Pretty, Beautiful, and Cute Girl Names and Their Meanings

When you pick a name for your daughter, you're likely searching for something that not only looks and sounds good but also has a beautiful meaning. Well, you’re in luck because we have compiled a list of cute girl names, from beautiful classics to adorable and unique girl names, that are aesthetically pleasing and also carry significant meanings. Read on to explore some pretty, beautiful, and cute girl names and their meanings.

Top Cute Baby Girl Names

Looking for a cute and popular name for your little girl? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top baby girl names with high rankings on the U.S. Social Security Administration's SSA's list for 2022. Choosing any of these adorable monikers will mean that your little one will be right on track with the latest name trends. Get ready to fall in love with these charming and cute names that will make your baby girl stand out from the crowd! 1. Amelia. Amelia is a cute girls’ name that means “hardworking” or “brave” and has German origins. It’s famously associated with Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. So, it’s no wonder this adorable moniker is number four on the list of popular girl names for 2022. 2. Aria. A cute girls’ name, meaning “air” or “melody” in Italian, Aria has gained popularity in English-speaking countries in recent years. It’s also a term used in opera for a self-contained piece for a solo voice—making a perfect choice for a musical family. 3. Ava. This is a popular and cute girls’ name of Latin origin, meaning “life” or “bird.” Ava Gardner was a famous American actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood. 4. Chloe. Meaning “blooming” or “fertility” in Greek, this name is a cute way to celebrate your growing baby girl and their arrival into the world. 5. Ella. Ella is one of the cute girl names with multiple origins. It means “fairy maiden” in English and “all” or “completely” in German. Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald is a famous namesake.

6. Emily. If you’re a lover of literature, this classic and cute name for girls has namesakes such as the American poet Emily Dickinson, and the British author Emily Brontë. It’s the English form of the Latin name Aemilius, meaning “rival.” 7. Harper. Of English origin, meaning “harp player,” this adorable unisex name has recently become popular among girls. The classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird was written by American author Harper Lee. 8. Hazel. Hazel is a cute girl name derived from the Old English word hæsel, referring to the hazel tree or the color. 9. Isla. One of our unique and cute monikers is this Scottish girls’ name meaning “island.” Isla Fisher, an Australian actress, is a famous namesake. 10. Ivy. Ivy, a cute name for girls, comes from the Old English word ifig, referring to the climbing plant. It’s a classic and nature-inspired name choice for your sweet baby girl. It was even chosen by Jay-Z and Beyoncé for their daughter Blue Ivy. 11. Layla. With its adorable sound and beautiful meanings of “night” or “dark beauty” in Arabic, Layla is a sweet option. It’s also the name of the love interest in a popular medieval Arabic story, which has been retold in both poetry and song over the years. 12. Lily. This cute and timeless name comes from the name of the flower (lilium in Latin), which is also a symbol of purity. 13. Luna. If you love all things celestial, you’re sure to love this cute girls’ name which simply means “moon.” In Roman mythology, Luna is the goddess of the moon, adding to the ethereal beauty of this moniker. 14. Mia. Of Scandinavian origin, Mia became popular in English-speaking countries in the 90s. It’s a diminutive of Maria, meaning “mine,” “beloved,” or “bitter.” Mia Farrow, an American actress, is a well-known namesake. 15. Naomi. If you’re looking for a cute biblical girls’ name, consider Naomi, meaning “pleasantness” or “my delight.” Those sweet meanings are reason enough to choose this delightful moniker. 16. Nora. This short form of Honora or Eleanor is of Irish origin and means “honor” or “light.” This short and sweet name has become increasingly popular yet still retains a unique vibe. 17. Olivia. Currently the most popular of the cute girls’ names on our list, Olivia comes from the Latin word oliva, meaning “olive tree.” It was used in Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night and is also the name of singer Olivia Newton-John, who starred in Grease. 18. Paisley. Paisley is a cute girls’ name of Scottish origin, referring to the intricate textile pattern. It originally comes from the name of a Scottish town. 19. Riley. Of Irish origin, from the surname Reilly, meaning “courageous,” or from an Old English surname meaning “rye clearing,” this cute name is adorable for both girls and boys. 20. Zoe. With the meaning of “life” in Greek, Zoe is an adorable name to celebrate the new life you have created.

More Cute Baby Girl Names

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Beautiful and Cute Girl Names

If you’re searching for a beautiful and adorable name for your baby girl, we have curated a list of stunning monikers that are sure to catch your eye. From classic and timeless names to unique and modern ones with beautiful meanings, this list offers a variety of options that will make your little girl shine! 41. Adira. Adira is a strong yet cute Hebrew name that reflects the qualities of nobility in a little girl thanks to its meanings of “strong” and “noble.” It’s a delightful choice with a powerful and elegant vibe. 42. Alina. This beautiful Slavic girls’ name means “bright” and “beautiful.” 43. Amara. Meaning “grace” and “mercy” in Igbo (a language spoken by the Igbo people, a Nigerian ethnic group), this beautiful girls’ name embodies qualities of kindness and compassion—perfect for your graceful baby girl. 44. Arden. Hoping for a daughter with an adventurous spirit? Arden is a unique and creative girls’ name that means “high” and “eagle valley,” evoking a sense of grandeur and freedom. 45. Aurelia. From the Ancient Roman family name, Aurelius, this dreamy girls’ name has the beautiful meaning of “golden.” Why not pick it for your golden-haired little beauty? 46. Briar. From the English word for the thorny bush, Briar is a unique and beautiful girls’ name that symbolizes strength and resilience. And if you’re a fan of fairy tales, the name Briar Rose was one of the names given to the princess in various versions of the Sleeping Beauty story, including the Disney movie. 47. Calanthe. Calanthe means “beautiful flower” in Greek and is the name of an orchid. 48. Carys. Carys is a Welsh name that means “love,” celebrating the strong bond between you and your baby girl. This beautiful girls’ name is almost too cute to resist. 49. Ciara. Irish girl names offer bundles of charm and cuteness for baby girls, and Ciara is no exception. Meaning “dark” or “black,” Ciara is a sweet choice for your dark-haired beauty. 50. Delia. Delia is a Greek name that means “of Delos” and is associated with the goddess of fertility. 51. Dora. With its adorable sound and connection to the adventurous cartoon character Dora the Explorer, this cute name is perfect for your own little adventurer! It means “gift” and can be used as a standalone name or a short form for Theodora, Dorothy, or Isidora. 52. Elara. Elara is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons and has the beautiful meaning of “bright shining one.” It’s a fitting choice if you appreciate the beauty of celestial names. 53. Emiko. Impart a positive spirit and joy by selecting this beautiful Japanese girls’ name meaning “smiling child.” 54. Esme. Meaning “loved” or “esteemed” in Old French, Esme is a sweet and beautiful name choice for both boys and girls. 55. Freya. Freya is a powerful Norse name that represents love, fertility, and war. It is the name of the Norse goddess of love and beauty, making it a fitting choice if you want your daughter to embody strength and passion. 56. Galatea. Another ethereal girls’ name from mythology is the beautiful Galatea. It’s a unique Greek name that means “milk-white” or “ivory,” and belonged to a mythological Greek statue brought to life by the sculptor Pygmalion. 57. Juno. Mythological baby names are a rich source of inspiration. In Roman mythology, Juno is the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth and the name means “young” and “queen of the heavens.” 58. Lucinda. This beautiful Spanish girls’ name means “light.” 59. Oriana. Celebrate the beginning of a new day and your radiant new arrival with this Latin name that means “golden dawn.” 60. Paloma. Paloma is a Spanish name that means “dove,” which is often associated with peace and tranquility—making this beautiful girls’ name an ideal choice for a serene and gentle spirit.

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Choosing a baby name can be a lot of fun, but with so many names to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Pretty and Cute Girl Names

Wondering what is the prettiest name for a girl? We just might have the answer on our list of pretty and cute girl names. Whether you're looking for a classic name or something more unusual, we've got you covered. 81. Adeline. This pretty and feminine girls’ name means “noble” and “kind” in French. 82. Alba. Alba is a Latin name meaning “dawn.” It also has Germanic origins and means “elf”—making it both pretty and cute! 83. Athena. Athena is the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. She is often depicted with an owl, a symbol of wisdom. 84. Audrey. This English name means “noble strength.” You may associate this pretty girls’ name with the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn. 85. Daphne. Meaning “laurel tree” in Greek, this cute and pretty girls’ name is found in Greek mythology. Daphne was a nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree to escape the god Apollo. 86. Eden. Meaning “delight” in Hebrew, this pretty girls’ name is associated with the biblical Garden of Eden 87. Elsie. This pretty English and Swedish name for girls is actually a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.” 88. Fiona. A Scottish girls’ name, meaning “fair” and “white” (a form of the Irish name, Fionn), Fiona is a pretty and unique baby name choice. It's the name given to the character Princess Fiona in the Shrek movie series and singer Fiona Apple. 89. Grace. Grace is an elegant name that represents divine favor and beauty. Actress Grace Kelly is a well-known namesake. 90. Jade. The name Jade is a Spanish and French name, meaning “precious stone.” 91. Lola. Lola is a Spanish girls’ name meaning “strong woman” and is a diminutive of Dolores. Famous namesakes include singer Lola Flores. 92. Maeve. An Irish name meaning “intoxicating,” Maeve is the name of a legendary Irish queen and warrior. It’s no wonder this pretty and powerful name has been rising in popularity in recent years. 93. Marigold. If you’re looking for a pretty and unique floral moniker, go with Marigold, an English name derived from the golden flower of the same name. 94. Mila. Meaning “gracious” and “dear,” this cute Slavic girls’ name is born by actress Mila Kunis. If you like this Slavic name, you might enjoy checking out our list of Russian girl names. 95. Nova. This is a cool and pretty girls’ name, meaning “new” in Latin. It’s a great name to celebrate your new baby girl and new joyful beginnings. 96. Odessa. Odessa is a Greek name meaning “long journey.” The name is also associated with the Ukrainian city of Odessa, known for its rich history and beautiful architecture. 97. Penelope. Meaning “weaver” or coming from the name of a type of duck in Greek, this cute and playful girls’ name is a pretty choice. Namesakes include actress Penelope Cruz. 98. Poppy. From the flower of the same name, Poppy has long been a quintessentially British name for girls. It's a stylish and pretty girls’ name. 99. Rowan. The name Rowan means “red” in Irish, and it’s also a sweet unisex name—perfect for your little redhead. 100. Sage. In English, Sage is a name used for a “wise person” or the fragrant herb. Either way, it’s a cute name for a wise baby girl or boy.

More Pretty and Cute Girl Names

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Sweet Baby Girl Names

If you're looking for a sweet and charming name for your little bundle of joy, check out this list of adorable and delightful baby girl names for you to consider. From classic to modern, these names are sure to capture your heart and make your little lady stand out. 121. Alice. Alice is a sweet and classic girls’ name of Old German origin, meaning “noble.” You may think of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland—a wonderful story to read to your little one. 122. Aurora. This beautiful name of Latin origin, means “dawn.” It’s also the name of the Roman goddess of the morning and the natural light display in the Earth's sky, the aurora borealis. If your baby girl enters the world at the break of day, why not give her this sweet name? 123. Bonnie. If you’re looking for a sweet Scottish girls’ name, look no further than Bonnie! It simply means “pretty” or “beautiful.” 124. Bao. This adorable Chinese girls’ name means “precious,” “honor,” or “bud.” It is a gender-neutral name that signifies a sense of value and respect in Chinese culture. 125. Charlotte. A timeless name of French origin, meaning “free person.” It’s the feminine form of Charles and has been a popular name among royalty for centuries. 126. Claire. Claire is an elegant name of French origin, meaning “clear” or “bright.” 127. Daisy. This cheerful and super sweet girls’ name of Old English origin means “day's eye.” It’s derived from the flower and has been popularized by characters like Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. 128. Dana. Dana is a versatile name with various origins. In Hebrew, it means “to judge,” and in Old Persian, it means “wise.” 129. Eliza. Of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my oath,” this sweet girls’ name is a short form of Elizabeth. It was borne by the character Eliza Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion and in the musical adaptation, My Fair Lady. 130. Emma. A classic and popular German girls’ name, meaning “universal” or “whole.” You may think of the main character in Jane Austen's novel Emma as well as actresses Emma Watson and Emma Thompson. 131. Evelyn. Although the meaning of this sweet girls’ name is uncertain, Evelyn is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Interestingly, it was first used as a male name before becoming primarily female. 132. Fay. Fay is a cute and whimsical girls’ name of Old English origin, meaning “fairy.” The name is often associated with magical and enchanting qualities. 133. Florence. Of Latin origin, meaning “flourishing” or “prosperous,” this sweet girls’ name is derived from the name Florentius and is also the name of a picturesque Italian city known for its art, architecture, and culture. A famous namesake is Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. 134. Isabella. This is a cute name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pledged to God.” It’s a variant of the name Elizabeth and has been popular among royalty around the world, including Queen Isabella I of Castile. 135. Kate. Meaning “pure” or “clear” in Greek, Kate is a short form of Katherine and has been popularized by figures like British actress Kate Winslet and by Catherine, Princess of Wales. 136. Lucy. With its beautiful meaning of “light,” this sweet name is a great choice for a bright little baby girl. It’s derived from the name Lucia and is often associated with the fourth-century Christian martyr Saint Lucy. 137. Madelyn. The name Madelyn is a variant of Madeleine, meaning “high tower” or “woman from Magdala.” There are various ways to spell this sweet girls’ name, but this is the most popular form in the United States right now. You also have the option of the cute and playful nickname Maddie. 138. Maya. Maya is a versatile name with various origins, including Sanskrit, where it means “illusion” or “magic,” and Hebrew, meaning “water.” This cute girls’ name is also associated with the ancient Maya civilization, as well as with poet and author Maya Angelou. 139. Sophia. Of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom,” Sophia has been popular among royalty and saints, and was also borne by Italian actress, Sophia Loren. 140. Willow. Willow is a sweet and serene girls’ name of Old English origin, meaning “slender” or “graceful.” It’s derived from the willow tree, known for its flexibility and resilience, and it’s one of the few adorable girls’ names starting with the letter W on this list.

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Nice and Adorable Girl Names

If you’re simply seeking a nice girls’ name, this list contains monikers with a special significance, ranging from “kind” and “she who brings happiness” to “youthful.” So, whether you're searching for a name that reflects your baby girl’s personality or simply want something adorable and meaningful, you're sure to find it here. 161. Arwen. If you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, you may recognize this enchanting name, meaning “noble maiden.” Tolkien created this captivating name for the elf princess and love interest of Aragorn. 162. Ada. Ada is an adorable girls’ name of Old German origin, with the nice meanings of “noble” and “kind.” It was borne by the nineteenth-century mathematician and writer Ada Lovelace, who is often regarded as the world's first computer programmer. 163. Beatrice. What’s more apt for the arrival of your new baby girl than the meaning “she who brings happiness”! This cute girls’ name was given to figures such as Dante's muse in the epic poem The Divine Comedy and a character in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. 164. Clara. This girls’ name has the nice meanings of “clear” and “bright” in Latin. 165. Delilah. Meaning “delicate,” this adorable and playful Hebrew girls’ name appeared in the biblical story of Samson and Delilah. 166. Eloise. If you’re looking for a nice girls’ name, you could choose Eloise, a sophisticated moniker of Old French origin, meaning “healthy” or “whole.” This was also the name of twelfth-century French scholar and abbess Heloise d'Argenteuil. 167. Imogen. Imogen is a unique name of English and Gaelic origin, meaning “maiden” or “girl.” It appears in Shakespeare's play Cymbeline, where Imogen is the virtuous and resourceful heroine. 168. Iris. An adorable and colorful girls’ name of Greek origin, Iris means “rainbow” or “messenger.” In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger for the gods, symbolizing the link between heaven and earth. If you like girl names starting with I, this is one of the sweetest. 169. Juliet. Here’s another nice name with literary roots. Juliet, which means “youthful,” was the star-crossed lover of Romeo in Shakespeare's memorable play. 170. Rose. Rose is a timeless name of Old English origin from the name of the popular flower—a symbol of love and beauty. It has been popularized by figures like British actress Rose Leslie and the fictional character Rose DeWitt Bukater from the movie Titanic.

More Nice and Adorable Girl Names

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Even More Cute Names for Girls

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The Bottom Line

Choosing the perfect name for your little girl can be a big task. But, with this list of cute, pretty, and beautiful girl names, you're sure to find inspiration for your bundle of joy. These names sound lovely and have beautiful meanings that reflect qualities like kindness, grace, and strength. Whether you prefer classic names like Kate or something more unusual, such as Calanthe, we hope there’s a cute name on this list that will suit your taste. And if you’re still looking for some inspiration, try our Baby Name Generator. If your due date is near, why not consider packing your hospital bag. And no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in, download the Pampers Club app so you can get rewards and discounts for all those future diapers.