303 One-Syllable Girl Names for Your Baby Girl

If your sweet baby girl is nearly ready to enter the world, you may be looking for the perfect name. One-syllable names are strong, cute, and fuss-free, perfect for your little girl. Whether it’s unique, classic, pretty, or strong one-syllable girl names you’re looking for, we’ve put together a list of some of the best to use as a cute nickname or a standalone name.

Unique One-Syllable Girl Names

Are you looking for a one-syllable girls name that’s a little more interesting or unusual? Well, we’ve compiled some unique, yet incredibly cute girl names that might pique your interest:

1. An. This unique one syllable girl’s name is of Chinese and Vietnamese origin. It means “peace” or “safe.” A beautiful choice for your peaceful lady. 2. Ange. From the French form of the name Angelus, this short name can also be the diminutive of Angel, Angela, or Angelina. If you like this name for your little Angel, check out more French girl names. 3. Bee. A short and unique form of the name Beatrix, meaning “voyager.” This incredibly cute name the name of British author Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit. 4. Bjork. If it’s unique you’re looking for, this Icelandic name is a great choice. Meaning “birch tree,” Bjork brings a sense of nature for those who love the great outdoors. 5. Blanche. Meaning “fair,” this single syllable girl’s name comes from a medieval French nickname. It was a popular choice in both France and the United States in the early 1900s. Why don’t you consider bringing this unique name back! 6. Bryn. This Welsh name means “hill,” and can be a good choice if you’re looking for a unisex name. You can also consider the spelling Brynn. 7. Cher. This short form of the name Cheryl is possibly derived from the French word chérie, meaning “darling.” And of course, it’s the name of the famous singer, Cher. This short girl name is a unique and strong choice for your darling baby girl. 8. Cree. Cree is the name of a Native American people in central Canada, and comes from the Cree word kiristino. 9. Dot. Another unique one-syllable girl’s name is Dot. This name is the diminutive of Dorothy, a name whose popularity peaked in the early 1900s due to the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its main character, Dorothy. If you’re a fan of literature and fantasy, why not bring back this name. 10. Flick. This name is a diminutive of Felicity, meaning “happiness.” It is more common in the United Kingdom; however, it’s waiting for a comeback here in the States. This unique short name could bring a lot of happiness to you and your little girl. 11. France. This unique one-syllable female name comes from the name of the country. It can be the short form of Françoise, or a variant of Francine or Fanny. 12. Gae. A variant of the name Gaye, or Gay, from the word gay, meaning “happy.” This name rose in popularity between 1930 and 1960, making it a great vintage choice. Its namesakes include actresses Marcia Gay Harden and LisaGay Hamilton. This spelling of the name adds a unique twist, and your baby girl will certainly live up to her name by bringing you lots of happiness. 13. Gol. This Persian name means “flower.” If you like the idea of flower names for your baby girl, here are more to inspire you. 14. Griet. From the Dutch name Margriet, a form of Margaret, this name means “daisy flower.” Another beautiful and unique flower name for your little one. 15. Haze. This name is the short form of Hazel, from the name of the tree, or the light brown color. Perhaps a unique name for a little brown-eyed girl. 16. Jae. Meaning “talent” or “wealth” in Korean, this short girl’s name is a great choice for your talented little cutie. It can also be a variant of the masculine name Jay. 17. Jewel. A precious stone as precious as your baby girl. A popular namesake is Alaskan born singer-songwriter Jewel. The name also comes from the surname that was popular in the sixteenth century after John Jewel, the bishop of Salisbury. 18. Joss. This short form of the name Jocelyn is a unique unisex name, meaning “merry one.” It is also the name of the female British singer Joss Stone. 19. Kai. This unique name has a few different origins. In Hawaiian it means “sea,” and in Chinese the name means “triumph.” It is also the short form of the Estonian name “Kaia.” Around the world in one name! If Hawaiian girl names inspire you, we’ve got even more for you to check out. 20. Lake. From the English word lake, this is one you don’t hear too often, but it could be beautiful for your water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) baby. 21. Love. No explanation is needed for the meaning of this name. This simple and short name could be perfect for the new love of your life. 22. Mave. If you’re interested in legends, this name is a form of the Irish name Medb, meaning “intoxicating,” and can also be spelled Maeve. Mave was the name of a warrior queen in the Irish epic The Cattle Raid of Cooley. 23. Nur. In Arabic, this name means “light.” Some variants of this name include Noor and Nour. 24. Nyx. In Greek mythology, Nyx was the goddess of the night. There’s something unique and mystical about names inspired by Greek mythology. 25. Pip. If you’re a fan of literature, you may remember that Pip was the main character in the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations. This name is the diminutive of Philippa, and also of the male name Philip, meaning “friend of horses.” 26. Shay. This is the English form of the Irish name Séaghdha, meaning “favorable.” Some variants include Shae, Shaye, and Shea. 27. Thi. A Vietnamese name, meaning “poetry.” This short and unique name is pronounced TEE and is a beautiful choice if you’re a lover of poetry. 28. Vi. This is the short form of the name Violet, from the purple flower of the same name. 29. Wyn. Wyn is a Welsh name, derived from the name Gywn or Gwen, meaning “blessed” or “fair.” You could also consider the alternative spelling, Wynn, or opt for Gwen as the short form of Gwendolen.

More Unique One-Syllable Girl Names

Can’t get enough of these unique one-syllable girl names? Here are some more for you to enjoy:


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Pretty One-Syllable Girl Names

Your baby girl deserves a name as beautiful as she is. Check out our list of pretty one-syllable girl names: 47. Beau. Let’s start with a name that literally means “beautiful” in French. This pretty name has become popular for both boys and girls. If you’re considering a gender-neutral name, we have plenty more options for you. 48. Bloom. This name is from the English word bloom, meaning to “thrive” and “blossom.” Just like a flower in spring, your little girl can bloom with this beautiful name. 49. Belle. Another French name with the meaning “beautiful.” You might recognize this name from the brave, book-loving heroine of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. 50. Chi. This short name has a pretty ring to it for your baby girl. It has Vietnamese origins and means “branch.” 51. Day. This name comes from the word day and is more commonly used as a surname. However, it makes a pretty given name that can mean “light and hope” or “a new day.” 52. Dove. This pretty name symbolizes peace, just like the bird. Dove is a lovely choice for your peaceful little lady. 53. Fern. Nature inspired names are always a pretty choice. Fern comes from the name of the plant and is a short and sweet name for nature lovers. 54. Flo. Flo is the short form of Florence or Flora, meaning “flourishing” or “flower.” Flora was the goddess of flowers and spring, and you’ll recognize Florence from the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. Both are inspiring namesakes for your baby girl. 55. Gem. A name as pretty as a “precious stone.” Gem can be the short form of the Italian name Gemma. 56. Grace. This elegant name could be perfect for a little girl that is full of grace. It’s one of the virtue names adopted by the Puritans. A famous bearer of this name was the actress and princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. 57. Jade. Another name inspired by a precious stone. This beautiful green gemstone is often used in carvings and jewelry and is thought to encourage purity, honesty, and bravery. Why not name your precious girl after this pretty stone? 58. Jane. This single syllable girl’s name is classic as well as pretty. If you’re interested in literature, you’ll recognize the famous bearers of this name, such as the novelist Jane Austen, and Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre. Other inspirational namesakes include actress Jane Fonda and primatologist Jane Goodall. 59. Hla. Pronounced LA, this Burmese name literally means “pretty.” It’s hard to resist such a sweet, short name. 60. Niamh. Pronounced NEEV, this Irish name means “bright.” In Irish legend, Niamh was the daughter of the sea god. This short and pretty name can also be spelled Neve, or the Welsh form, Nia. 61. Mae. A variant of May, this name is perfect for a little girl born in the month of May. It is also the name of a hawthorn flower and the stage and film actress Mae West. Mae can also be used as the diminutive of Mary, Margaret, or Mabel. 62. Peace. A pretty one-syllable female name for your quiet and peaceful princess. This name is derived from the Latin word pax and is a common name in Nigeria. 63. Ren. This short and pretty name for your little girl originates in Japan. It even has two pretty meanings, “lotus” and “love.” You can check out this list of Japanese names for your baby girl for more inspiration. 64. Rose. Flower names are often a pretty choice for baby girls, and this classic name is cute and versatile. You can also choose from variants such as Rosa or Rosalie, or diminutives such as Rosie, Rosy, Rosette, and Rosaline. 65. Spring. Coming from the name of the season, this name means “to leap or burst forth.” Your baby girl will be bursting forth into your world very soon. 66. Star. Coming from the Old English word steorra, this beautiful name may remind you of the celestial body in the night sky, and it’s also symbolic of Christmas. Perfect for your baby born in December, or star-gazing enthusiasts.

More Pretty One-Syllable Girl Names

As there are so many pretty one-syllable girl names to choose from, we’ve added even more below:

Classic One-Syllable Girl Names

Classic names are great choices, as they never go out of style. If you want a classic one-syllable name that will stand the test of time, we’ve found some great ones for you to choose from.

84. Anne. This is one of the most classic names for girls, along with its variants Anna and Ann, and is of Hebrew, French, and English origin. It can also be a form of Hannah, Annette, or Annabel. Anne has various namesakes, including Saint Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary), Anne Frank, and actress Anne Hathaway; it was also the name of six queens of England. 85. Bette. This short girl’s name is a diminutive of the biblical name Elizabeth. Its popularity ranking hasn't dipped below 30 since 1880. Bette is a cute and classic option for your baby girl. 86. Babs. A diminutive of Barbara, a name that became popular in the Christian world in the Middle Ages due to Saint Barbara, the patron saint of architects, stonemasons, and geologists. A few famous Barbaras include actress and singer Barbra Streisand and journalist and television personality Barbara Walters. 87. Brooke. This name is a variant of the surname Brook, for a person that lived near a brook. Some famous namesakes are socialite Brooke Astor, and actress Brooke Shields. 88. Kate. This classic name is a diminutive of Katherine. Its origins have often been disputed, but one meaning from the Greek katharos is “pure.” There are many famous Kates and Katherines, such as actress Kate Winslet and Katherine of Aragon (the first wife of Henry VIII). 89. Claire. Originating in France, this classic name is popular in many forms, such as Clare and Clara. Meaning “clear, bright,” it’s a beautiful choice for your bright little lady. 90. Dawn. From the English word dawn. It’ll be the beginning of a bright, new day when your baby girl is born. 91. Deb. The short form of Deborah, from a Hebrew name meaning “bee.” In the bible, the heroine Deborah leads the Israelites and forms an army to defeat the Canaanite commander. A classic and strong choice for your brave little girl! 92. Elle. A diminutive of Eleanor, this cute name has popular namesakes, such as model Elle Macpherson, actress Elle Fanning, and Legally Blonde’s main character, Elle Woods. You may associate the name Eleanor with the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. 93. Eve. If you’re looking for something classic and biblical, then Eve is a wonderful choice. From Ancient Hebrew, meaning “to breath” or “to live,” this is the name of the first human female, according to the Old Testament. Perhaps a good choice for your firstborn girl. 94. Fay. From the Middle English word faie meaning “fairy.” What a magical meaning for your little one. 95. Gill. This short form of Gillia is the feminine form of Julian, meaning “joy of the lord” in Hebrew. 96. Hope. This name is not only classic but also very pretty. It’s one used by the Puritans and has continued to stand the test of time. Your baby girl will bring so much hope into your life, so why not give her this beautiful name. 97. Jenn. From the name Jennifer, which stems from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, meaning “white phantom.” Actresses Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jennifer Lopez all bear this classic name. 98. Jess. Another classic one-syllable female name, Jess can be the short form of Jesse or Jessica, meaning “gift.” Jessica appeared in the top three names for girls from the late 1970s to the late 1990s. 99. Joan. This short and classic girl’s name has been common among European royalty, and it was most famously the name of the heroine and saint, Joan of Arc, who led the French army in the battle of Orleans. Joan of Arc lends strength and heroism to the simple name, making it a great choice for your strong-minded little girl. 100. Kay. This single syllable girl’s name is another short form of the name Katherine and other names beginning with K. 101. Liv. This name is the short form of Olivia and is a standalone name in Scandinavia, meaning “life.” You may think of the actress Liv Tyler. 102. Pam. The name Pamela appeared the late sixteenth century in Sir Philip Sidney’s poem Arcadia. It means “all sweetness.” Pam is one of the characters from the TV show The Office. A classic for your sweet girl. 103. Ruth. From the Hebrew word meaning “friend,” this is a biblical name found in the Book of Ruth. This classic might be ready for a comeback!

More Classic One-Syllable Girl Names

If you couldn’t get enough of those classic one-syllable girl names, we’ve got even more for you to check out! With any luck, you’ll find inspiration in this list:

Strong One-Syllable Girl Names

Short names can be strong and powerful. Check out this list of one-syllable names for your strong-minded little warrior.

125. Ash. This strong, short name is a classic and a great unisex choice. Ash is short for Ashley, meaning “ash tree.” Ash might appeal to fans of Pokémon, as it’s the name of the main character. 126. Bree. This is the English version of the Irish name Brigh, meaning “power.” Brigh was also the daughter of the powerful Irish god Dagda. That sure does denote strength! 127. Blair. There’s something special and almost strong about Gaelic names. Blair is originally from a Scottish surname meaning “battlefield.” It’s also the name of the strong-minded Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf. 128. Blue. From the name of the color, Blue came into the spotlight after Beyonce and Jay-Z used it for their baby girl. This strong name may also be a good choice for a one-syllable middle name for your baby girl. 129. Dune. If you want something unique as well as strong, Dune has you covered. This name evokes images of sandy desert or coastal landscapes, as well as Frank Herbert’s novel Dune. It’s a pretty cool choice for sci-fi fans. 130. Gab. A short form of Gabrielle or Gabriella, this name originally comes from the Hebrew name Gabriel, a messenger of God. It’s an elegant yet strong feminine name and was the real name of fashion designer Coco Chanel. 131. Greer. This name is strong and sophisticated. It was originally from the Scottish surname Gregor but is now used as both a surname and a given name. 132. Izz. Izz is the short form of Isabel or Isabella, a name that originates in Spain. It was borne by two Spanish ruling queens, making it a great choice for your future leader. You can check out more Spanish names for your baby girl in our great list. 133. Jo. If it’s a short name you’re looking for, then Jo is perfect. This diminutive of Joanne, Josephine, Joan, or any name beginning with Jo, is very versatile. It also has a strong and ambitious namesake in Jo March from the classic novel Little Women. 134. Jude. This biblical name can be the short form of Judith, or as a standalone unisex name. In the Book of Judith, this strong woman defeated Holofernes, an invading commander. This short name is also reminiscent of the classic Beatles song Hey Jude. 135. Kat. Another diminutive of Katherine, but with a strong, feisty feline feeling to it. You could also consider the variants Kitty, Kit, or Kate. 136. Maeve. In Irish legend, Maeve (Medb) was the warrior queen of Connacht. There’s nothing fiercer than naming your little one after a warrior queen. 137. Maud. A Medieval English and French form of the name Matilda, meaning “strength in battle.” A strong meaning for your strong-minded girl. You could also consider the spelling Maude. 138. Nell. This name is often a diminutive of names containing El, such as Eleanor, Ellen, or Helen. This name has a vintage feel to it while maintaining its strong sound. 139. Paige. In Middle English, Paige was often used a surname for a “page to a lord.” However, your little girl can take on this name, adding strength and independence to it! 140. Rae. From the Hebrew name Rachel, meaning “ewe.” This short cool name can also be spelled Ray, for your little ray of sunshine! 141. Shae. This is the English version of the Irish name Séaghdha, meaning “favorable and learned.” A great choice for your smart and popular baby girl. 142. Sam. This classic yet down-to-earth name is a popular choice for both boys and girls. It can be the short form of Samantha, meaning “flower.” Don’t underestimate the strength of this short and determined name. 143. Tor. Most commonly a male name, Tor is the modern Norwegian version of the name Thor. And what’s stronger than Thor the god of thunder? Perhaps a goddess of thunder!

More Strong One-Syllable Girl Names

There are so many cute and unique girl names to choose from, so we kept the list going with some more options:

More One-Syllable Girl Names

There’s no shortage of one-syllable girl names for you to choose from. Here are even more for you to feast your eyes on:

BONUS: Two and Three-Syllable Girl Names

If all those one-syllable female names intrigued you, but you were left wanting a bit more, as an added bonus, we have some great two and three-syllable girl names for you to enjoy.

Two-Syllable Girl Names

Check out these two-syllable girl names and their meanings:

Three-Syllable Girl Names

We’ve got even more choices for you in the form of three-syllable girl names:

The Bottom Line

Have you found the perfect one-syllable name for your baby girl? Maybe you found a unique one-syllable name that captured your eye, or perhaps you were more intrigued by something classic, pretty, or strong. If you’re still exploring names for your little one, there are plenty of other options you can check out. Take a look at our unique baby girl names for even more great ideas. You’ll soon discover a name that’s fit for your little queen.