Top 180 Muslim and Arabic Boy Names and Their Meanings

If you hail from an Arabic-speaking country, or you're one of more than 400 million Arabic speakers in the world, perhaps you're searching for a meaningful Arabic baby boy name for your new bundle of joy. You may even be looking for Muslim boy names, which are often of Arabic origin. In this article, we'll delve into the meanings and rich cultural history of some of the most popular Muslim boy names of Arabic origin, as well as some unique, strong, cute, and cool options, to help you find the ideal name for your little one.

Popular Arabic Boy Names

If you're drawn to the lists of most popular boy names each year, check out ours—we’ve put together some of the top Arabic and Muslim boy names from the latest statistics in the United States. You’ll probably recognize many of them! 1. Ali. Ali is a revered name in Islam, meaning “noble” or “exalted.” It's associated with the Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law, the fourth ruler of the Shia Muslims. 2. Amir. Meaning “prince” or “commander,” Amir is a popular Muslim boys’ name with both Arabic and Persian roots. 3. Hamza. This Arabic boys’ name means “strong” or “steadfast.” Hamza is remembered as the brave uncle of the Prophet Muhammad in Islamic history. 4. Hassan. Hassan, which means “handsome” or “good,” is a popular and beloved Arabic boys’ name in the Muslim world due to its association with the poet Hassan ibn Thabit, who was a companion of Prophet Muhammad. 5. Idris. This Arabic boys’ name means “interpreter” and is linked to a prophet mentioned in the Islamic tradition. It’s also the name of the English actor Idris Elba, known for his roles in The Wire and Luther.

6. Kareem. Kareem means “generous” or “noble” and is a classic Arabic boys’ name, as well as being one of the 99 names of Allah in Islamic belief. The American basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a famous bearer of this name. 7. Malik. If you’re looking for a popular and royal Arabic boys’ name, consider Malik, which means “king.” This is another one of the 99 names of Allah in Islam. 8. Muhammad. Meaning “praised” or “commendable,” the popular Muhammad is the most common Muslim boys’ name worldwide due to its association with the founder of Islam. The boxer Muhammad Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay when he converted to Islam. 9. Nasir. The meaning of the name Nasir is “helper” or “protector.” Nasir is popular among Muslims. 10. Omar. Signifying new life with its meaning of “life” and “flourishing,” Omar is a popular Arabic name in many countries, including the United States, Kazakhstan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 11. Samir. With its interesting meaning, “companion in evening talk,” this Arabic name for boys is perfect for a friendly baby boy who may become your favorite evening companion. 12. Zayn. This Arabic boys’ name meaning “beauty” or “grace” became popular in the United States thanks to Zayn Malik from the famous boyband One Direction.

Unique and Rare Arabic Boy Names

Searching for unique baby names that stand out from the crowd? Then this list of unique and rare Arabic boy names is for you! From names that are rarely heard outside of their cultural origins to names with unconventional meanings, these are sure to provide you with the rare gem you’re looking for. 13. Akram. Akram means “most generous.” While it’s a relatively rare Arabic boys’ name, it’s a superlative form of Karim that has gained more traction in the top baby name lists. 14. Bilal. Even though this unique Arabic boys’ name is fairly rare in the United States, it’s a popular choice in Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It means “moistening.” 15. Daniyal. Do you want a unique Arabic alternative to the common boys’ name Daniel? If so, go with Daniyal, which is the Arabic, Persian, and Urdu version of this biblical boys’ name that means “God is my judge.” 16. Farid. You've come to the right place if you’re looking for a rare boys’ name. Farid simply means “unique” and “precious”—perfect for your one-of-a-kind baby boy! 17. Marwan. From the name of a fragrant plant in Arabic, this beautiful and unique name is a great choice for a blossoming baby boy. It’s also similar to the name of two sacred hills near Mecca, Al-Marwa. 18. Nazih. Looking for a unique name with an appealing meaning? You could choose Nazih, which means “honest” and “virtuous” in Arabic. 19. Qasim. If you want your little boy to be generous and share with his friends, this unique Arabic name may help inspire that. It literally means “one who divides goods among his people.” 20. Suhail. Want to name your baby after a star? Suhail is the Arabic name belonging to the second brightest star in the sky—Canopus.

More Unique and Rare Arabic Boy Names

Here are even more unique Arabic boy names that are both distinctive and meaningful:

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Royal Arabic Boy Names

Explore the regal and majestic world of Arabic monikers with this list dedicated to royal boy names. From names with a long history of being used by sultans and caliphs to names that simply exude a sense of grandeur and nobility, this list is sure to inspire anyone looking for a name fit for a prince. 31. Ahmed. The name Ahmed belonged to three Ottoman sultans and is a variant of Ahmad—one of our powerful Arabic boy names, meaning “most commendable.” 32. Aziz. This royal Arabic boys’ name bears the regal meanings of “powerful,” “respected,” and “beloved.” It is one of the 99 names of Allah, as well as belonging to a tenth-century ruler. 33. Faruq. The meaning of this name is something we all wish for our children: “person who can tell right from wrong.” The last king of Egypt also bore this Arabic boys’ name, giving it a touch of royalty. 34. Hisham. Hisham is a royal Arabic boys’ name meaning “generous” and “to crush,” which comes from the tradition of crushing bread in order to share it. An eighth-century caliph of the Umayyad dynasty was a bearer of this name. 35. Makram. The name Makram means “noble traits” and “generous.” These are certainly royal gifts to bestow upon your little one. 36. Mahmud. Borne by two Ottoman sultans and the first Muslim ruler of India, this Arabic boys’ name is certainly royal. It means “praised.” 37. Mehmed. Similar to the name above, this Arabic boys’ name has some royal connections, including six sultans of the Ottoman Empire. It originally stems from the popular name Muhammad, meaning “to praise.” 38. Nabil. Here's an Arabic boys’ name that means “noble.” It would be a fitting name not only for someone of high rank but for someone who possesses outstanding qualities and virtues—as you hope your little boy will. 39. Rafi. Just like some of the names above, this Arabic boys’ name means “noble,” as well as “elevated” and “sublime,” making it perfect for your tiny royal baby. 40. Sultan. If you want a royal Arabic name, why not give your baby boy a regal title, such as Sultan, which basically means “ruler” in Muslim countries. In Turkey, Sultan is often used as a gender-neutral name.

More Royal Arabic Boy Names

Find more names fit for your little prince below:

Short and Cute Arabic Boy Names

Looking for a short and cute Arabic boy name for your little one? You're in luck! Many of these Arabic names have a rich history and adorable meanings, such as “friend” and “shine.” Take a look at our sweet list of Arabic boy names starting with the letter A all the way to boy names starting with the letter Z.

51. Adil. The Arabic name Adil means “honest” or “fair.” It’s a popular name in the Muslim world and is often given to boys as a symbol of righteousness and integrity. 52. Anas. With its meaning of “friendly and companionable,” Anas is simply irresistible. This short and cute Arabic boys’ name belonged to a companion of the Prophet Muhammad. 53. Badr. If you like celestial names, you could go with Badr, which means “full moon” in Arabic. 54. Habib. Give your darling baby boy this endearing name that means “beloved” in Arabic. 55. Hadi. Meaning “guide,” this short Arabic boys’ name has an irresistibly cute spelling and sound for your little one. 56. Jibril. Looking for the perfect name for your little angel? Jibril is the Arabic form of Gabriel—the archangel and messenger of God in Hebrew tradition. 57. Naji. This cute Arabic boys’ name means “safe and secure” and “friend.” It’s pronounced NA-jee and can also be spelled Naaji or Nagi. 58. Nizar. Pronounced nee-ZAR, this adorable boys’ name means “little” or “shine” in Arabic—both are cute and apt meanings for that bright new arrival in your life. 59. Tariq. If your little one is born just before sunrise, you might enjoy naming them Tariq, which is the name of the morning star in Arabic. Your baby boy will certainly shine just as bright! 60. Zaki. With its cute and cool spelling and the meaning of “pure” in Arabic, Zaki is an adorable name choice for any newborn baby boy.

More Short and Cute Arabic Boy Names

If you couldn’t resist those adorable monikers, here are even more:

Powerful and Strong Arabic Boy Names

If you’re hunting for a strong and powerful name for your baby boy, why not consider the following options. Here’s a list of some of the most powerful and inspiring Arabic boy names with a strong presence. 71. Abdullah. This powerful Arabic boys’ name means “servant of Allah”—Allah being the Islamic god. It’s an alternative transcription of the name Abd Allah, which also belonged to the Prophet Muhammad’s father. 72. Ahmad. Meaning “most commendable” in Arabic, Ahmad can be found in the top 1,000 boy names in both the United States and Britain. It’s certainly a commendable choice for your little star. If you want to see more of the top British boy names, take a look at our cool list. 73. Harun. If you’re looking for an Arabic form of a common boys’ name, Harun could be a good choice. It's a form of Aaron, meaning “exalted” or “high mountain.” And of course, mountains are a symbol of strength and sturdiness. 74. Jabari. Interestingly, Jabari is actually an African American boys’ name that comes from the Arabic name Jabbar, meaning “almighty” and “powerful.” It became popular in the United States in 1973 when it was added to a list of African boy names in a newspaper article. 75. Jalal. Jalal’s meaning in Arabic is simply “greatness,” a worthy goal for your baby boy. 76. Khalid. This powerful Arabic boys’ name means “eternal.” 77. Mustafa. With the strong meaning of “chosen one” in Arabic, this boys’ name is actually an epithet of Muhammad. Four Ottoman sultans were bearers of this powerful name. 78. Qadir. Pronounced as KA-deer or ka-DEER, this strong and unique boys’ name means “capable,” “powerful,” and “mighty” in Arabic. Qadir is one of the 99 names of Allah. 79. Saif. This name may be short, but it sure does pack a strong and courageous punch! It means “sword”—a symbol of protection and power. 80. Usama. Pronounced as oo-SA-mah, this powerful Arabic boys’ name means “lion.” Are you ready to hear your baby boy roar?

More Powerful and Strong Arabic Boy Names

Find that perfect name for your little warrior with even more strong Arabic boy names:

Beautiful Arabic Boy Names

If you're considering a beautiful and meaningful name for your little boy, Arabic names offer a wealth of options with their lyrical sounds and rich history. So, take a look at our following list for a name that embodies the beauty of wisdom, grace, or nature: 91. Anwar. Your bright little star might be a good match for this beautiful Arabic boys’ name meaning “brighter” and “more luminous.” A famous bearer of this name was Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. 92. Ayman. You may feel like the luckiest person on earth once your baby boy arrives, so why not bless them with a name that literally means “lucky” and “blessed” in Arabic? 93. Ghassan. This Arabic name for boys honors the beauty and purity of childhood with its meaning of “youth.” Celebrate those special years with your little one! 94. Hakeem. This beautiful Arabic boys’ name means “wise” and “intelligent.” It belongs to the Nigerian American basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon. 95. Hussein. Simply meaning “handsome,” this Arabic name is perfect for your beautiful baby boy who is sure to win over many hearts. It’s the middle name of the former president Barack Obama. 96. Jamal. The name Jamal means “beauty” in Arabic, so it's a lovely choice for your little guy and the beauty he will bring into your life. 97. Rayyan. Looking for a rare and beautiful boys’ name starting with R? Check out Rayyan, which means “watered” and “lush.” In Islamic tradition, this Arabic name for boys and girls represents one of the gates of paradise. 98. Sami. This cute Arabic boys’ name means “sublime” and “elevated,” giving it a beautiful and otherworldly vibe. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an Arabic boys’ name that sounds English. 99. Shadi. Do you come from a musical family? If so, you might be looking for a singer to join your band. And you’re in luck with this lovely name that simply means “singer.” 100. Ziyad. Watching your baby boy blossom and grow is one of life’s most beautiful things—so, why not pick an Arabic boys’ name that means “growth”?

More Beautiful Arabic Boy Names

For even more irresistible names, keep reading:

Cool Arabic Boy Names

With their rich history and unique meanings, Arabic boy names are both stylish and meaningful. In this list, we'll showcase some of the coolest Arabic and Muslim boy names that are sure to set your little one apart and make him stand out from the crowd. 111. Abdul. Pronounced AB-dool, this cool Arabic boys’ name means “servant of.” 112. Aqil. You might like this cool Arabic boys’ name, meaning “intelligent” and “wise.” What great things will your wise little guy achieve? 113. Barak. New babies are special gifts and this name celebrates that with its meaning of “blessing” in Arabic. Barak is also a Hebrew boys’ name meaning “lightning,” and if you add c before the last letter of the name, you get the name of former president Barack Obama. 114. Fawaz. Fawaz means “successful” or “victorious” in Arabic. The final letter Z gives this Arabic boys’ name a cool vibe. 115. Haytham. This name is an extra cool Arabic boys’ name thanks to its meaning: “young eagle.” And of course, eagles symbolize strength, vision, and freedom. 116. Imran. This classic Arabic boys’ name means “prosperity” and is often used in Muslim tradition for the name of the Virgin Mary’s father. 117. Mikha'il. There’s something cool about finding a unique version of a classic name—can you guess what this name is? Yes, it’s the Arabic form of Michael. It’s a popular name among Muslims and Christians alike. 118. Nahar. If you love names inspired by nature or you simply love the water, you might enjoy this cool and refreshing Arabic boys’ name meaning “river.” 119. Yusuf. Spice up the name Joseph with this cool Arabic form meaning “he will add.” This is the name of the famous British musician Yusuf Islam, who commonly went by his stage name Cat Stevens. 120. Ziya. With this Arabic boys’ name and its cool meanings of “light” and “splendor,” your baby boy is sure to shine. This name belonged to a fourteenth-century historian of Islamic Indian descent.

More Cool Arabic Boy Names

Keep your cool and check out even more trendy Arabic boy names:

Even More Arabic and Muslim Boy Names

Our list of Arabic and Muslim boy names doesn’t end just yet! And if you’re still searching after this, check out our baby name generator for even more inspiration.

The Bottom Line

We hope you found the perfect-fitting Arabic name for your baby boy. If you want to expand your search, or you’re just curious about names from different countries and cultures, take a look at our lists of German boys’ name, Russian boy names, and Scottish names for boys.

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