Top 200 Korean Boy Names and Their Meanings

As you get ready to welcome a new baby boy into your family, one of the most memorable tasks is settling on the perfect name. If you’re looking for Korean boy names, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular, cute, unique, powerful, and beautiful names with their meanings. In addition to names, we’ve included insights about Korean baby naming traditions and modern approaches, so take your pick from the list below!

Choosing Korean Names for Boys

When reviewing Korean male names for your new arrival, it might help to understand how names are formed and chosen in Korean culture, if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Here are a few important points regarding Korean boy names.

Syllables and Characters

Many Korean given names contain two Sino-Korean roots, known as syllables or characters. Together, they’re considered one unit, and you can write them together, hyphenated, or separately. For example, the Korean boys’ name Ji-ho can be written with the hyphen (with or without the second capitalization), together as Jiho, or separately as Ji ho or Ji Ho. The meaning doesn’t necessarily change with the style. As a result, the concept of middle names for boys (or girls) isn’t as widespread in Korean culture as it is in Western cultures, some of which emphasize the importance of middle names and even multiple middle names. And although a bit rare, Korean boy names with just one syllable do exist. Take the name So for example, which adorably means “smile.”


The Korean alphabet is known as Hangul. It has 24 basic letters and 27 complex letters, typically referred to individually as hanja. When combined into names, a mix of letters can have several meanings, so Korean names for boys can also have multiple meanings. Parents often choose names based on one particular meaning they like, so if your little guy has the same name as someone else, the chosen meaning could be different. Take the name Byeong-Ho, for example. Byeong uses three hanja (b, yeo, and ng), which, when combined, could mean “bright,” “luminous,” or “glorious,” among other interpretations. Ho uses two hanja, and when combined, can mean “great,” “vast,” “summer,” “sky,” “heavens,” etc. Parents can choose a name based on its hanja and select the meaning they prefer, typically something positive. It’s customary to select a moniker that embodies goodwill and prosperousness.


Some names use hanja characters with multiple pronunciations, which opens the door for even more meanings! The same combination may have a slightly different character spelling but a similar pronunciation. It’s also important to keep in mind that several regions have various dialects, and that pronunciation and meaning can vary in these regions.


Sometimes, Korean name meanings reflect traditional gender roles, such as girl names being associated with feminine, gentle, and pretty interpretations and Korean boy names having strong, tough, and masculine meanings. Although some families still follow this conventional practice when choosing a name for their son or daughter, gender-neutral names are also used in Korean culture, as are boy names that have sweet or gentle meanings.


Though not all families use traditional naming methods, some still do! One common tradition is matching the number of strokes in a baby’s name (as in the number of strokes needed to write the hanja combination, such as 현 for the name Hyun) to their birth date or time of birth. Another old tradition involves parents consulting a shaman or fortune teller to select the luckiest name for their child. With this list of Korean names and a fuller understanding of the naming process, you can decide which name to choose. Get the tissues ready! If you hope to have two children, you might love the adorable and tear-worthy name Baek Hyeon. Baek means “older brother,” and Hyeon means “worthy for your baby boy! Our list includes 200 Korean names for boys with some meaning combinations. Remember that different hanja, hanja combinations, and pronunciations all render an assortment of meanings. We’ve included some more common interpretations and/or options to get creative and choose the meaning yourself!


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Popular Korean Boy Names

For some families, the best names are popular and trendy monikers that top the charts, which is the case for the following Korean boy names. Choosing a popular name means your child will fit well into their generation.

1. Do-yun. This name combines do, meaning "path, road, way," with yun, which means “allow, consent.” Other hanja combinations exist for this name, but these are the most common meanings. 2. Eun-woo. This is cute option for a Korean boys’ name, as eun means “kindness, mercy, charity.” In this name’s case, woo is actually an alternative for u, which has a number of meanings: “house,” “universe,” “help,” “protect,” “bless,” etc. 3. Ha-joon. It’s no wonder Ha-joon is a popular Korean boys’ name, as it has a unique yet adorable meaning. Ha means “summer,” while joon means “talented” or “handsome.” 4. Ji-ho. If you’re looking for a strong name for your baby boy, consider the Korean moniker Ji-ho. This hanja combination can mean “wisdom, knowledge, intelligence” or “tiger, brave, fierce.” 5. Ju-won. A popular choice, Ju-won combines hanja to create a unique meaning. Ju is an alternative for u, which can mean “circumference.” When combined with won, which means “first, origin,” you’ve got yourself a strong name, perhaps the Earth’s origin? 6. Min-jun. Here’s a good example of pronunciation changing meaning. Min has two possible hanja combinations with similar pronunciations, one meaning “quick, clever, sharp” and the other meaning “gentle, affable.” Jun, like joon above, means “talented, handsome.” So, your little Korean boy has a name that means “clever, talented,” “sharp, handsome,” or any other combination! 7. Seo-jun. Like min above, seo also has two hanja options. One means “felicitous,” “omen,” or “auspicious,” and the other means “to open up, unfold” or comfortable, easy.” And, as mentioned before, jun means “talented” or “handsome.” 8. Si-woo. If you’re looking for a cute Korean boys’ name or one with a poetic meaning, Si-woo is a good option. Si means “begin, start,” and when in combination, woo (u) takes on the meaning of “divine intervention,” “protection,” or “rain.” 9. Ye-jun. Artistic or art-loving families might be attracted to the popular Korean boys’ name Ye-jun. Ye means “art, talent, craft,” and jun means “talented, handsome.” 10. Yu-jun. For a strong or powerful Korean boys’ name, consider Yu-jun. Yu has unknown origins, but when combined with jun, you have a couple of options. The pronunciation jūn means “king, ruler,” and jun means “talented, handsome.”

Unique and Rare Korean Boy Names

Since Korean boy names are intricately tied to their meanings, you might want to consider a unique boy name. Perhaps a meaning that’s a bit rare or uncommon would be perfect for your little one! 11. Beom Seok. Create a unique baby name by combining Beom and Seok. When alone, they mean “model or pattern” and “rock, stone” respectively. Together, they create a beautiful Korean boys’ name that means “pattern of a rock.” 12. Bong. If you like mythology or are looking for an uncommon yet strong Korean boys’ name, choose Bong. This name refers to a “mythical bird,” most likely the phoenix, which famously rose from the ashes. 13. Dong. Place names are quite common and typically refer to towns or cities. But to get a little creative, consider Dong, which means “east” and can refer to the rising sun. 14. Duck-Hwan. For a unique Korean boys’ name with a powerful meaning, you’ve got Duck-Hwan. When combined, the hanja create the meaning “the return of the virtue.” 15. Hak-Kun. If you hope to raise a bookworm or love to read, the name Hak-Kun could be a great choice. In combination, it means “one with literary roots.” 16. In-Su. Your little genius baby might need a name that fits his future intellect! In-Su is a beautiful Korean boys’ name with the unique meaning of “preserving wisdom.” 17. Joon Woo. If you’re reading this list in full, you could probably piece together the meaning of this name. Joon (jun) can mean “handsome” or “talented,” and woo, “divine intervention,” “protection,” or “rain.” 18. Man-Shik. For a Korean boys’ name that will give your little guy a sense of commitment and dedication, consider Man-Shik, which means “deeply rooted into something.” 19. Sang-Ook. Since parents tend to choose Korean names that give their children a positive future, start your boy off on the right path with the name Sang-Ook, which means “one who is always well and healthy.” 20. Su-Jin. Another unique Korean boys’ name that promises a healthy future, Su-Jin combines su (meaning “long life, lifespan”) with jin (meaning “precious, rare”).

More Unique and Rare Korean Boy Names

Some of these rare and uncommon meanings are too good to skip, so we’ve added more Korean boy names to consider!

Need some help with finding a name? Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you settle on the perfect baby name!

Cute Korean Boy Names

It’s not hard to find Korean boy names with cute meanings! Most of the meaningful combinations offer adorable choices for your sweet little guy.

31. Baek Hyeon. Get the tissues ready! If you hope to have two children, you might love the adorable and tear-worthy name Baek Hyeon. Baek means “older brother,” and Hyeon means “worthy and virtuous.” Surely your little guy will be a worthy older brother whenever his sibling comes along! 32. Chung Ae. Give your baby boy a cute Korean name showing how important he is and how much he’s adored. Chung Ae means “noble and love.” 33. Dae-Ho. Are you hoping to raise a son who is charming and endearing? Give him the name Dae-ho, which means “great” and “personality,” so your boy will surely have a great personality! 34. Du-Ho. Set your son up for a positive and prosperous future with Du-Ho, which combines the hanja meanings of “head” and “goodness.” Your baby boy will always have goodness in his mind and heart. 35. Duri. In the Gyeongsang dialect, from a region in eastern South Korea, the name Duri adorably means “two.” This could be an excellent choice for your second child. Or, if you’re looking for twin names, consider a cute pair like Duri and Soo-ji; or follow the numerical theme with the name Sam, which means “three.” 36. Eun. Eun is one of those names with several potential meanings. A cute option, this Korean boys’ name can mean “kindness, mercy, charity.” 37. Kwang. For a fun twist on a cute name, consider Kwang for your little Korean boy. The name simply means “wild.” 38. Ryung. Your baby boy’s arrival will certainly brighten your life, so why not choose the name Ryung, which means “brightness?” This is a good example of a new, modern trend, which uses monosyllabic names instead of traditional hanja combinations. 39. So. If you like the idea of last names as first names, you have a pretty adorable option. So was the family name of the traditional emperors in the Cholla South province and means “smile.” 40. Yeong. This cute Korean boys’ name uses the hanja combination of yeong, which can mean “flower,” “petal,” “brave,” or “hero.” Yeong originated from the fifteenth-century scientist Jang Yeong-sil (Jang is the surname).

More Cute Korean Boy Names

Keep the cuteness going with even more Korean boy names with adorable meanings!

Korean Names for Boys With Cool Meanings

The list of cute Korean boy names may be endless, but you’ll also find plenty of choices for monikers with cool meanings.

51. Bitgaram. Give your baby boy the cool Korean name Bitgaram, which means “light river.” 52. Chin-Hae. For a cool yet poetic nature-inspired name, you’ve got Chin-Hae, which means “truth” or “depth of the ocean.” 53. Chin-Mae. Another name that means “truth,” Chin-Mae can also mean “a person who always speaks the truth,” which sounds pretty cool to us! 54. Duck-Young. The cool Korean boys’ name Duck-Young combines hanja to mean “virtue” and “unchanging, everlasting,” which is an excellent omen for your little guy! 55. Hoon. Hoon is a name that means “teaching.” It’d be pretty cool if everyone looked to your boy for help and guidance! 56. Hyuk. Cool and simple, this Korean boys’ name means “radiant,” which surely describes your little baby. 57. Ji-Won. Ji means “wisdom, intellect,” and won means “first, origin.” Therefore, you could piece together a cool and powerful name that means something like “the origin of wisdom.” 58. Seok. If you remember the name Beom Seok from above, then you might recall that Seok means “stone” or “rock.” This is a good example of a one-syllable Korean name. 59. Young-Jae. Possibly the coolest boys’ name on our list, this Korean moniker means “who is destined to be ever prosperous.” 60. Yong-sun. If you’re looking for Korean boy names meaning dragon, this is an excellent option. It means “the dragon in the first position,” so perhaps the strongest dragon, making it quite a powerful moniker.

More Korean Names for Boys With Cool Meanings

If you can’t get enough of these interesting and slightly cool, hip meanings, keep going with these Korean names for boys.

Powerful and Strong Korean Boy Names

International names can be excellent sources of inspiration when trying to find that perfect baby name. They often offer different meanings, sometimes with powerful or strong connotations, and Korean boy names are no different! You’ll find plenty of options for monikers that give your baby boy a sense of strength. 71. Chul. Perhaps you want your son to stand firm in what he believes. Chul is a powerful boys’ name that means just that: “firm.” 72. Dae. Your baby is undoubtedly the most important thing in your life, and the name Dae has a meaning to reflect that: “the great one” and “shining.” 73. Haneul. This is a strong choice and a beautiful Korean boys’ name. Haneul comes with the powerful meaning of “heaven, sky.” 74. Il. This simple Korean moniker means “superiority,” so it’s a good option for a powerful baby boys’ name. 75. Jum. If you’re looking for Korean boy names that mean “king,” you could name your little one Jum, which means “king, ruler.” This is also an excellent selection if you like the idea of royal baby names or monikers that evoke a sense of leadership. 76. Kang-Dae. For a good choice and a tough moniker that gets straight to the point, consider this Korean boys’ name. Kang-Dae combines hanja to create the meaning “one who is mighty and strong.” 77. Man-Young. What’s the most powerful Korean boys’ name? Man-Young could be it! This name means “ten thousand years of prosperity,” an incredible wish for your son! 78. Seung. You can have your pick of meanings for this strong Korean boys’ name. Seung could mean “rise, ascent,” “victory, excel,” or “inherit.” All of these evoke a sense of strength. 79. Won-Shik. Won-Shik has a beautiful meaning. Won means “head” or “root,” and shik can mean “family.” So, you have a name that means “the head or root of the family.” 80. Yun-Seo. Yun means “to govern,” and seo, when combined with won, means “series, sequence.” If you hope for your son to grow up to be a leader, the name Yun-Seo could do the job. If you’re perusing Korean boy names as a source of inspiration and are open to names from other cultures and languages, check out these lists of international names:

More Powerful and Strong Korean Boy Names

With meanings like “perpetual,” “eternal,” “universe,” and “divine intervention,” these strong and powerful Korean boy names could be just what you're looking for!

Beautiful Korean Names for Boys

Your baby boy is truly a beautiful little miracle, so why not give him a name with a meaning that matches? You’ll find numerous beautiful Korean names for boys.

91. Byeong-Ho. You might remember from above what this hanja combination means. Byeong means “bright, luminous, glorious,” and ho can mean either “great, vast” or “summer, heaven,” among other interpretations. If you like the idea of long baby names, consider using Byeong as a start! 92. Bon-Hwa. A good choice for a beautiful boy’s name, Bon-Hwa means “one who is glorious” in Korean. Surely your little one is quite glorious! 93. Chin-Hwa. To choose something that's both beautiful and powerful, consider Chin-Hwa, which means “the most prosperous and wealthiest of all.” 94. Dong-Yul. Dong means “east,” as in the rising sun, and yul means “having passion,” creating a truly beautiful moniker. 95. Do Hyun. Beautiful and prosperous, Do Hyun is a name that will set your son up for success. Do means “path,” and hyun means “virtuous.” 96. In. The simple and traditional Korean boys’ name In means “humanity or wise,” which is a pretty yet stately moniker for your little one. Does it get more beautiful than thinking about others? 97. Korain. This beautiful name means “one who is luminous and glorious.” It’s a step up from the name Bon-Hwa from above, but both are adorable! 98. Kyong. There are quite a few good Korean boy names that mean something like “brightness,” making for a very pretty and beautiful moniker. 99. Tae. This traditional Korean boys’ name gets right to the point! Short and sweet, Tae means “one who is a great person.” 100. Yong. You can choose between two meanings for the name Yong: “brave” or “perpetual, eternal.”

More Beautiful Korean Names for Boys

We're continuing the list of beautiful Korean names for boys and adding more choices!

K-pop Korean Boy Names

If you’re a fan of K-pop (Korean Pop) or simply want to use a famous moniker to help you settle on your boy’s future name, we’ve included some options from internationally beloved bands like BTS, EXO, Wanna One, and more. 111. Baekhyun. If you like K-pop, you’ve probably heard of the EXO group. Baekhyun is a singer and songwriter for EXO, plus an actor, and his name has the same adorable meaning as Baek-hyeon, which means “older brother” and “virtuous, worthy.” 112. Daniel. Though this is not a traditional Korean name, many boys opt for an American or Westernized moniker in addition to their Korean name, as is the case with Daniel from Wanna One. His Korean name is Eui-geon. Daniel is also a great option for biblical baby names, as it means “God is my judge.” 113. Hoshi. The group SEVENTEEN (also known as SVT) has 13 members, Hoshi being one of them. Hoshi is actually a Japanese girls’ name that means “star,” but the singer Hoshi uses it in addition to his Korean name, Soon Young, which can mean “beauty” and “brave, hero.” 114. Jin. It’s almost impossible to be a fan of K-pop and not know the group BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys. Although his full given name is Seok-Jin, the singer simply goes by Jin, which is a fairly traditional Korean boys’ name meaning “precious, rare.” 115. Jinyoung. An actor and a singer, Jinyoung is a member of the K-pop band Got7. His name combines jin and young (yeong), which mean “rare, precious” and “flower, petal” or “brave, hero,” respectively. 116. Ji-Sung. Another member of Wanna One is Ji-Sung, whose name means “wisdom, intellect” and “completed, succeeded.” 117. Johnny. As mentioned above, it’s common for Korean boys to have an American name, and Johnny from the K-pop band NCT 127 is a great example. His Korean name is Young Ho (meaning “rare, precious” and “summer, heaven”), and his American name is John, a traditional boys’ name meaning “Yahweh (God) is gracious.” 118. Jungkook. Another favorite from BTS, Jung-kook spells his stage name as one unit, Jungkook. Jung (jeong) means “quiet, still, gentle.” 119. Mingyu. Mingyu is a singer in the boy band SEVENTEEN, and the Korean name Mingyu has a unique meaning. Yu means “jade,” as in the precious gemstone, and ming means “bright.” 120. Suho. When combined this way, Suho means “guardian,” which is the stage name of Jun-myeon, a member of EXO. Jun-myeon means “talented,” “handsome,” and “endeavor.”

More K-pop Korean Names for Boys

Pop music continues to provide inspiration for the next generation. Here are even more options for Korean male names from K-pop bands!

Good Korean Boy Names

As mentioned above, combinations of Korean male names are nearly endless, which gives you a lot of creativity and unique meanings. So, to keep the list going, we’ve included more good options for you to consider. Check out this assortment of traditional, unique, and cute Korean boy names. 131. Da. Short, simple, and sweet, the name Da means “to attain.” 132. Dae-Jung. This was the name of the former South Korean president Kim Dae-Jung, who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. In this combination, dae means "great, vast" and jung can mean “middle.” 133. Dong-Min. As you may remember, dong means “east,” as in the rising sun. When combined this way, min means “cleverness,” so you have a pretty cute and poetic Korean boys’ name. 134. Hyun Ki. This cute Korean boys’ name has some of the sweetest meanings. The hanja combinations can mean “wise,” “astute,” “intelligent,” and “clever.” 135. Yoo Joon. Yoo is a variant of yu or yuu and has a number of meanings: “tenderness,” “evening,” “friend,” “qualified,” “courage,” and “help,” among others. Joon (yoon) has a simpler meaning of “handsome.” So, you clearly have your pick as to what meaning you’d like for this cute name! 136. Hyeon-Jeong. For a cute and unique Korean boys’ name, try Hyeon-Jeong, which, in this combination, means “shine,” “virtuous,” and “loyal.” 137. Jae. For a unique one-syllable Korean name for boys, you have Jae. Although it’s a short name, it has a few hanja options and different meanings, including “talent, ability” and “wealth, riches.” 138. Ji-Su. This name combines ji, which means “purpose,” “ambition,” or “wisdom,” with su, meaning “luxuriant, beautiful” in this blend. It’s a truly beautiful and powerful option for Korean boy names. 139. Sang-Hun. A good option for a strong Korean boys’ name, Sang-Hun combines unique meanings. Sang means “still” and hun means “meritorious deed, rank.” 140. Seong. This name combines well with several hanja, but when alone, it simply means “completed, succeeded.”

More Good Korean Boy Names

Keep reading for even more Korean guy names! You’ll find additional options below, some with kind, sweet, and strong meanings.

Even More Korean Boy Names

It would be almost impossible to include every single random combination of Korean boy names, so we’ve just added 50 more to keep the inspiration going!

The Bottom Line

Korean names for boys offer a vast list of hanja combinations, allowing you to create a moniker with unique, cute, strong, or beautiful meanings. In Korean culture, it’s all about the meaning, with many parents choosing a name that may give their little guy a good, prosperous future. Our list has many Korean boy names and several common or popular hanja combinations, but you can mix and match any way you please! For even more inspiration, check out our list of Asian boy names, Hawaiian boy names and short baby names. As you prepare for your little Jin-Min or Si-woo’s arrival, let us reward you for all those future diaper changes with the Pampers Club app. Get started early—stock up on diapers and wipes and get rewards for all those purchases!