Top Baby Boy Names That Start With S

If you have a family tradition of picking baby boy names starting with S, or just think there’s something special about S names for boys, you’ve come to the right place. From popular names to rarer ones, check out these great names that start with S for boys to help you find the right pick for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start With S

Some names are popular for a reason, and these top 10 S names for boys in the United States are a great place to start on your baby-naming journey. Check out the most popular boy names that start with S to see if your perfect baby name is among them. 1. Sebastian. This Latin name literally means “from Sebaste,” a town in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey). In Greek, the name can also mean “venerable.” After a third-century saint was martyred, the boys’ name became very popular, rising in usage after the Protestant Reformation, especially in medieval Europe. In the United States, the name began its ascent to the no. 1 spot for S boy names in the 1990s. 2. Samuel. From the Hebrew name either meaning “name of God” or “God has heard,” this boys’ name appears in the Old Testament, in which Samuel played an important figure. The name has been consistently popular since the nineteenth century. Famous bearers of the name include English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Irish writer Samuel Beckett, and American actor Samuel L. Jackson. 3. Santiago. In Spanish, this boys’ name means "Saint James," the patron saint of Spain. This is also the name of the capital city of Chile, among other cities in the Spanish-speaking world. 4. Silas. This boys’ name could either be a short form of the Roman name Silvanus or a Greek version of the Hebrew name Saul. It appears in the New Testament as Silas, a companion to Saint Paul. The name rose in popularity after the Protestant Reformation. 5. Sawyer. Originally an English surname that means “sawer of wood,” this boys’ name eventually became a first name after the 1980s and got a boost in 2004 after a character has this name on the TV series Lost. 6. Steven. This is the more popular medieval English variant of Stephen, which means “crown” or “wreath.” Filmmaker Steven Spielberg is a famous bearer of the name. 7. Simon. You’ll find this biblical boys' name in both the Old and New Testaments. It has both a Hebrew and Greek background and means “he has heard.” The boys’ name became popular after the Protestant Reformation, dipped for a while in rankings, but is slowly making its way back up the charts. 8. Spencer. This boys’ name was originally a surname, most famously as the maiden name of Princess Diana. Derived from Middle English, it means “dispenser of provisions,” where the word spense means “pantry.” The name first became popular as a first name after actor Spencer Tracy. 9. Stephen. Stephen comes from the Greek name Stephanos, meaning "crown” or “wreath,” or more accurately, “that which surrounds.” Saint Stephen was considered the first Christian martyr, and it’s because of him this name became so common. Famous Stephens include horror writer Stephen King and British physicist Stephen Hawking. 10. Sean. This is the Anglicized form of the Irish boys’ name Seán. Other variants you’ll find on this list include Shawn and Shaun. The name became popular outside of Ireland in the middle of the twentieth century. Celebrities with this moniker include Sean Connery, Sean Patrick Harris, and Sean Penn.

Common Boy Names That Start With S

If you’re looking for a common moniker that starts with S, then you might like these old-fashioned boy names that many consider standard and more earthy. 11. Sam. Often used as a short form for the biblical S boys’ names Samuel or Samson, Sam also has Persian roots and means “dark.” Feel free to choose whichever origin story you like most! 12. Scott. From an English and Scottish surname that meant “Gaelic speaker,” this name eventually became a common given name. In the 1970s, it reached its peak in the United States. 13. Seth. Meaning “placed” or “appointed” in Hebrew, this name first appeared in the Old Testament. Seth is the third son of Adam and Eve and the ancestor of Noah. Famous Seths include actors Seth MacFarlane and Seth Rogen. 14. Shane. The Anglicized form of the Irish boys’ name Seán, this is the more common spelling of the name in the United Kingdom. 15. Shawn. Another Anglicized form of the Irish boys’ name Seán, this is the most common spelling of the name in the United States and Canada. It’s no wonder, considering Canadian singer Shawn Mendes has this name! 16. Silvester. Originally a Roman name, Silvester means “of the forest.” It was used by three popes and has been quite a common moniker ever since the Middle Ages. If you like names that connect to nature, you might consider Hawaiian boy names. 17. Sonny. This cute and common nickname means son, but it’s also a great choice for a standalone name. 18. Stanley. Originally an English surname meaning “stone clearing,” Stanley eventually made its way to become a given name. A famous bearer of the name was filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. 19. Stuart. This Scottish name was originally used by someone with the occupation of steward, as it literally means “house” and “guard.” It rose in popularity after the nineteenth-century royal family, The Stuarts, and has been quite a common name since then. You may also see it spelled Stewart. 20. Sullivan. From an Irish surname Ó Súileabháin, this given boys’ name derived from the Irish words for “eye” and “dark, black.” Before the 1990s, the name was uncommon in the United States, but it shot up in popularity after the animated movie Monsters, Inc.

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Unique Boy Names That Start With S

If you’re searching for a unique boy name, then you might like these uncommon and unusual boy names that start with S.

31. Sandeep. This is a variant spelling of the Sanskrit name Sandip, which means “blazing”—what a unique definition for your baby boy’s name. 32. Sandro. This is both the Italian and Georgian short form for the name Allesandro, or what you may recognize in English as Alexander. A famous Sandro was the Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. 33. Séamas. This is the Irish form of the name James, which looks more obvious when you consider the Latin origin of the name is spelled Iacomus. 34. Sequoia. This refers to the huge trees that grow in California. Still, it’s also a name popularized by a nineteenth-century Cherokee scholar known as Sequoyah or, more commonly, George Guess. 35. Sevastian. This is a rare and more unique Russian version of the S boys’ name Sebastian, which is no. 1 on our list. 36. Shahjahan. This Persian name means “king of the world,” which is a great meaning for your little prince. It was also the name of the seventeenth-century Mughal emperor who famously built the Taj Mahal in India. 37. Shankara. In Sanskrit, this name means “auspicious, lucky” and “maker.” It’s also an epithet for the Hindu god Shiva. 38. Shenandoah. This Indigenous American name, specifically from the Oneida Nation, is a variant of the name Skenandoa, which translates to “deer.” It’s also the name of a tributary of the Potomac River, which runs through Virginia and West Virginia. 39. Sigmund. This German, English, and Old Norse name means “victory” and “protector.” A noteworthy bearer of the name was the Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud. 40. Stoyan. In Bulgarian, this unique S boys’ name means “to stand/stay.”

More Unique Boy Names That Start With S

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Biblical Boy Names That Start With S

Whether you are looking for a name from the Old or New Testament, you’ll find a range of boy names that start with S in the Bible. From Hebrew to Greek biblical names, here are some of our picks of biblical S letter names for boys.

51. Salah. This is a form of the biblical name Shelach from the Old Testament. It has a very sweet and nature-inspired meaning as “plant shoot, sprout” in Hebrew. 52. Salem. From the biblical town Shalem, the name means “complete, safe, peaceful” in Hebrew. Many places worldwide are named after the town, including the most famous one in Massachusetts. However, this name also makes a unique boys’ name starting with an S. 53. Samson. Derived from the Hebrew word shemesh, Samson means “sun.” Samson was known as a hero in the Old Testament, as he was gifted superhuman strength by God. Sadly, his story doesn’t end happily, but if you’re looking for a strong biblical boys’ name, this could be it! 54. Sargon. This Hebrew name has roots in the Akkadian name Sharru-ukin, which translates to “true/legitimate king.” It was the name of the first king of the Akkadian Empire in the twenty-fourth century BCE. It was also the name of the eighth century BCE Assyrian king, Sargon II. 55. Saul. From the Hebrew name Sha'ul, meaning “asked for, prayed for,” this was the name of the first king of Israel in the Old Testament. Saul was also the original Hebrew name of the apostle Paul in the New Testament. 56. Shemaiah. In Hebrew, this biblical name means “heard by Yahweh.” Many characters in the Old Testament go by this name, including a prophet. 57. Shiloh. Derived from a place name mentioned in the Old Testament, Shiloh means “tranquil” in Hebrew. In the Bible, it’s often used to refer to a person believed to be the Messiah. A famous Shiloh is the son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. 58. Silvanus. If you’re a fan of Roman mythology, you’ll be happy to know Silvanus was the god of forests. The name derives from the Latin word for forest, silva. 59. Simeon. The Greek form of the Hebrew name Shim'on, Simeon means “he has heard.” Simeon was the second son of Jacob and Leah in the Bible and one of the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. 60. Solomon. This Hebrew name originated from the Jewish greeting and word shalom, which means peace. As written in the Old Testament, Solomon was a king of Israel known for wisdom and wealth.

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Cool Boy Names That Start With S

From cool middle names for boys to names from Sanskrit, Old English, and more, you’ll find some cool boy names that start with S in this list.

71. Sanjay. This is the modern form of the Sanskrit name Sanjaya, which means “completely victorious” or “triumphant.” It’s also the name of a character in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. American neurosurgeon and TV personality Sanjay Gupta is a famous bearer of the name. 72. Shaquille. This variant of the Arabic name Shakil, which means “handsome,” was made famous by American basketball player Shaquille O'Neal. There’s a big cool factor in this baby boys’ name starting with an S! 73. Shelby. This unisex name is likely based on the name Selby, which translates to “willow farm” in Old Norse. Shelby tends to be used more often for girls, but why not change that statistic and choose this cool name for your baby boy? 74. Shepherd. This boys’ name is an occupational moniker meaning “sheepherder.” This would make a cool name for your baby boy, especially if your ancestors were herders. 75. Sidney. This unisex name is based on the surname Sidney, which means “wide island” in Old English. Commonly, this spelling is used more for boys, whereas the Sydney spelling is more common for girls. 76. Skyler. Skyler comes from the Dutch name Schuyler, which means “scholar.” The variant spelling of the moniker likely came about when names such as Tyler were coming up in the 1980s. The name is considered gender-neutral, but the variant spelling Skylar is often used for girls and Skyler for boys. 77. Slade. This name began as a surname in Old English and meant “valley.” It’s a cool name for a boy from a nature-loving family. 78. Sondre. This Norwegian name has roots in Old Norse and likely derives from the word sunn, which means “south.” The name has a very cool ring to it! 79. Sparrow. From the Old English word spearwa for the bird, this name could be a very cool name for your little boy, especially if you’re a family of bird lovers. Or, if you’re more into the Pirates of the Caribbean films, you might like this name because of the character Jack Sparrow! 80. Spike. Often used as a nickname for boys with spiky hair, Spike also works well as an edgy standalone name.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With S

International S Names for Boys

If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan baby boy name starting with S, a French baby boy name or international S letter names for a boy should help you get started.

91. Salvador. This name has roots in Portugal, Spain, and Catalonia. It derives from the Latin name Salvator, which means “savior” and refers to Jesus Christ. Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí is the best-known bearer of this name. 92. Salvatore. This is the Italian version of the name Salvador (Spanish and Portuguese) or Salvator (Latin). 93. Santana. Originally a surname, Santana derives from a place name referring to Saint Anna. A famous Santana is Mexican-American guitarist and songwriter Carlos Santana. 94. Santino. This is the diminutive of the Italian boys’ name Santo, which means “saint” in Italian, deriving from the Latin word sanctus. 95. Sergio. This Italian and Spanish baby boys’ name comes from the Roman surname Sergius, which means “servant.” 96. Sharif. This Arabic boys’ name means “eminent” or “virtuous.” Sharif was a title used by the descendants of Muhammad. Although used as his stage name, a famous Sharif was Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. 97. Shingo. This Japanese boys’ name has various meanings depending on the type of characters used. It can mean “real, genuine” or “prudent, careful.” 98. Shiva. In Sanskrit, this name means “benign, kind, auspicious” and was the name of the Hindu god of destruction and restoration—kind of ironic! But even though in Hinduism Shiva comes off as a little scary, he’s also considered a gentle being. 99. Soren. This Danish name is also spelled Søren and comes from the Latin names Severinus and Severus, which mean “stern.” A famous Soren in history was Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. 100. Stefan. This is another form of Stephen used in such languages as German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, and Serbian, among others.

More International Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Cute Boy Names That Start With S

From diminutives to names with a sweet meaning or sound, these boys’ names beginning with S are bound to put a smile on your face. Have a look at these cute boy names that start with S for your adorable little boy.

111. Salim. In Arabic, this boys’ name means “safe, sound, intact.” It derives from the word salima, which means “to be safe.” The name is both cute-sounding and has a very wholesome meaning. 112. Salvio. This is the Italian form of the Latin name Salvius, which means “safe.” Several early saints used the Latin name. 113. Sammy. This cute diminutive of Samuel or even Samson has biblical roots in Hebrew and means either “God’s name” or “God has heard.” It’s hard not to think of singer and comedian Sammy Davis, Jr. when you hear this cute boys’ name. 114. Samu. This is the shortened version of Samuel in Hungarian, Finnish, and Spanish. Samuel means “name of God” or “God has heard.” 115. Sander. This is the short form for Alexander in Dutch, Estonian, Danish, and Norwegian. The modern English boys’ names Zander and Xander also share some history with this unique spelling. 116. Sandy. As a diminutive for both Alexander and Alexandra, Sandy can work for both boys and girls. It’s also used as a name or nickname for someone who has sandy-colored hair, which could be perfect for your sandy-haired little boy. 117. Selig. As an alternative spelling for the Yiddish name Zelig, Selig has roots in the Hebrew name Asher. All three names mean “happy” or “blessed”—what a great meaning for your lucky little boy. 118. Sergey. The ancient Roman name Sergius is the originator of this Bulgarian and Russian boys’ name. The name likely means “servant” in Latin. Because of its humble meaning, two saints and four popes used the name. 119. Seti. This Ancient Egyptian name was used by two pharaohs and means “of Seth,” with Seth referring to the Egyptian god of chaos and the desert. Despite the hardline meaning, the name has a cute ring to it. 120. Simcha. This unisex name simply means “happiness” or “joy” in Hebrew, making it the cutest name for your delightful baby boy.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With S

Strong S Names for Boys

If strong is what you’re looking for, then this list of powerful boy names that start with S could be a good place to start! You’ll find names that sound mighty and brawny and those that have powerful meanings. 131. Sage. Choose from two different meanings for this boy’s name: sage, the spice, or sage as in a wise person.

132. Sláine. This Old Irish name means “health, safety.” The moniker has been used for both boys and girls since an Irish high king bore the name as well as a daughter of an eleventh-century king. Nothing conjures up strength more than a royal baby name. 133. Spartacus. In Latin, this name simply means “from the city of Sparta.” The best-known person by this name was a Thracian-born man who was enslaved by the Romans and then went on to lead a revolt. Now that’s bravery in the face of adversity! 134. Stafford. This name derives from the English city of Stafford. In Old English, the name means “wharf” or “landing place” and “ford,” which refers to a river crossing. The moniker would be perfect if you’re also looking for a boys’ name inspired by nature. 135. Stanislav. Used in Slavic languages, this name derives from the word stani, meaning “stand” or “become,” and slava meaning “glory.” It’s a name filled with power for your mighty son. 136. Sterling. Originally a Scottish surname, this boys’ name originated as the name of a city, Stirling. The name can also mean “excellent” in English or “little star,” the Old English meaning for sterling silver coins. No doubt your son will be more precious than silver! 137. Stetson. The meaning of this English boys’ name is unknown, but the word itself conjures up cowboys, as Stetson is one of the most well-known Western wear brands, including cowboy hats. 138. Stone. Originally a surname, this boys’ moniker comes from the Old English word stan, which literally means stone and refers to someone living near a prominent stone or a stone craftsman. The best-known Stone is the American TV reporter and broadcast journalist Stone Phillips. 139. Sultan. This Arabic boys’ name means “ruler,” “king,” or “sultan.” It’s normally used as a boys’ name, but in Turkey, it’s common for girls, too, making it a good option for a gender-neutral baby name. 140. Sutton. This boys’ name began as a surname in English, meaning “south town” or “southern farm.” If you have roots in the English countryside, you may like this S boys’ name or your son.

More Strong Boy Names That Start With S

Even More Baby Boy Names Starting With S

The Bottom Line

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