Top Baby Boy Names That Start With J

Want to know what are the best boy names that start with J? Whether you have a family tradition of picking baby boy names starting with J or you just like the way they look or sound. Have a look through these great J names for boys to see if you can find the right one for your little boy. From popular names to unique ones, and all kinds of J boy names, you’ll be sure to get inspired on your baby-name quest.

Popular Boy Names That Start With J

Some names are popular for a reason. Have a look at the top 10 J boy names in the United States to see if any of these names feel like a good fit.

1. James. James comes in at no. 1 as the most popular J name for boys in the United States, as it has never been out of the top 20 since 1880. It has its roots in the biblical boys' name Jacob, as James is the English form of the Latin Iacomus. It’s been in use in England since the thirteenth century, but it also became common in Scotland, and was in fact used by several Scottish kings. Famous Jameses include explorer Captain James Cook, Irish writer James Joyce, six American presidents, and in popular culture, the fictional British spy James Bond. More contemporary examples include actors James Franco and James Earl Jones, singer James Blunt, and director James Cameron.

2. Jacob. This biblical name, which means “supplanter” in Hebrew, has roots in the Old Testament, where Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebecca, and the father of the 12 founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. It was a common name among Jews in the Middle Ages (with James being used for Christians), but it became popular across the United States from the early 1970s. It’s a name that’s featured predominantly in popular culture, from the movie Jacob’s Ladder to Jacob in the Twilight Saga. Jacob Grimm, author from the Brother’s Grimm and actor Jacob Artist are some notable examples of then name.

3. Jackson. Jackson comes from the surname meaning “son of Jack” and became a popular given name. It’s most famous for people bearing this as a last name, like Michael Jackson, but as a first name there are some notable figures like artist Jackson Pollock, Chinese singer and rapper Jackson Wang, and American cat-whispering TV personality Jackson Galaxy.

4. Jack. Jack is actually a medieval diminutive of John (however, since the 1990s, it has surpassed John in popularity), although some say it could also be influenced by the French name Jacques (which has its roots in James). It cropped up a lot in nursery rhymes and is a common fairy tale name , like in Jack and the Beanstalk. Famous American writers Jack Kerouac and Jack London bore this name, along with actor Jack Nicholson.

5. Joseph. This biblical name has its roots in the Hebrew word meaning “he will add.” In the Old Testament, Joseph is the son of Jacob and Rachel, whose story became immortalized in the musical Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. In the New Testament, Joseph is the husband of Mary, and also the name given to Joseph of Arimathea. It’s been a popular boys’ name in the United States for more than a century, occupying the top 25 names since 1880. Famous Josephs include the founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith, Polish-British author Joseph Conrad, Austrian composer Joseph Haydn, and actors Joseph Fiennes and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

6. John. John means “Yahweh is gracious” in Hebrew, and the name appears a few times in the Bible, with John the Baptist and the apostle John in the New Testament. It’s been a name that’s been popular for centuries, with 21 popes and 8 Byzantine emperors, as well as several kings bearing this name. Poets John Milton and John Keats, philosopher John Locke, American president John F. Kennedy, musician John Lennon, and actors John Malkovich and John Travolta are famous examples with this name.

7. Julian. Julian has its roots in the Roman name Julius, meaning “downy-bearded” or “youthful.” It mostly came into use in England in the Middle Ages. Famous examples include The Strokes singer Julian Casablancas, actor Julian Sands, and WikiLeaks activist Julian Assange being notable examples of this name.

8. Jayden. This is a variant of Jaden, a name that was invented when names like Braden, Hayden, and Aidan were popular at the end of the twentieth century. However, since 2003, this spelling has been more popular. You’ll find many sportsmen with this name, like Australian rules footballer Jayden Schofield and American football player Jayden Reed. There are more examples for Jaden, like rapper and actor Jaden Smith.

9. Jaxon. Jaxon is an alternative spelling to Jackson which has gained popularity in recent years.

10. Josiah. Josiah comes from the Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh supports” and was the name of a king of Judah in the Old Testament. American author, abolitionist, and minister Josiah Henson, and British potter, entrepreneur and abolitionist Josiah Wedgwood were famous examples in history of this name.


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Unique Boy Names Starting With J

If you’re left wondering what are some unique boy names that start with J, then this list is a good place to start. These unique boy name should inspire you, as you’ll find interesting names from Japanese legend, Norse mythology, and interesting names from around the globe.

11. Jenő. This Hungarian name—pronounced “Yeh-nuu”—comes from the name of an ancient Hungarian tribe, but since the nineteenth century it’s been used as the Hungarian form of Eugene.

12. Jimmu. Jimmu means “divine warrior” in Japan and has its roots in Japanese mythology. According to Japanese legend, this was the name of the founder of Japan and the country’s first emperor who supposedly ruled from the seventh century B.C.E.

13. Jacopo. This is the Italian form of the name Jacob.

14. Jarlath. Jarlath is the anglicized form of Iarlaithe, which has roots in the Old Irish words meaning “ruler” or “sovereign.”

15. Jevgēņijs. This name—pronounced “Yev-gen-iis”—is the Latvian form of Eugene, which has its roots in the Greek word meaning “well born” and could be a great name to choose if you or your family have Latvian roots.

16. Jodocus. This rare name was mostly used a long time ago in the Netherlands and in medieval Brittany. It’s a Latinized form of Judoc, which meant “lord” in Breton. Fun fact: This name is the possibly the predecessor of the name Joyce.

17. Jörmungandr. This name, which you pronounce “Yor-man-gandr,”comes from the Old Norse words meaning “great” or “large” and “monster” or “magic wand.” It features in Norse mythology, as Jörmungandr was a sea serpent, also known as the World Serpent, as he was said to encircle the world.

18. Jamshid. Jamshid means “shining twin” in Persian. This was also the name of a mythological king of Persia.

19. Juvenal. This is a name that’s mostly used in Portugal today but comes from the Latin word meaning “youthful.” One instance of this name was a Roman satirist from the first century.

20. Janaka. This name means “father” in Sanskrit and was also the name of an ancient Indian king in Videha, and he was also the father of Sita in the Hindu epic the Ramayana.

More Unique Boy Names Starting With J

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Biblical J Boy Names

The Bible has provided a source of naming inspiration for centuries. You’ll find some great biblical boy names that start with J, so have a look and see if you can find the right one here for your little boy.

31. Jared. This name means “descent” in Hebrew and is a name of a close descendant from Adam in the Old Testament. It became popular in England after the Protestant Reformation. Famous Jareds include actors Jared Leto and Jared Padalecki.

32. Jeremy. Jeremy is used in some English versions of the New Testament for Jeremiah, a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh will exalt.” It’s a name that became popular after the Protestant Reformation. British actor Jeremy Irons is the most famous example of this name.

33. Jesse. This name comes from the Hebrew word that possibly means “gift.” In the Old Testament, Jesse was the father of King David. It became increasingly used in English following the Protestant Reformation, with some famous Jesses being the American outlaw Jesse James and American athlete Jesse Owens.

34. Jesus. Jesus is best known for Jesus Christ, but the origin of the name has its roots in a contracted form of Joshua. Although it’s a name that’s not commonly used in English-speaking countries, Jesus or Jesús is commonly found among Portuguese or Spanish speakers, respectively. Spanish soccer player Jesús Navas is an example of this name.

35. Jethro. Jethro comes from the Hebrew name meaning “abundance.” In the Old Testament, he was a Midianite priest who sheltered Moses when he fled Egypt. One of the most famous examples of the name is Jethro Tull, a seventeenth century English inventor and agriculturist, who provided the inspiration for the name of the 1970s prog rock band of the same name.

36. Joel. This name comes from the Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is God.” Joel was one of the 12 minor prophets in the Old Testament and also the author of the Book of Joel, which describes a plague of locusts. Like many biblical names, it was mostly used as a Christian name in England after the Protestant Reformation.

37. Jonah. Jonah means “dove” in Hebrew and was also the name of the prophet swallowed by a whale in the Old Testament Book of Jonah.

38. Jonathan. This Hebrew name means “Yahweh has given” in Hebrew. Jonathan was the eldest son of Saul in the Old Testament. Famous Jonathans include satirist Jonathan Swift—famous for Gulliver’s Travels—and actors Jonathan Pryce and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

39. Joshua. Joshua means “Yahweh is salvation” in Hebrew and features in the Old Testament as the companion of Moses when he went up Mount Sinai. It’s a name that’s been used for Joshua Tree National Park. Singer Josh Groban and actor Joshua Jackson are notable examples with this name.

40. Jude. Jude is a variation of the name Judas, a Greek form of Judah, although it’s used by English versions of the New Testament for the second apostle named Judas as a way to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot. It’s a name that became more popular since the Protestant Reformation. Actor Jude Law is the most famous example of this name.

More Hebrew and Biblical Boy Names That Start With J

Cool Boy Names That Start With J

Whether you’re looking for cool baby boy middle names or a great first name, have a look at these cool boy names that start with J.

51. Jalen. This invented name is popular in the African-American community, especially since the 1990s with basketball player Jalen Rose. Allegedly his name came from a combination of his father James and his maternal uncle Leonard.

52. Jirair. This Armenian name is an alternate transcription of the name Zhirayr, which means “strong” or “active” in Armenian.

53. Joseba. Joseba is the Basque form of Joseph.

54. Judicaël. This name is the French form of the Old Breton name Iudicael, which comes from the Breton elements iudd, meaning “lord” and hael, meaning “generous.” This was also the name of a seventh-century Breton king who was also a saint.

55. Jelani. This name likely has its roots in Arabic and may mean “mighty.” It became featured in an article about African baby names in the 1970s, and reached its peak popularity in 1998, as it shares its sound with other fashionable African-American baby names at the time.

56. Joan. Although most associate Joan as a girl’s name, it’s a boys’ name when used in Catalonia. Joan (pronounced “zhoo-an”) is the Catalan and Occitan form of John. Artist Joan Miró is the most famous example of this name when used for men.

57. Jianhong. Jianhong means “build” or “establish” and “wide,” “spacious,” or “vast” in Chinese.

58. Jadran. This is the Croatian, Serbian, and Slovene form of the name Adrian.

59. Jamaluddin. This is the alternate transcription of the Arabic name, Jamal ad-Din, which means “beauty” and “religion,” or “faith.” This form of the name is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, and in the Dari Persian form.

60. Jaakkima. Jaakkima is the Finnish form of Joachim.

More Cool Boy Names That Start With J

Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With J

If you’re looking for a classic and old-fashioned boy name , from common boy names that start with J that have a traditional feel to more unusual ones, you’ll find a name starting with J that evokes the world of yesterday in this list.

71. Jacques. This French name comes from Iabobus, the same name that James has its roots in James. Explorer Jacques Cousteau, philosopher Jacques Derrida, and filmmaker Jacques Tati are notable examples of this classic French name.

72. Johannes. This is the Latin form of Ioannes, the name from which John takes its roots. Historical examples of this name include composer Johannes Brahms, astronomer Johannes Kepler, and inventor of the printing press Johannes Gutenberg.

73. Janus. Janus means “archway” in Latin and the name has its roots in Roman mythology. Janus was the Roman god of gateways and beginnings who many recognize for having two faces looking in two directions. The month of January gets its name from Janus, so if your little boy’s due date is set for January, maybe this could be a good name for him.

74. Jasper. Jasper comes from the Latin Gaspar, which may have its roots in the biblical Hebrew word gizbar, which means “treasurer.” This name had associations with one of the three Magi who came to visit the newborn Jesus. It is also the word of the red gemstone, which is the birth stone for the month of March—so it could be a good name if your little boy is born this month. English designer Jasper Conran and American painter Jasper Johns are examples of public figures with this name.

75. Jean. This French boys’ name is the modern French form of John. It’s been a very common and popular name in France since the twelfth century. French philosophers Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Jean-Paul Sartre, actor Jean Reno, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and poet Jean Cocteau are famous examples of this name.

76. Jeremiah. This Hebrew name means “Yahweh will exalt.” Jeremiah was a name used for one of the main prophets in the Old Testament who lived to see the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and authored the Book of Jeremiah.

77. Jerome. Jerome comes from the Greek name Hieronymos, meaning “sacred name.” The name became popular in the Middle Ages after Saint Jerome translated the Bible into Latin in the fifth century. Writer J.D. Salinger (whose given name was Jerome) and Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn are notable examples of this name.

78. Joachim. Joachim is a contracted form of Jehoiakim, which means “raised by Yahweh.” Saint Joachim was the father of the Virgin Mary, according to the apocryphal Gospel of James.

79. Julius. Julius comes from a Roman family name that has its roots in the Greek word meaning “downy-bearded.” It can also mean “youthful” or be related to the Roman god Jupiter. Gaius Julius Caesar is the most famous historical figure with this name, but it was borne by several saints and even a pope in the Middle Ages.

80. Justinian. Justinian is another Roman name that was given to emperors. It comes from the Latin name Iustinianus, with roots in the Latin word meaning “just.” The sixth century Byzantine emperor who tried to restore the borders of the Roman Empire was one of the most famous examples with this name.

More Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With J

Cute Boy Names That Start With J

Looking for something cute? These cute boy names that start with J could be a good fit, whether you are looking for diminutive or a name that just has cute associations.

91. Jackie. This name is a diminutive of Jack for boys and of Jacqueline for girls. Jacki Robinson, the first African American to play in Major League Baseball, is a renowned figure with this name, and Chinese kung-fu actor Jackie Chan.

92. Jai. Jai is the masculine form of the name Jaya, which means “victory” in Sanskrit. It’s used across India, especially among Marathi and Tamil speakers.

93. Jamie. This is the Lowland Scots diminutive of James, and since the nineteenth century it’s also been used for girls. Famous Jamies include celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and actors Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dornan.

94. Jani. Jani is the Finnish form of John, but it’s also used as the diminutive form of John in Hungary.

95. Jimmy. This is the diminutive of James. TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, shoe designer Jimmy Choo, and American president Jimmy Carter are famous examples of this name.

96. Ji-Min. Ji-Min can be used for both boys and girls. This Korean boys’ name comes from the Sino-Korean words meaning “will,” “purpose,” “wisdom,” or “intellect” combined with “gentle,” “clever,” or “jade.” Korean singer from the band BTS, Park Ji-Min, is the most famous person with this name.

97. Joey. This is a diminutive of Joseph and is probably best known for Joey in the TV sitcom Friends, along with teen heartthrob Joey Lawrence It is also the name for a baby kangaroo, so it’s a cute name if you’re looking for something adorable for your baby boy.

98. Jordi. Jordi is the Catalan form of George.

99. Junior. This name came out of a nickname that was used for a boy who had the same name as his father. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones’s father calls him by this name.

100. Jocky. This is a Scottish diminutive for Jack.

More Cute Boy Names That Start With J

Short Boy Names That Start With J

For a short baby name, check out these short and one-syllable boy names that start with J.

111. Jace. This name is traditionally the short form of Jason, but it can be used as an independent name. It was the name of the lead character in the TV series Tales of the Texas Rangers.

112. Jade. Jade comes from the name of a green, precious stone that gets its name from the Spanish word piedra de la ijada, meaning “stone of the flank.” It’s a unisex name, although it’s more commonly found among girls.

113. Jay. Jay can either be a short name for James or Jason, or the masculine form of the Indian name Jaya.

114. Jax. This is most commonly used as a short form for Jackson and appeared in the video game Mortal Kombat II. It became a given name in 1995—when it only appeared five times as a registered name—but grew in popularity. It featured in the American TV series Sons of Anarchy.

115. Jin. Jin comes from the Chinese word either meaning “gold,” “money,” “tapestry,” or “ferry.” It’s used for boys and girls across east Asia, including Korea and Japan. Korean singer Kim Seok-Jin, who just goes by Jin, from the band BTS helped make this name popular in recent years.

116. Joe. Joe is the short form of Joseph. The 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden, singer Joe Jonas, and baseball player Joe DiMaggio are some famous examples of those with the name Joe.

117. Jon. Jon is a popular form of John—especially in Scandinavia or in the Basque country—or a short form of Jonathan. It became popular after the character Jon Snow, who was one of the main characters from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga and from the TV show adaptation of the Game of Thrones books. Mad Men actor Jon Hamm is another example of someone with this name.

118. Jake. Jake is a medieval variant of Jack but can also be used as a short form of Jacob. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and YouTuber Jake Paul are some notable examples of this name.

119. Jeb. Jeb is sometimes used as a diminutive of Jacob.

120. Jed. Jed is the short form of Jedidiah, which means “beloved of Yahweh” in Hebrew. English football player Jed Wallace and American interior designer Jed Johnson are examples of people with this name.

More Short Boy Names That Start With J

Strong and Powerful Boy Names That Start With J

Looking for a powerful boys’ name ? From hero names to names that have strong or powerful meanings, you’ll find a great collection of strong, powerful, and meaningful boy names that start with J.

131. Jason. Jason has roots in the Greek word meaning “healer.” He was the leader of the Argonauts in Greek mythology, famous for his quest for the Golden Fleece. It’s also a name that appears in the New Testament, as a man who sheltered Paul and Silas. Famous Jasons include actors Jason Momoa, Jason Statham, and Jason Lee.

132. Juan. This is the Spanish and Manx form of John and has been popular in Spain since the late Middle Ages. It’s a name that’s featured in literature, like Don Juan, who was the title character in a play by Tirso de Molina and an epic poem by Lord Byron. Spanish soccer player Juan Manuel Mata García, Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, and Spanish king Juan Carlos I are examples with this name.

133. Jordan. Jordan comes from the name of the river flowing between the countries of Jordan and Israel. It derives from the Hebrew word meaning “descend” or “flow down.” The name died out after the Middle Ages, but got a revival in the nineteenth century, gaining popularity in the latter half of the twentieth century. Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, American actor Jordan Peele, and American entrepreneur of Wolf of Wallstreet fame Jordan Belfort are examples with this name.

134. Joukahainen. This name—pronounced “Yo-kah-hie-nehn”—has roots in Finnish mythology, but its meaning is unknown. It was used in the Finnish epic Kalevala, as the name of a youth who challenges a wise old magician Väinämöinen to a spellcasting duel.

135. Jericho. This name comes from a city in Israel that’s mentioned in the Old Testament. It may have its roots in the Hebrew words for “moon” or “fragrant.”

136. Jagannatha. Jagannatha means “master of the world” in Sanskrit and is a title for the Hindu gods Vishnu and Krishna.

137. Jafar. Jafar means “stream” in Arabic and was the name of Jafar ibn Abi Talib, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammed. It became a prominent name after it appeared in Disney’s Aladdin.

138. Jarl. This name means “chieftain” or “nobleman” in Old Norse, and in the Norse poem Rígsþula, Jarl is the son of the god Ríg and the founder of a race of warriors.

139. Jaromir. This is a Polish name coming from the Slavic elements meaning “fierce” or “energetic” and “peace” or “world.”

140. Jayendra. Jayendra means “lord of victory” in Sanskrit.

More Strong and Powerful Boy Names That Start With J

Even More J Boy Names

The Bottom Line

Want to keep the baby-naming party going? Have a look at the next letter in line with boy names that start with K . Or, maybe you want to get inspiration from different countries, like Hawaiian boy names , Italian baby boy names , or Mexican baby names .

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