200+ Unique and Cute Country Girl Names You’ll Love

Country girl names are totally up to interpretation. Some people associate a country name with nostalgia and pastoral scenes, like listening to the breeze while sitting under a willow tree; others associate country girl names with Southern charm or rustic Western vibes. Any way you look at it, country baby girl names offer all sorts of cute, unique, old-fashioned, and classic options, and we’ve compiled over 200 of the best.

Popular Country Girl Names

What are country girl names? Not everyone categorizes these names in the same way, so you’ll have to consider all the identifiers when it comes to popular ones. We searched through the most popular girl names in recent years and found several country-inspired options that might take you right down memory lane! 1. Abigail. The most popular country girl name, Abigail means “my father is joy” in Hebrew. For a little country inspiration, Abigail Washburn is a renowned folk singer and clawhammer banjo player. In 2016, she won a Grammy for Best Folk Album. 2. Avery. Although historically a boy’s moniker (and a good option among country boy names), Avery became more popular with girls after the 1990s. It comes from the Germanic elements that mean “elf” and “ruler” or “mighty.” 3. Charlotte. Charlotte is the feminine diminutive of Charles, which simply means “man.” One of the most popular children’s books is Charlotte’s Web, which definitely offers those country vibes! 4. Ella. If jazz music or the swing era brings you right back to a simpler time, you might be a fan of Ella Fitzgerald, the “Queen of Jazz.” Ella was born in Virginia but made it big in New York City. The name Ella comes from the German moniker Alia, which means “other.” 5. Ellie. Like Ella, Ellie can be traced to the German moniker Alia, but it might also link to the name Ellen, the English form of the Greek moniker Helen, meaning “moon.” If you’ve seen the Andy Griffith Show, a comedy series about a sheriff from fictional Mayberry, North Carolina, you might remember that Ellie Walker was one of Andy’s girlfriends. 6. Grace. A popular girl name in general, and not just among country names, Grace simply means “grace.” If you’re a fan of Grace Kelly, you might remember her roles in the drama film The Country Girl and the Western film High Noon. 7. Harper. Like Grace above, Harper also has quite a literal meaning: “one who plays the harp.” What makes Harper an endearing country baby girl name is the author Harper Lee, known for her novel To Kill a Mockingbird, which takes place in rural Alabama. 8. Olivia. The feminine form of Oliver, Olivia means “olive,” a cute option for a country girls’ name! If you pick this name, your daughter will share a name with singer and actress Olivia Newton-John, who won a country music Grammy. 9. Scarlett. The main character in the novel Gone With the Wind, Scarlett O’Hara has a prominent place among pretty country girl names. The name means “someone who makes or sells clothes made of scarlet,” a type of cloth. 10. Willow. Another adorable country girl name is Willow, which is simply the name of the willow tree. If anything paints the picture of a perfect country day, it’s weeping willow branches swaying in the breeze.


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Classic Country Girl Names

Definitions of country baby girl names can be different, depending on someone's individual perspective, but there are a few classic staples that can’t help but evoke a sense of nostalgia. Let these country girl names take you back in time! 11. Annie. A diminutive of Anne, the French girls’ name for Anna, Annie originates from the Hebrew name Hannah, which means “favor” or “grace.” It doesn’t get much more country than Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the subject of the musical Annie Get Your Gun. 12. Arna. A classic old country girl name, Arna comes from German and Old Norse elements that mean “eagle.” It’s a gender-neutral name, and a famous bearer is Arna Bontemps, a poet and author from a Louisiana Creole family. 13. Betsy. Betsy is one of the many diminutives of Elizabeth, a Hebrew name meaning “my God is an oath.” There are many Betsys out there, but a favorite one that connects to nostalgic country girls is Betsy Bobbin, the name of Dorothy’s companion in the Oz books by L. Frank Baum. 14. Cassidy. If Butch Cassidy, the American train and bank robber from the Old West, comes to mind when thinking about the country, then Cassidy is a good option for a girls’ name. The name itself comes from an Irish moniker meaning “curly haired.” 15. Elma. Originally, Elma was the short form of Wilhelmine or Wilhelmina, the feminine German form of William, which means “will,” “desire,” and “protection.” Wilhelmina “Willie” Franklin Pruitt was a famous bearer of the name and a Southern-born American author and activist. 16. Imogene. What is the most Southern girls’ name? We might argue that this variant of Imogen is it! This cute and classic country girl name comes from Gaelic and means “maiden.” Imogene (nicknamed Idgie) is the main character in the acclaimed novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, which takes place in the Southern United States and explores the struggles of the South in the 1920s and 1930s. 17. June. It doesn’t get much more country than June, a name that simply means the month of June. It’s a common name, but perhaps one of the most famous bearers is June Carter Cash, a Grammy-winning country-folk singer and the second wife of Johnny Cash. 18. Mabel. Mabel definitely has a Southern and country connotation, but it’s actually the medieval feminine form of Amabilis, which means “lovable.” So not only is it a cute country girl name, but it also has a sweet meaning, perfect for your lovable little Western gal! 19. Prudence. The feminine form of the Latin name Prudentius, Prudence means “prudent, wise.” Pru is a cute nickname for this country girl moniker, plus it makes an adorable middle name for girls. 20. Shelby. This classic girl name has an idyllic country meaning (“willow farm”). It also connects to the film Steel Magnolias, which takes place in northwestern Louisiana and stars Julia Roberts as Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie. In 2012, the Lifetime TV Network remade the movie with an all-Black cast, including Queen Latifah.

More Classic Country Girl Names

There seems to be no shortage of classic country girl names, so we’ve added even more below.

Unique Country Girl Names

No matter how you slice it, many country baby girl names tend to be unique. Because so many of them are old-fashioned at the core, they’re not as commonly found in today’s modern world. But trends come and go, so we wouldn’t be surprised if these unique country girl names eventually became popular choices. 31. Adabelle. Maybe you’ve heard of Annabelle, but what about the unique girls’ name Adabelle? Combining Ada and Belle, the name means “noble” and “beautiful.” 32. Bithy. If you like the name Tabitha but want to put a unique spin on this cute country girls’ name, try the diminutive Bithy. Tabitha means “gazelle,” and you might remember the name from history class, as Tabitha Brown was a well-known pioneer-colonist who traveled the Oregon Trail in the mid-nineteenth century. 33. Cady. For a country girls’ name with a unique meaning, consider Cady, which means “talkative.” Your little one might be a chatty Cady! 34. Chantilly. Give your sweet country girl this name, another word for whipped cream, though mostly used in France. 35. Gertie. If Gertrude is too old-fashioned for you, try the diminutive Gertie, a unique and cute country girls’ name. From Germanic elements, the name means “spear of strength.” Perhaps you associate the name with the novelist Gertrude Stein, known for many works, including Four in America, which creates alternative lives for Ulysses S. Grant, Wilbur Wright, George Washington, and Henry James. 36. Henley. Consider Henley if you like the idea of last names as first names. In England and Ireland, Henley is a common surname, meaning either “hen” or “wild bird” and “wood clearing,” so it’s also a perfect country girl moniker. 37. Kinsey. Unique in both spelling and sound, the name Kinsey comes from Old English words meaning “royal” and “victory.” Kinsey is also a small town in Alabama. 38. Minnie. Though you might think of Minnie Mouse, this unique baby name is another diminutive of Wilhelmina, so it also means “will,” “desire,” and “protection.” Memphis Minnie, born in Mississippi, was a famous blues guitarist and singer. 39. Oakley. For a unique twist on the name Annie, go with Oakley, in honor of sharpshooter and Wild West icon Annie Oakley! It means “oak clearing” and certainly gives off those countryside vibes. 40. Tabitha. Although the diminutive Bithy from above is adorable, Tabitha is also a nice choice for a unique country girl name. Again, Tabitha means “gazelle.”

More Unique Country Girl Names

Rare, vintage, and unique, these country girl names are full of Southern charm and just sound so cute! We’ve added more to keep the vintage vibes going.

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts to help you find the perfect name for your country girl!

Nature-Inspired Country Girl Names

Country and nature go hand in hand, so why not choose a nature-inspired name for your little Western girl? You have plenty of options, including flower names for girls and monikers reflecting precious stones, sweet summer fruit, adorable animals, comforting herbs, and more. 51. Amaryllis. The beautiful amaryllis flower comes from the Greek word amarysso, meaning “to sparkle.” Amaryllis is a character in the award-winning musical The Music Man, which takes place in a small town in the Midwest, offering those country vibes. 52. Autumn. The sweet name Autumn connects with the season and comes from the Latin word autumnus. Nothing beats the beautiful and colorful autumn countryside. 53. Blossom. A cute country girls’ name, Blossom offers a sense of nostalgia. Plus, it’s a great option for 1990s TV show names, as Blossom was a popular sitcom from 1990 to 1995. 54. Clementine. This old-fashioned girl name certainly delivers countryside vibes. Besides being the name of the orange fruit, it also comes from France and means “merciful” or “gentle.” A well-known bearer of the name is the prolific Louisiana folk artist Clementine Hunter. 55. Daisy. Daisy is the name of a pretty flower and means “day eye.” You’ll find no shortage of celebrities, historical figures, and fictional characters named Daisy, as it’s such a versatile country baby girls’ name. 56. Ember. The English word ember might be the perfect nature-inspired country girl name, or you could make it a little longer with the name Emberly. 57. Ivy. You might like Ivy if you’re looking for short baby names. Some varieties of this climbing plant have beautiful flowers. 58. Pearl. Not only does Pearl fit the country and Southern themes, but it’s also quite a classic girls’ name. Pearl is a gemstone and the one assigned to the month of June. Pearl June could be the ultimate country girls’ name! 59. Poppy. Poppies are wildflowers, so they certainly come with a sense of countryside nostalgia. So, why not consider naming your little Western girl Poppy? 60. Sage. Sage is a spice and wild herb and can also mean “wise.” If your little country girl is wise beyond her baby years, consider the name Sage. This is also an excellent option for one-syllable girl names.

More Nature-Inspired Country Girl Names

We couldn’t finish this list without adorable options like Dawn, Cricket, Pepper, and Bee on our list, so here are even more nature-inspired names.

Cute and Pretty Country Girl Names

Your adorable little girl may very well need a cute and pretty country name. Luckily, there are plenty of those, including Belle, Hope, Mae, and Millie. Some have sweet meanings, while others have a lovely sound that just rolls off the tongue. 71. Belle. It doesn’t get much cuter than Belle, which literally means “beautiful.” If you’re looking for fairy tale baby names, Belle was a character in Beauty and the Beast. 72. Faith. The name Faith simply means “faith” or “to trust.” Faith Hill is one of the most famous country-Western musical artists and sings about her rural Mississippi hometown in her song “Mississippi Girl.” 73. Ginger. Ginger has a few different meanings, including the spice and the reddish-brown color. But to put a country spin to it, Ginger can be used as a nickname for Virginia. 74. Hope. This name is a longtime staple and a very cute country girls’ name. Hope and Faith are the second-most common combination for twin names. Texas-born triplets Faith, Hope, and Charity Cardwell set a Guinness World Record as the longest-living triplets! 75. Josie. As a diminutive of Josephine, Josie comes from a Hebrew name meaning “he will add.” Josie is the perfect country-girl nickname for Josephine, but it might give you a sense nostalgia if you were a fan of the comic Josie and the Pussycats. 76. Kaylee. Kaylee is a modern name with several variants, but we like this spelling for a country-girl name. You can also opt for Kayleigh, Kayley, Kailee, or Kaelee. The name was particularly popular in the 1980s. 77. Laney. The pretty girls’ name Laney is the perfect country diminutive of Elaine, which comes from Helen and means “moon.” 78. Mae. This cute country girls’ name is a nickname of Mary, Margaret, or Mabel. Mae is also quite a classic name; you’ll find several actresses from the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century with this moniker, possibly the most famous being Mae West. 79. Ophelia. If you like long baby names, the next two options on this list might be for you! Ophelia is a Greek name meaning “help” or “benefit,” but is probably best known as the character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. A cute country nickname could be Opi or Lia. 80. Priscilla. Another long name, Priscilla comes from a Roman moniker meaning “ancient.” You might think of the renowned folk singer Priscilla Ahn, who toured with legends like Willie Nelson, Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne, and Joshua Radin.

More Cute and Pretty Country Girl Names

We’ve kept these cute and pretty country girl names going with adorable monikers like Lola, Sadie, and Josie.

Cool Country Girl Names

Some names, regardless of theme, are just plain cool. Perhaps they’re hip nicknames for more classic monikers, or maybe they sound trendy and modern while still evoking the countryside. Even country girl names can have hip and cool rings to them, such as Blake, Cora, and Greer. 91. Bailey. Bailey is a cool name that grew in popularity for girls in the late 1970s. Its meaning is simply “bailiff,” as in the occupation. Bailey Bryan gives us a country connection, as she’s an up-and-coming country singer with roots in rural Washington State. 92. Blake. As an Old English name, Blake comes from words meaning either “black” or “pale.” It’s hard to think about this country name without envisioning singer Blake Shelton, but as a girls’ name, it rose in popularity thanks to the actress Blake Lively. 93. Camryn. For a unique spelling of a country girls’ name, Camryn does the job. Of course, it comes from Cameron, which is more popular as a boys’ name. Camryn could be a good middle name option for a country girl with its different spelling. 94. Dottie. For a cool twist on a classic, consider Dottie, a diminutive of Dorothy, which means “gift of God.” Perhaps you remember this name from the character Dottie Hinson from the film A League of Their Own. 95. Emmy. Use this cool country girls’ name as a nickname for Emma or Emily, meaning “whole” or “rival,” respectively. You’ll find many Emmys, Emmas, and Emilys throughout history, so you can take your pick as to whom your little gal is channeling. 96. Hattie. Choose cool Hattie as a diminutive of the more classic moniker Harriet. Harriet eventually connects to the name Henry, which means “home-ruler.” Harriet Tubman is probably the most famous bearer of this name. She was an abolitionist and political activist born into slavery and helped other enslaved people escape via a string of safe houses known as the Underground Railway. 97. Jewel. As a country girls’ name, Jewel definitely has a cool ring to it. Of course, the name refers to any precious stone, but you might recognize it from the famous folk-pop singer Jewel. 98. Maisie. The cool country girls’ name Maisie is the Scottish version of the Irish name Mairead, the Gaelic form of Margaret, which means “pearl.” If these country names bring you back to your childhood, you might remember Maisie MacKenzie, the kitten from the children’s book series by Aileen Paterson. 99. Tamaya. Though the name is similar to Maya or Maia, Tamaya is a choice that's a bit cooler. In the Quechua language (from the indigenous people in Peru), the name means “in the center.” 100. Teah. Rare and cool, this country girls’ name is mostly used in the Southern United States. You could also spell the name Tea to pay homage to the actress Téa Leoni. Teah is also an excellent middle name for country girls.

More Cool Country Girl Names

Keep the hip, trendy vibes going with even more cool country baby girl names for you to consider!

Girl Names of Country Singers

Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, and Dolly Parton are just a sprinkling of the many women country music legends. If thinking about country girl names brings up classic songs like “Turn on the Radio,” “I Feel Like a Woman!,” and “Jolene,” then perhaps you need to honor one of your favorite country-Western singers. 111. Brooks. Although Garth Brooks is a male singer, the unisex name Brooks has been popular for girls since the 1970s. Plus, if you’re going to name your daughter after a country music legend, it may as well be the most iconic contemporary country singer in the United States! The girls’ name Brooks also has a country-inspired meaning as a “brook.” 112. Carrie. Carrie Underwood is a well-known country singer who won the fourth season of the TV competition show American Idol and blends country and pop. Carrie comes from the German name Karl, which means “man.” 113. Dolly. It’s hard to picture country music without thinking about Dolly Parton, a true legend. She has 44 top 10 country albums, the most of any country music singer ever. Dolly is a diminutive of Dorothy, which means “gift of God.” Dolly is a pretty, classic country girls’ name! 114. Kenny. With Gaelic origins, Kenny means “handsome” or “fair.” The Tennessee-born music legend Kenny Chesney has produced over 20 studio albums, which isn’t an easy task in the music industry. Although traditionally a boys’ name, Kenny has grown in popularity as a girls’ moniker in recent years. 115. Miranda. Miranda is a beautiful Latin name meaning “admirable” or “wonderful,” which surely fits the singer Miranda Lambert. She’s been producing music since 2001 and has yet to stop, winning the top spot for the most consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year at the Country Music Awards. 116. Patsy. As a diminutive of Patricia, Patsy means “nobleman.” The late Patsy Cline is also a true legend, as one of the first artists to merge country and pop music. She died at a young age but was the very first female singer to make it into the Country Music Hall of Fame. 117. Reba. As the “Queen of Country,” Reba McEntire is truly a country music icon. Having grown up on a family-owned cattle ranch in Oklahoma, she has a genuinely rural American pedigree. Reba is a diminutive of Rebecca, a biblical baby name that means “join, tie, snare.” Perhaps her name helped her catch cattle on the ranch! 118. Shania. Shania, based on an Ojibwe phrase meaning “on my way," is Eilleen Regina Twain's stage name, a.k.a. Shania Twain. Although she’s not of Ojibwe descent herself, Shania’s stepfather is, and via the Jay Treaty, he registered her as 50 percent Native American despite being of European descent. 119. Taylor. Patsy Cline walked so that Taylor Swift could run! If any country singer has perfectly blended into the pop scene, it’s Taylor Swift. She has a slew of awards—too many to list here—including Country Music Awards, American Music Awards, Grammys, and even an Emmy. Taylor comes from the word tailor, so the name means “to cut.” 120. Waylon. From Germanic words, Waylon means “skilled, artful,” which fits Waylon Jennings perfectly. He was the pioneer of the outlaw movement in country music during the 1970s, joined by Willie Nelson. Waylon would make a strong and unique country girls’ name.

More Girl Names of Country Singers

Country music is classic, so we’ve included even more favorite singers, such as Kacey Musgraves, Sheryl Crow, and LeAnn Rimes.

Country Girl Place Names

Perhaps instead of picturing your favorite country singer, thinking about these Southern and Western girl names makes you envision a place. For country girl names, it’s common and trendy to choose a place name, such as Georgia or Cheyenne. 141. Arizona. Of course, Arizona is a state in the Southwestern United States, but historians believe the word derives from the Uto-Aztecan language, specifically a phrase meaning “having a little spring.” 131. Austin. Besides being the capital of Texas, a hipster city known for its food scene, Austin also connects to the Roman names Augustus, which means “exalted, venerable.” 142. Cali. For a cute country girl name, consider Cali, short for California. Cali comes from the German name Karl, which means “man,” though many believe the state’s name comes from the sixteenth-century novel Las Sergas de Esplandián, set on a fictitious island called California. 143. Cheyenne. Cheyenne comes from a Dakota word meaning “red speakers,” which the Dakota indigenous people gave to the Cheyenne people, as their language wasn’t yet complete. Cheyenne is a very pretty country girls’ name. 144. Dakota. From the Native American people who lived (and still live) in the northern Mississippi Valley, Dakota means “allies, friends.” If you’re picturing beautiful, simple countryside in the United States, one of the Dakotas probably comes to mind. And what a perfectly sweet meaning for your little country girl’s name! 145. Georgia. Georgia is quite a popular country girls’ name. It’s the name of the state and the feminine form of George, which means “farmer, earth-worker.” 146. Montana. As “big sky country,” Montana is known for its rolling hills, rural environment, and beautiful snow-capped peaks. It might be the perfect country girls’ name! Plus, it’s a good option for an alternative Spanish girls’ name, as Montana comes from the word montaña, meaning “mountain.” 147. Nevada. Nevada also comes from a Spanish word, this time meaning “snow-capped,” which perfectly describes the state’s numerous mountain ranges. 148. Savannah. Another near-perfect country girls’ name, Savannah is a picturesque city in Georgia, and the word means “large, grassy plain.” Likely, the name came from zabana, a word of the Taino indigenous people. 149. Virginia. With Latin origins, Virginia means “maid, virgin,” and has been a popular name throughout the centuries. The states of Virginia and West Virginia come from the Colony of Virginia, named after Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen.” Fun nicknames include Ginger, Ginny, and Vicky.

More Country Girl Place Names

There are surprisingly more country girl place names. Perhaps you even have a Selma, Lexi, or Memphis in your life!

Even More Country Girl Names

Our list is long, but we wanted to give you more than 200 country baby girl names to consider, so we’re adding 60 more cute, unique, classic, old-fashioned, and cool monikers for your little Western gal.

The Bottom Line

Country girl names bring you right back to a simpler time, remembering long days spent outside during childhood or evoking images of rolling hills at sunset. There are plenty of unique, rare, cute, pretty, and popular country baby girl names, all offering a sweet and nostalgic moniker. As you consider all your options for different country baby girl names (and those outside the Western theme), remember to take your time and listen to your gut. Although you haven’t met your little girl in person quite yet, you’re already creating a bond, and you know her best. Picking a baby name is an exciting part of the parenthood journey, so enjoy the process!