Top 180 Russian Boy Names and Their Meanings

As you prepare for your new baby boy, you’re probably looking for the perfect name. Russian boy names offer plenty of appealing choices, whether you have Russian heritage, speak the language, or like the sound of these options, many of which are alternatives to common names in English and other languages. We’ve compiled a list of popular, unique, cute, cool, and traditional Russian boy names, as well as the meanings behind them. Whether you’re looking for a classic name or something more modern, you’re sure to find one that you love!

Popular and Common Russian Boy Names

If you like to stay on top of the latest trends, one of these popular Russian boy names might be a great choice for your baby boy. We’ve listed the top 10 names in Russia from the latest baby name statistics:

1. Aleksandr. Here we have the current most popular and common Russian boys’ name. You may have already guessed that it’s the Russian and Armenian form of the internationally popular Alexander, which means “defender of the people.” The Russian writer Aleksandr Puskin is a famous bearer of this name, and you could also think of Alexander the Great, Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, or inventor Alexander Graham Bell, among others.

2. Mikhail. The second most popular boys’ name in Russia is this form of the Hebrew name Michael, meaning “who is like God?” Different variations of the classic name are used all over the world. Famous bearers of the Russian version include poet Mikhail Lermontov and polymath, scientist, and writer Mikhail Lomonosov.

3. Maxim. Also spelled Maksim, it’s no wonder that this male Russian name is popular, with its cool and trendy sound and meaning of “greatest.” It comes from the Ancient Roman name Maximus, which is a strong and powerful name, but you also have the cute options of Max and Mak.

4. Lev. In Russian, this cool and popular boys’ name means “lion,” and in Hebrew, it means “heart.” It’s short and trendy with two enticing meanings, and it was also the real name of author Leo Tolstoy and revolutionary Leon Trotsky. It certainly wouldn’t seem out of place as a Russian American boys’ name.

5. Artyom. This Russian form of the Ancient Greek name Artemios may seem like an unusual option, but it’s a very popular boys’ name in Russia. It’s actually derived from Artemis, the name of the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting.

6. Mark. Here’s a familiar name! While Mark has been on the rise in Russia, it has been steadily declining in popularity in the United States since 1960. However, it’s a strong and dependable name that may be ready for a comeback.

7. Ivan. Did you know that Ivan is actually derived from the classic name John? And it has actually been in the top boy names in the United States since 1989. Ivan is a strong choice for a little boy, as it was borne by many Russian and Bulgarian rulers, including Ivan III the Great and Ivan IV the Terrible.

8. Dmitriy. The eighth most common boys’ name in Russia is the Russian form of Demetrius which means “earth mother” (from the Greek goddess Demeter). If you’re a family of scientists, you may be delighted to learn that Dmitriy Mendeleev was a Russian chemist who created the periodic table.

9. Matvey. This popular Russian boys’ name is a cool form of the common English and biblical name, Matthew, which means “gift of God.” You could use this Russian version for something a bit more edgy or to honor a Matthew in your family.

10. Daniil. Have you guessed it? Here’s the Russian form of the popular and common boys’ name Daniel. It means “God is my judge,” and belongs to a popular biblical character. Famous bearers include such as actors Daniel Craig, Daniel Day Lewis, and Daniel Radcliffe.


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Unique Russian Boy Names

Looking for a name that’s a little different? Russian names may offer some unique options, and it turns out that some of the male names we've listed are rare choices even in Russia. Read on for the best unique boy names:

11. Ardalion. This rare Russian boys’ name even has the unique meaning of “water pot.” It’s possibly derived from a Greek word.

12. Bogdan. Bogdan may seem unusual as an English name; however, it’s a relatively common Russian boys’ name, as well as one commonly used in Poland, Slovenia, and Romania. It means “God given,” which may be very apt for your baby boy.

13. Dariy. If you’re looking for a unique Russian boys’ name, Dariy is a rare form of the Old Persian name, Darius. It also has the lovely meaning “possessing goodness,” which is a virtue many parents hope for in their little one.

14. Faddey. This rare Russian boys’ name is a form of the biblical name Thaddeus, with the sweet meaning of “heart.” And there’s no doubt that your baby boy will be your whole heart!

15. Ilariy. Do you want a unique Russian name for your joyful little boy? Well, this rare moniker is the Russian form of the Ancient Roman name Hilarius which means “cheerful.” And luckily the Russian version has less similarity to the English word “hilarious.”

16. Melor. If you’re looking for an unusual and rare Russian boys’ name, Melor might pique your interest. It’s actually an acronym of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and October Revolution created by Communist parents to commemorate the former Soviet state.

17. Nikandr. This unique Russian boys’ name is a form of the Ancient Greek name Nikandros meaning “victory of man.” You also have the options of cute nicknames such as Nik or Nikki.

18. Radimir. With the desirable meanings of “happy,” “famous,” and “world peace,” this rare Russian boys’ name deserves to be considered for your son.

19. Rurik. What could be better than a Russian name for boys with Old Norse origins? This unique moniker means “glory” or “fame,” combined with “king.”

20. Vissarion. Meaning “wooded valley,” Vissarion is a unique and beautiful Russian boys’ name for nature lovers. It’s a form of the Greek name Bessarion.

More Unique Russian Boy Names

If you enjoyed those unique baby names from Russia, take a look at the following choices:

For some exciting facts to help you on your baby name search, check out our fun video!

Traditional Russian Boy Names

Russia has a rich history and culture, and its traditional baby names reflect this. From the grand and ancient to the modern and trendy, these Russian boy names offer something traditional and timeless.

31. Albert. While it’s not traditionally a Russian boys’ name, it is an old-fashioned Germanic name that's been used in Russia and many European countries for centuries. It means “noble and bright” and belonged to many royals in Germany, Belgium, and England, making it a great royal baby name for your little king.

32. Anastasiy. This is the Old Russian and Bulgarian form of Anastasius, an Ancient Greek name. It means “resurrection” and was borne by many saints and martyrs.

33. Artur. In several languages, including Russian, Artur is a form of the classic name Arthur. In Old Welsh, it has the cool meaning “bear king,” and of course, it’s the name of the central character in Arthurian legends—a perfect choice for lovers of literature and classic romance.

34. David. This is a traditional and popular boys’ name not only in the United States but also in England, Wales, and Russia (to name a few), so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a Russian American boys’ name. The biblical name David means “beloved” and belonged to the “greatest” king of Israel. Some popular bearers include David Attenborough, musician David Bowie, explorer David Livingstone, and soccer player David Beckham.

35. Dimitri. This variant of the common name Dmitriy can also be spelled Dmitri, Dmitrii, or Dmitry, and has the cute diminutives Dima and Dimka. It’s the Russian form of the Ancient Greek name Demetrius, which was derived from the name of the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter.

36. Eduard. In various languages, including Russian, Eduard is the form of the old-fashioned boy's name Edward. It means “rich guard” and was used for several kings of England, including the Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor, who was renowned for being a fair ruler. Perfect for your just little leader!

37. Georgiy. You guessed it—Georgiy is the Russian form of the old-fashioned boys’ name George. It means “earthworker,” so it might be a good choice for lovers of the land or families with a farming background. Famous namesakes include George Washington, who was a farmer as well as a president.

38. Ioann. This is the Old Russian form of the classic English and Hebrew boys’ name John, which means “God is gracious.” John has been a highly popular name in Christianity, borne by many saints, popes, and rulers around the world.

39. Makari. If you like Spanish boy names, consider Makari, which is an Old Russian form of the Spanish name Macario and the Latin Macarius. It means “blessed” and “happy”—two things you will surely be once your baby boy arrives.

40. Pyotr. Meaning “stone,” this Russian boys’ name is a form of the traditional name Peter, which was borne by one of Jesus’ apostles. Famous Pyotrs include composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and several rulers of Russia, like Pyotr the Great.

More Traditional Russian Boy Names

Here are more beautiful and traditional Russian boy names for you to enjoy:

Cool Russian Boy Names

If you’re a fan of trendy names or names with cool sounds, meanings, or namesakes, look no further than these hip Russian boy names for your tiny trendsetter:

51. Alexsey. Throughout this article, you may notice many variations of the popular Russian name Alexsandr—and this is one of the coolest options! It also belonged to a seventeenth-century Russian czar.

52. Anatoliy. This cool boys’ name is the Russian form of the ancient Greek name Anatolius. It’s made even cooler by its meaning of “sunrise”—symbolizing renewed life and hope!

53. Andrey. If you’re looking for a cool spin on the classic name Andrew, Andrey may be just that. With its relaxed spelling and “masculine” meaning, this Russian boys’ name has a strong yet fun vibe.

54. Feliks. With its meaning of “lucky” and “successful.” and a cool sound, Feliks is an irresistible Russian boys’ name. It’s the Russian form of Felix, which was popular among early Christians and is still popular globally today.

55. Gavriil. This Greek and Russian form of the angelic name Gabriel can be found in the top 100 boys names in many countries around the world. But this Russian version gives the traditional one a run for its money in terms of coolness. And if you like French boy names, Gabriel is the top choice in France right now.

56. Grigoriy. A form of the English name Gregory, this name means “watchful” and “alert.” You may recognize it as the first name of the controversial Russian mystic from the early 1900s who became influential among the royal family of the time. The English version is the name of many saints and actors, including Gregory Peck.

57. Ignatiy. With its “fiery” meaning and nickname, Iggy, Ignatiy is a pretty cool Russian boys’ name for your little guy. It’s the Russian form of the Late Roman name Ignatius and could make a cool middle name for boys, just like the character Percy Ignatius Weasley in the Harry Potter series.

58. Isaak. If you want your little one to be full of joy and laughter, why not try this Russian form of the male Hebrew name Isaac, which means “he will laugh” and “he will rejoice.”

59. Nikolay. Nikolay is the Russian form of—wait for it—Nicholas! It means “victory of the people,” which is a pretty cool meaning. Saint Nicholas (who inspired Santa Claus) was a renowned fourth-century saint and the patron saint of children, sailors, and merchants.

60. Rafail. Are you a lover of art and architecture, particularly the Renaissance period? If so, you may be interested in Rafail, the Russian and Greek form of the name Raphael, meaning “God heals.” And you might think of the Italian Renaissance master, Raphael Sanzio, too.

More Cool Russian Boy Names

Put on your shades and prepare for even more cool names:

Cute Russian Baby Boy Names

Many male Russian names have a strong sound or meaning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute as well. We’ve listed some adorable Russian names for boys that are sure to win you over:

71. Abram. This Russian and Georgian form of Abraham is a quintessential biblical baby name. Abraham was known as the biblical patriarch and means “father of many.” Abraham Lincoln is a famous namesake.

72. Aleks. If you love the top Russian boys’ name, Alexsandr, but you want something a bit shorter and sweeter, Aleks might be the perfect option! This short and trendy name is a great unisex option and also appears in our list of Russian girl names.

73. Boris. Possible meanings of this cute and wholesome Russian boys’ name include “short,” “wolf,” or “snow leopard” (now that’s a cute meaning!). This name was borne by Bulgarian and Russian saints, along with the Russian emperor Boris Godunov, who later inspired a play by Aleksandr Pushkin.

74. Dima. A popular boys’ name in Russia is Dmitriy, and Dima is a cute diminutive of this name. It ultimately stems from the Ancient Greek names Demetrius and Demeter, meaning “earth mother.” The Russian chemist who devised the periodic table, Dmitriy Mendeleev, is an inspiring namesake for your future scientist.

75. Filipp. If you want an adorable spin on a traditional boys’ name, go with Filipp, the Russian form of Philip. It also has the sweet meaning “friend of horse,” so it’s perfect for equestrians.

76. German. This Russian form of the Ancient Roman name Germanus means “brother.” Perhaps this could be a cute Russian boys’ name for the new baby brother in the family.

77. Iona. If you’re looking for a cute Russian boys’ name that also symbolizes peace, look no further! Iona is a form of the biblical name Jonah, which means “dove” (a symbol of peace).

78. Kir. This name looks super sweet, and one possible meaning is “young.” It’s the Russian form of Cyrus, possibly a Greek or Old Persian name.

80. Pavel. In Russian and several other languages, Pavel is a form of Paul. The name means “small” and “humble” and was born by an early Christian saint and leader.

81. Sasha. If you’re a fan of the classic and popular Russian boys’ name Alexandr, you could choose this cute diminutive of the name.And what’s more, Sasha is a gender-neutral baby name.

More Cute Russian Baby Boy Names

Here are even more pretty cute Russian boy names:

Strong Russian Boy Names

Whether you’re searching for a name with a strong meaning, a powerful sound, or an inspiring namesake, consider these strong Russian boy names for your little warrior:

91. Adam. Undoubtedly, you’ll be familiar with this common male name as it’s used in various countries around the world. According to the Old Testament, Adam is the name of the first man created on earth—that’s a strong namesake for your little guy. Adam recently entered into the top 50 boys’ names list in Russia. Some famous bearers of this name include actors Adam Driver, Adam Sandler, and filmmaker Adam McKay.

92. Amvrosiy. This is the Russian form of the English boys’ name Ambrose meaning “immortal.” Perhaps the meaning could symbolize the everlasting bond between you and your son.

93. Avgust. The Russian and Slovene form of Augustus, August means “exalted” and was the name of the first Roman emperor, giving it a strong vibe for your little leader or baby born in the month of August.

94. Demid. If you enjoy baby names from Greek mythology, you could pick Demid, the Russian form of Diomedes. In mythology, Diomedes was a great hero who fought against the Trojans, making it a strong Russian name choice for your little boy.

95. Fyodor. Can you guess what name this is the Russian form of? It’s Theodore! Meaning “gift of God,” this strong Russian boys’ name belonged to three tsars of Russia and Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

96. Gleb. This unique Russian boys’ name has a strong vibe thanks to the Russian martyred saint who belonged to the eleventh century ruling family of Kievan Rus. He was the son of Vladimir the Great and brother to Boris.

97. Igor. Here's a Russian baby boys’ name with a powerful meaning, as Igor means “warrior.” It come from an Old Norse name and has some strong namesakes, including the Russian American aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky and Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.

98. Irakliy. You may not recognize it, but Irakliy is actually the Russian form of the Greek name Herakleios, which is derived from Herakles—the name of the Greek god who is more commonly known by the Roman name Hercules.

99. Roman. Simply meaning “Roman,” this boys’ name is used in Russia and many Eastern European countries. It was also the name of several saints.

100. Valerian. This Russian name comes from the Roman name Valerius, which literally means “strong.” It’s not such a common name choice now, but it was borne by many Russians throughout the 1800s and early 1900s, as well as a third-century Roman emperor and several saints. There’s an air of strength and determination about this name.

More Strong Russian Boy Names

Keep reading for more powerful boy names to help inspire you:

Long Russian Boy Names

Long names can exude sophistication and add a dignified vibe. Plus, they offer the option of many cute and fun nicknames or short forms. Here are some long and strong Russian boy names for you to enjoy:

111. Emmanuil. This Russian form of the name Emmanuel finds its origins in Hebrew and means “God is with us.” It’s a popular boys’ name in the United States and Mexico, so it’s a good option if you want a Russian American name or you enjoy Mexican baby names.

112. Gennadiy. Meaning “noble” and “generous,” this long Russian boys’ name is a form of the Ancient Greek name Gennadius. It also has the sweet diminutive Gena.

113. Innokentiy. This long and unique Russian boys’ name is a form of the Latin name Innocentius, which comes from the word “innocent.” And there’s little more innocent than your sweet newborn baby.

114. Khristofor. Meaning “bearing Christ,” this is the Russian form of the English name Christopher. This Russian male name is relatively rare in Russia; however, it adds a unique spin on the traditional version.

115. Konstantin. It may not be quite as long as the Latin version, Constantine, but it still retains a steadfast and grand air about it. This noble name means “constant” and was unsurprisingly borne by royalty and many Roman emperors.

116. Maksimilian. This name comes from the Roman moniker Maximilianus, which itself was derived from the name Maximus meaning “greatness.” Will your baby boy be destined for greatness with this long and powerful Russian boys’ name?

117. Panteley. While Panteley may seem like a long boys’ name, it’s the Russian form of two even longer names, Panteleimon and Pantaleon. It even has two great meanings, with pan meaning “all” combined with “compassionate” or “lion.”

118. Svyatoslav. This long Russian boys’ name is of Slavic origin and means “blessed glory.” A tenth-century ruler of Kievan Rus was a bearer of this name, and interestingly, he was the first to have a name of Slavic origin rather than Old Norse orgin.

119. Varfolomey. If you’re looking for a long and rare Russian boys’ name, Varfolomey might be a good choice for your little guy. It’s the Russian form of Bartholomew, which means “son of Talmai.”

120. Yaroslav. Meaning “fierce” and “glorious,” this long Russian boys’ name could also join our strong names list with these powerful meanings. It belonged to the eleventh-century grand prince of Kiev, Yaroslav the Wise.

More Long Russian Boy Names

If you loved those long baby names, we’ve got more:

Even More Russian Names for Boys

As if 130 Russian boy names weren't enough, we’ve got 50 more for you:

The Bottom Line

Russian names have a lot of history behind them and reflect the rich Russian culture. We hope you found the name that you’re looking for, but if not, why not search elsewhere with our top Indian boy names or be inspired with our classic country boy names?

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