Top 150 Filipino Boy Names and Their Meanings

Choosing your baby boy’s name is a special and important decision. You’ll want your son to have a name that resonates with you, such as one whose meaning appeals to you or one that's connected with your family's heritage or culture. And you’ll want to choose a name that will stand the test of time, whether that's something cool or cute, modern or traditional, or something that connotes strength and vigor. The Filipino culture has a wide array of wonderful names to consider for your son. Learn more about the history behind Filipino names and check out our list of the 10 most common Filipino boy names as well 140 more.

Filipino Naming Culture

The country known as the Republic of the Philippines historically has over 186 languages, with the two chief languages in the archipelago nation being English and Filipino, the modern standard of the Tagalog language. Filipino is an Austronesian language, among which are Indonesian (Malay) and Javanese, and other Pacific Island languages.

Spain ruled the Philippines for over 300 years as a colony and as a result had a strong influence on Filipino culture. Then in 1898, the nation of 7,641 islands became part of the United States, only gaining independence in 1946. American pop culture continues to have a strong influence on the Philippines to this day.

For all these reasons, Filipino naming culture is quite varied, which is why you’ll find names with Christian, Spanish, and American origins mixed with native Filipino names as well as modern Filipino names cleverly created from this unique past. Our list of Filipino names for boys reflects this diverse background of the nation.

Popular Filipino Boy Names

Wondering what is a popular Filipino boy name? Well, no need to look any further—we've got 10 of the most popular Filipino boys’ names from 2020 on our list below.

1. Jacob. This biblical boy name was the most popular name for boys in the Philippines in 2020. The name has Latin, Greek, and Hebrew roots and means “holder of the heel” or “supplanter.” As the Old Testament story goes, Jacob was born holding his twin brother’s heel and managed to obtain his brother's birthright. You might like to consider this baby name if you’re having twins, maybe even paired with the name Tomas below.

2. Nathaniel. Originally spelled Nathanael in the Bible, this Hebrew boy name means “God has given.”

3. Gabriel. This Hebrew boy name means “God is my strong man.” In the Old Testament, Gabriel appears as an archangel and messenger on behalf of God. In the New Testament he announces the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. According to Islamic tradition, Gabriel dictates the Quran to Muhammad.

4. Nathan. Originally spelled Natan in Hebrew, this boy name means “He gave.” Natan is a prophet mentioned in the Old Testament.

5. Ethan. Originally spelled Eitan in Hebrew, this boy name means “solid, enduring, firm.” A few Old Testament characters use this name. The name became very popular toward the end of the twentieth century.

6. Ezekiel. This Hebrew name means “God will strengthen.” Ezekiel is a major Old Testament prophet.

7. Angelo. Derived from the Latin masculine name Angelus, this boy name simply refers to heavenly angels. The word originally comes from the Greek word angelos, which means “messenger.”

8. James. James is an English variant of the Hebrew name Jacob, which is no. 1 on this list. Several Scottish kings have had the name, and in the United States the name consistently remains in the top 20 list of popular boy names.

9. Joshua. This Hebrew boy name means “Yahweh (God) is salvation.” Joshua was a companion to Moses in the Old Testament, and it's thought that Jesus’ name derives from the Aramaic short form of Joshua. In modern times, Josh is the short version of this popular boy name.

10. Kyle. This modern boy name derives from a Scottish surname that refers to a place name that in Gaelic means “narrows, channel, or strait.” Kyle didn’t become popular as a given name until the early 1900s, rising in popularity up until the 1990s.

Traditional Filipino Boy Names

If you’re more of a traditionalist, you may like to go with a classic or old-fashioned name for your boy. Here are some Filipino boy names with ancient roots, ones that never really go out of style:

11. Agustin. With Roman roots in the word augere, this name means “exalted, venerable.”

12. Arturo. This Spanish boy name [] comes from the English name Arthur. It likely has Celtic origins.

13. Bagwis. Meaning “wing” in Tagalog, the name was used in a newspaper comic series for a powerful angel who was modeled after the warrior archangel Michael.

14. Bayani. This is the perfect name for your little hero since it means just that.

15. Crisanto. Derived from the Greek name Chrysanthos and meaning “golden flower,” the name Crisanto is used by Spanish, Portuguese, and Filipino speakers. It was the name of a third-century Egyptian saint.

16. Dakila. This Filipino boy’s name simply means “great” in Tagalog.

17. Hari. In Sanskrit, this name means “brown, yellow, tawny.” Sanskrit is actually one of the many languages modern Filipino borrows from.

18. Jomari. This Filipino boy name was created by combining the Spanish compound name José Maria.

19. Kidlat. This Filipino boy’s name means “lightning” in Tagalog. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a nature-inspired baby name.

20. Makisig. Meaning “good-looking,” “gallant", or “elegant” in Tagalog, Makisig is a wise choice for your son no matter which meaning you prefer!

More Traditional Filipino Boy Names

Here are 10 more traditional Filipino boy names to choose from:


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Unique Filipino Boy Names

If you’re looking for a boy’s name that’s unique, one that's a bit different than all the others, check out 10 Filipino names for boys that sound unique and/or have unique meanings.

31. Amihan. This rare Filipino boy name means “north wind” or “winter storm” in Tagalog. Maybe your baby boy will be born during a storm? This would be the perfect name!

32. Conrado. This is the Spanish form of the name Conrad, and it means “brave counsel.” Several saints, kings, and dukes bore this name.

33. Eraño. This unique Filipino boy name was created in 1925 by Felix Manalo, the founder of Iglesia ni Cristo, a church group in the Philippines. He took the term “new era” and combined the words to create this name for his son.

34. Hermilando. This Spanish name likely has Visigoth origins, combining the German words for “whole” and “land.”

35. Laurente. This is an archaic Spanish form of the name Laurence, which means “from Laurentum” in Latin. It refers to an ancient Italian city. The name became popular due to the saint and martyr.

36. Malic. This is the Maranao form of the Arabic boy name Malik, which means “king.”

37. Ising. The diminutive of the Spanish boy name Isidore, which derives from the Greek, this name means “gift of Isis,” referring to the Egyptian goddess.

38. Omair. The Maranao form of the Arabic and Urdu name Umair, this name means “long-lived,” “prosperous,” and “populous.”

39. Tomas. Derived from the Greek form of the Aramaic name Thomas, this Filipino boy name means “twin.” The name is attributed to an apostle in the Bible.

40. Vinusto. Likely originated from the Latin name Venustus, the name refers to a devotee of the Roman goddess of love, Venus.

More Unique Filipino Boy Names

Here are even more unique boy names from Filipino culture:

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some fun facts that might help you find the perfect name for your baby!

Cool Filipino Boy Names

Many of the following Filipino boy names have cool meanings. And they sound modern, too. You may even consider some of these cool names for a middle name for your boy:

51. Alab. This Filipino boy name means “to burn with emotions” or simply “blaze.”

52. Eliong. It's the Filipino diminutive of the boy names Aurelio, Rogelio, Basilio, and other names with a “lio” ending.

53. Matikas. This boy’s name means “elegant” or “graceful” in Tagalog, Cebuano, and Filipino.

54. Jejomar. This Filipino boy’s name combines the names Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.

55. Sadire. This Filipino boy’s name simply means “pure” in Ilocano.

56. Samsodin. The Maranao, Maguindanao, and Indonesian form of the Arabic name Shams al-Din, which means “sun of the religion.”

57. Sofronio. This is the Filipino-Spanish version of the Latin name Sophronius, which is originally a Greek boy’s name meaning “self-controlled” or “sensible.” One bearer of the name was Saint Sophronius, who was a seventh-century patriarch in Jerusalem. Choose this name for you boy if you believe he’s strong of will and mind.

58. Taraki. It simply means “handsome” in Ilocano. Just imagine calling your son “handsome” every day!

59. Vergel. Meaning “orchard” in Spanish, this boy’s name may also be a variant spelling of Virgil, referring to the Ancient Roman poet.

60. Walding. This boy name is used as a diminutive of Oswaldo, deriving from the Old English name Oswald, which means “god,” “power,” and “ruler.”

More Cool Filipino Boy Names

Here are 10 more Filipino names for boys to keep the cool factor going:

Cute Filipino Boy Names

We’ve gone through all the Filipino boy names to find the cutest for you. These boy names are short, sweet, and completely cute.

71. Agapito. Spanish for “sweetheart.” The short form is Pitoy. Which is cuter? You decide!

72. Benjie. Tagalog variation of Benjamin, which means “son of my right hand” in Hebrew.

73. Bernabe. A variant of the name Barnabas, which is a Greek form of an Aramaic name meaning “son of encouragement.”

74. Goryo. As the Tagalog diminutive for Gregorio or Gregory, this short boy’s name sounds much more cute and less serious.

75. Kastor. In Tagalog, this boy name means “beaver.” If you’re an animal lover, you may like this adorable name for your boy.

76. Joselito. Here’s a short version of the name Jose, which means “God increases.”

77. Lando. This is the diminutive of either the Spanish boys’ name Rolando or Orlando.

78. Pabling. This is the Filipino diminutive of the Spanish name Pablo.

79. Quito. This Filipino boy’s name means “fifth.” If your baby is your fifth child, consider this cute name!

80. Taer. Meaning “handsome” in Ilocano, this Filipino boy name will be more than fitting for your handsome guy.

More Cute Filipino Boy Names

Keep the cuteness going and take a look at another group of cute boy names to choose from:

Strong Filipino Boy Names

If you’re looking for boy names that connote strength, you may like to choose from among these strong Filipino male names with definitions that exemplify courage, strength, and bravery.

91. Anthony. This powerful boy’s name comes from a Roman family name of Etruscan origin. Famous bearers include the Roman general Marc Antony and the fourth-century saint. Some believe the name means “flower” in Greek, but the actual Etruscan meaning is unknown.

92. Bato. From the Cebuano word bato meaning "rock, pebble, stone,” boulder,” or “gemstone". Whichever mineral you choose, it’s implied your boy will be as strong as a rock!

93. Hiwaga. Meaning "mystery" in Tagalog, this is quite the name for your little man of mystery!

94. Kaalam. Meaning "wisdom" in Cebuano, this name could be a good choice if you’d like to impart wisdom onto your son.

95. Jerome. Meaning “sacred name” in Greek, this name was borne by Saint Jerome, who completed the Latin translation of the Bible in the fifth century.

96. Pageral. The name Pageral comes from the Filipino word pag-iral, which literally means “existence.”

97. Rodante. Meaning “rolling” in Spanish, this name was popularized by a Filipino politician.

98. Tagumpay. This Filipino name means “victory, triumph” in Tagalog. It’s a great option for a strong boy’s name.

99. Vedasto. This Filipino boy name stems from the Latinized name Vedastus, which comes from the German or Celtic name Widogast, which means “wood” and “stranger” or “guest.”

100. Venancio. This strong boy’s name of Tagalog origin became popular after Filipino military officer Venancio Serrano and Filipino army general Venancio Concepcion. The name has Roman origins and means “hunting, chasing, pursuing” in Latin.

More Strong Filipino Boy Names

Here are 10 more strong Filipino boy names for you to consider:

Even More Filipino Boy Names

If 100 Filipino boy names weren’t enough, here are 40 more to choose from:

The Bottom Line

We hope this unique and varied list of Filipino boy names has inspired your baby-naming journey! Whichever name you choose will be just as special as your little guy.

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