Chester. Chester is an endearing English boys’ name with a cute and friendly vibe. It was originally used for people from Chester, a city and old Roman settlement in England.

93. Clark. This cute and timeless English name for boys originated as an occupational surname, meaning “scribe” or “clerk.” It’s great for your clever and diligent young boy.

94. Devon. If you love the English county of Devon, this cute English boys’ name might be a lovely choice. It may also derive from the Celtic word for “poet,” symbolizing creativity and artistic expression.

95. Elton. Elton is a cute British boys’ name derived from the Old English words meaning “elf” and “enclosure” or “settlement.” A famous bearer is musician Elton John.

96. Ennis. This sweet and gentle English boys’ name originates from the Irish surname meaning “island” or “one choice.” If you like Irish boy names, this one signifies peace, tranquility, and a connection to nature.

97. Gary. Gary is a cute and down-to-earth English boys’ name that can be a diminutive of Gareth, a traditional British name. It’s derived from the Welsh name Gweirydd, meaning “gentle” or “kind.”

98. Glenn. From the Gaelic word gleann, meaning “valley,” this name signifies natural beauty, tranquility, and a deep connection to the earth.

99. Jameson. If your little one’s father is named James, this may be a cute way to honor him with a name meaning “son of James.”

100. Marvin. This one may originate from the Old Welsh name Merfyn, meaning “sea” and “noble” or “wish,” or from the Old English name Mærwine, meaning “famous friend.” It’s a relatively common name in Britain and the United States, with the musician Marvin Gaye adding to the appealing nature of this cute British boys’ name.

More Cute English and British Boy Names

Everyone loves a cute baby name, so we’ve kept our list of English and British options going with a few more below!

Strong British Boy Names

These powerful boy names offer a sense of strength and noble heritage, stirring up images of courageous warriors and influential leaders. From the formidable Logan to the regal Stuart, these strong British boy names are worthy choices for your son.

111. Brennan. Meaning “descendant of Braonán” from an Irish surname, this name has a strong and resilient vibe.

112. Bruce. The name Bruce is a strong and iconic British boys’ name from Scotland that means “from the brushwood thicket.” It represents strength and bravery, famously associated with Robert the Bruce, the Scottish king who led the country to independence in the fourteenth century.

113. Douglas. Another sturdy Scottish name is Douglas. It’s derived from a Gaelic river name meaning “dark water.”

114. Gordon. Gordon is a strong and distinguished Scottish name that signifies “great hill” or “spacious fort.” A famous namesake is Gordon Ramsay, the British chef and television personality.

115. Kane. Derived from the Irish name Cathán, meaning “battle” in Old Irish, this modern and British version is a short and strong option for your baby boy.

116. Keith. Used as the surname for a long line of Scottish nobles, this strong and traditional British boys’ name means “wood.”

117. Logan. The name Logan is a strong and resilient Scottish name that means “small hollow.” It is associated with determination and courage and is also the name of the character Wolverine from the X-Men comic books and movies.

118. Nelson. Meaning “son of Neil,” from an English surname, this strong British boys’ name was originally used to honor British admiral Horatio Nelson and his leadership during the Battle of Trafalgar. Adding to the strength of this name is Nelson Mandela.

119. Scott. Scott is a strong and timeless British boys’ name derived from the Scottish surname, meaning “from Scotland” or “wanderer.” A notable namesake is the historical novelist Sir Walter Scott.

120. Stuart. If you like boy names that start with S, here’s another one! This robust and noble British boys’ name originates from the Scottish royal House of Stuart. It carries a regal aura and symbolizes leadership and influence.

More Strong British Boy Names

Invoke strength of mind, body, and heart with more of these strong British boy names:

Even More British and English Baby Boy Names

With cute options like Baxter, cool names like Grayson, and unique monikers like Agernon, we had to keep our list going. Here are 50 more British and English names for boys, all excellent choices for your baby!

The Bottom Line

We hope you have gained inspiration for naming your little bundle of joy. Whether you gravitate toward tradition or the modern charm of contemporary choices, the range of British and English monikers offers a name to suit every taste and preference. But if you’re still searching, you might enjoy our list of German boys’ names for some extra inspiration.

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