Top Baby Boy Names That Start With Z

Perhaps you’ve scoured all the baby-name lists, and here you are at the end of the alphabet with boy names that start with Z! Luckily, there are quite a few options for Z names for boys from all around the world. For a little inspiration, we’ve created a list of 200 boy names starting with Z and included their meanings. Read on for cute, unique, classic, international, cool, and more options.

Common Boy Names That Start With Z

Though Z names for boys don’t tend to top the charts as the most popular monikers, there are several common options that you’ll likely recognize, such as Zachary, Zane, and Zeke. Whether common or rare, you’ll probably notice quite a few biblical baby names that start with Z for boys, and many references to Yahweh, the Hebrew God.

1. Zachariah. Zachariah is a more modern and common spelling of the biblical name Zechariah, a Hebrew moniker that means “Yahweh remembers.”

2. Zachary. Like Zachariah above, Zachary is also a variant of Zechariah, though the modern English form. Of course, it also means “Yahweh remembers.”

3. Zahir. In Arabic, the name Zahir means “helper, supporter,” though it could also be an alternative spelling of Zaahir, meaning “to shine, radiate.”

4. Zaid. This is the variant spelling of the more conventional Arabic name Zayd, which means “to increase.”

5. Zander. If you’re looking for a modern boy name that starts with Z, consider Zander, which made its debut in the early 2000s. It’s the variant of Xander, the Dutch short form of Alexander, which means “defending men.”

6. Zane. Though there are several variant spellings of this name, which you might see on our list of boy names that start with Z, Zane is the most popular spelling. It’s an English name of unknown meaning, made trendy by American author Zane Grey.

7. Zayden. There was a time in the mid-2000s when the suffix -den became the go-to for baby names, so now we have monikers like Zayden and Jayden. Since it’s an invented name, there’s no exact meaning, though you could certainly connect it to Zane.

8. Zeke. This short boy name starting with Z is one of the cutest, and the short form of Ezekiel, a biblical name meaning “God will strengthen.”

9. Zion. Not only does Zion have some serious roots, it’s also a pretty cool-sounding name. In the Bible, Zion was the name for the center of Jerusalem, and it also referred to the Jewish homeland and heaven.

10. Zyaire. Zyaire is a gender-neutral name and a more modern and trendy spelling of the name Zaire, referring to the African nation previously and once again known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. The name means “river swallowing rivers” about the mighty Congo River.


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Unique Boy Names That Start With Z

Unique baby names might appeal to you if you’re looking for a moniker that sets your little guy apart from the rest. Because Z is a unique letter for baby names, you’ll find plenty of rare options in this category.

11. Zadkiel. Meaning “God is my righteousness” in Hebrew, Zadkiel is often associated with mercy and might have been the angel's name who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son in the Bible.

12. Zaboulon. This is the Greek form of the biblical name Zebulun, which means “exalted house.”

13. Zaccai. Not only an especially unique boy name that starts with Z, but Zaccai also comes with a beautiful meaning: “pure.”

14. Zeal. As an English word, zeal means “great energy or enthusiasm,” originating from the Greek word zêlos, meaning “ardent feeling, fervor.” It’s a perfectly cute and unique baby boy name starting with Z!

15. Zaman. Unique and prestigious, the Arabic name Zama means “time, age, era.” You can give your little man this name if you want to evoke a sense of wisdom.

16. Záviš. Pronounced ZA-veesh, this rare Czech name comes from a Slavic root meaning “envy.”

17. Zephaniel. This name comes from Judeo-Christian and Islamic legend, where Zephaniel is an angel. It combines two Hebrew words that mean “to hide” and “God.”

18. Zoilus. This might be the perfect unique boys’ name that starts with Z, as it sweetly and simply means “life.” It’s a Latinized name derived from Ancient Greek.

19. Zosimus. Another Latinized Ancient Greek name, Zosimus was the name of several saints and even a pope! It means “viable, likely to survive.”

20. Zvonimir. This Croatian name originates from Medieval Slavic and has one of the most beautiful meanings on our list: “sound, chime” and “peace, world.”

More Unique Boy Names That Start With Z

We’ve kept the list going with even more rare boy names that start with Z:

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Classic Z Boy Names

Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a classic moniker, which is why old-fashioned boy names make excellent options. These names can be unique, popular, or simply ebb and flow with the trends, standing the test of time.

31. Zacharias. As the Greek form of Zechariah, this is a more common spelling in English and was used in the New Testament for John the Baptist’s father. The name means “Yahweh remembers.”

32. Zalmon. Zalmon is an Ancient Hebrew and biblical name, plus it comes with a very peaceful meaning, “shade.”

33. Žarko. This is an old-fashioned name in Serbian, Croatian, and Macedonian. In these languages, the word žar means “ember, zeal, fervor,” so it’s also a Z boys name with a strong meaning.

34. Zebedee. A classic and adorable, Zebedee is a biblical name and the Greek form of Zebadiah, which means “Yahweh has bestowed.”

35. Zed. You may have heard the name Zed before, as it’s certainly a classic boys’ name starting with Z. It’s an English short form of Zedekiah, a Hebrew name meaning “justice for Yahweh.”

36. Zenon. Zenon is the Polish and Ancient Greek form of Zeno, a name derived from the god Zeus, whose name means “sky” or “shine.” This might be a good choice if you’re looking for Greek Mythological baby names.

37. Zoltán. You’ll find this classic boys’ name starting with Z in the Hungarian and Slovak languages. Many believe the name is related to the Turkish title sultan, which means “king, sultan.” A cute nickname for Zoltán is Zoli (ZO-lee).

38. Zorro. If you like the idea of a baby boys’ name that starts with Z from literature or popular culture, you could go with Zorro. Of course, this is the name of the masked vigilante from Johnston McCulley’s novel series, but it also means “fox” in Spanish.

39. Zuriel. In Hebrew, this name means “my rock is God” and was used in the Old Testament. It definitely has an old-fashioned ring to it!

40. Zusman. This is a rare Yiddish name, and as for boy names that start with Z, it might have one of the cutest meanings: “sweet man.”

More Classic Boy Names That Start With Z

If you can’t get enough of these enduring boy names starting with Z, we’ve added a few more:

Cool Names That Start With Z for a Boy

Whether you’re looking for cool middle names for boys or want your little guy to have a hip given name, the letter Z creates some surprisingly chic monikers!

51. Zaal. This is the Georgian form of the Persian mythological name Zal, which means “albino,” as it was the name of a legendary white-haired warrior.

52. Zaiden. If you liked the name Zayden from our list of common boy names starting with Z above, you could give it a slightly cooler spin with the spelling Zaiden.

53. Zaire. This is the more traditional spelling of the modern African American name Zyaire. It means “river swallowing rivers,” referring to the Congo River, and was also the name of what’s known today as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

54. Zakai. You can choose this slightly more hip and cool spelling of the name Hebrew name Zaccai, which means “pure.”

55. Zavier. As a modern English name, Zavier is a pretty cool variant of Xavier, a Basque name meaning “the new house.”

56. Zayn. If you remember Zane from above, Zayn is a slightly cooler spelling and the form used by Zayn Malik, a for

57. Zef. For a hip and cool name, go with Zef, which is the Dutch short form of Jozef. Of course, Jozef and Zef relate to the name Joseph, which means “he will add.”

58. Zephyr. Choose this cool boy name starting with Z, which comes from Greek Mythology and means “west wind,” as Zephyros was the Greek god of the west wind.

59. Zev. Short and hip, Zev is a Hebrew name deriving from Zeev, which means “wolf.” You might like this option if you’re looking for cute nature baby names.

60. Žiga. Pronounce ZHSEE-gah, this is the Slovene form of Sigmund, a German name meaning “victory” and “protector.”

More Cool Boy Names That Start With Z for a Boy

Keep the coolness going with these hip Z names for boys:

International Boy Names That Start With Z

International names expand your options for baby boy names, whether you’re looking for one starting with Z or any letter of the alphabet. Plus, names from across the globe allow you to pay homage to your family’s heritage.

71. Zacarías. If you’re looking for Spanish baby boy names, this is the Spanish form of Zechariah, meaning “Yahweh remembers.”

72. Zahari. Another form of Zechariah, Zahari is the Bulgarian version of the name. Of course, it also means “Yahweh remembers.”

73. Zalán. This Hungarian boys’ name starting with Z possibly refers to the country’s west, specifically the Zala region, where you’ll find the Zala River. The famous poet Mihály Vörösmarty used the name in his epic Zalán Futása.

74. Zan. Short and sweet, Zan is a Chinese name meaning “help, support,” though there are other interpretations of the character.

75. Žan. If you want an international spin on the name Jean, you can opt for Žan, the Slovenian form. Jean and its many diminutives relate to John, which means “Yahweh is gracious.”

76. Zawar. An Arabic name, Zawar simply means “pilgrim, visitor” and has a pretty cute ring to it.

77. Zeki. A cool name that starts with Z for boys, Zeki originates from Arabic but means “intelligent” in Turkish.

78. Zephania. This variant of Zephaniah (meaning “Yahweh is hidden”) is most often used in southern and eastern Africa.

79. Ziemowit. Though a Polish name, Ziemowit derives from an old Slavic name using elements to mean “family” and “lord, master.” It’s a good option for royal baby names, as it was borne by the Piast prince of Poland, as well as other Piast rulers.

80. Zorion. If you’re looking for truly good boy names that start with Z, this one might be the perfect match! In Basque, it simply means “happiness.”

More International Boy Names That Start With Z

For more international baby-name inspiration, we’ve added the following monikers:

Cute Baby Boy Z Names

Cute monikers have adorable sounds or precious meanings, and these cute baby boy Z names certainly bring a pinch of sweetness to our list.

91. Zaahir. This Arabic name has quite the cute sound, but its meaning is just as adorable: “to shine, to radiate.”

92. Zafer. As the Turkish form of Zafar, this cute baby boy Z name means “victory” in Arabic.

93. Zahi. Another Arabic name, Zahi has the adorable meaning of “beautiful, brilliant.”

94. Zaki. If you like the name Zaccai from above, you can choose its short and super-cute nickname, Zaki. In Arabic, the name means “pure.”

95. Zelig. As far as cute boy names beginning with Z go, this one could be the cutest. The Yiddish vernacular form of Asher, it means “blessed, happy.”

96. Zeno. There are plenty of adorable Italian boy names, but Zeno tops the list! The name derives from Greek and relates to Zeus. It was also the name of two famous Greek philosophers.

97. Ziba. Pronounced ZEE-baw, this is a Persian name with a very cute meaning: “beautiful.”

98. Ziv. Meaning “bright, radiant” in Hebrew, this is a perfectly cute baby boy Z name! It was also the ancient name of the Jewish calendar’s second month.

99. Zohar. Another cute Hebrew name, Zohar means “light, brilliance” and is a gender-neutral name, though Zahara tends to be the preferred feminine version and Zohár the preferred masculine spelling.

100. Zoticus. One of the cutest boy names that start with Z, Zoticus is the Latinized form of a Greek name meaning “full of life.”

More Cute Baby Boy Z Names

We couldn’t complete our list without adorable names like Želimir and Zuzen, so here are some more cute baby boy Z names:

Short and Long Male Names That Start With Z

Short baby names are perfect for those fun, snappy monikers, but a longer name might offer your little one a sense of prestige. Consider these short and long baby boy names that start with Z.

111. Zac. Hip, cool, short, sweet—Zac is the English short form of Zachary, which connects back to Zechariah, which means “Yahweh remembers.” You might recognize this short form of the classic name from actor Zac Efron.

112. Zakariyya. If you want an even longer version of Zechariah, you can go with the Arabic form of the name, Zakariyya. Of course, it also means “Yahweh remembers.”

113. Zakchaios. This biblical Greek form of Zacchaeus was used in the Greek New Testament and means “pure.”

114. Zal. As you may remember from above, Zal is a Persian mythological name meaning “albino,” as it was used to describe a white-haired warrior in the Persian epic Shahnameh from the tenth century.

115. Zarathustra. As far as long baby names go, Zarathustra is a winner! In Old Iranian, it means “golden camel,” though it was also the name of a Persian prophet from the tenth century BCE.

116. . Keep it as short as possible with this Portuguese diminutive of José! But you could also use this as a French baby boy name since it’s the French, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Joseph, which means “he will add.”

117. Zelophehad. Another long boy name starting with Z, Zelophehad possibly means “firstborn” in Hebrew, so it’s the perfect name for your first baby boy!

118. Zeph. Keep it cool with Zeph, the short form of Zephaniah, a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh has hidden.”

119. Zuan. This is the medieval Venetian form of John, so like the many variants and diminutives of John, it also means “Yahweh is gracious.”

120. Zvi. As an alternate (and even shorter) spelling of the Hebrew name Tzvi, this unique moniker means “gazelle.” If you like the idea of a name connected to nature or animals, you can also consider Hawaiian boy names.

More Short and Long Male Names That Start With Z

With fun names like Zolo and Zezé and elegant monikers like Zebedaios and Zarathushtra, we had to keep the list going:

Powerful Boy Names That Start With Z

Powerful boy names can be those with strong meanings or monikers with a tough sound. Either way, the letter Z delivers when it comes to powerful names for boys!

131. Zadok. This biblical Hebrew name means “righteous” and was used quite often for characters in the Old Testament, including the high priest of Israel who anointed Soloman.

132. Zafar. You can’t go wrong with a name that means “victory” if you’re looking for powerful and strong boy names that start with Z!

133. Zeev. If you’re following our entire list of boy names that start with Z, you might recognize this meaning from Zev. Both Zev and Zeev mean “wolf.”

134. Zente. This powerful Hungarian name comes from the word szent, meaning “holy, saint.”

135. Zeus. It might not get more powerful than Zeus, the highest of all Greek gods and then one who ruled over the Earth from atop Mount Olympus. His weapon of choice was the thunderbolt, and his name means “sky” or “shine.”

136. Zhi. As a Chinese name, you have a few options for powerful meanings. Zhi can mean “will,” “purpose,” “ambition,” “wisdom,” and “intellect,” among other interpretations.

137. Zhirayr. If you want to get straight to the point with a strong and powerful name, Zhirayr (pronounced zee-RIER) means “strong” in Armenian.

138. Zhong. To choose a powerful meaning, go with the interpretation “loyalty, devotion” for the Chinese name Zhong.

139. Zlatan. If you’ve ever been to the Balkan nations, you might recognize this name as it’s the Slavic word for “gold” and written on all the jewelry shops across the region. It also makes for quite a cute and powerful boy name starting with Z!

140. Zulfiqar. In Arabic, Zulfiqar combines words to create the meaning “possessor of a spine,” which connects to the many sayings about strength and having a spine or backbone.

More Powerful Boy Names That Start With Z

For even more strong and powerful guy names that start with Z, you can consider the following:

Even More Boy Names That Start With Z

Boy names starting with Z have given us quite a surprising number of options, but there are even more to consider!

The Bottom Line

Believe it or not, some of the top boy names start with Z, including Zachary, Zander, Zayn, and Zeke. In fact, boy names starting with Z are surprisingly plentiful and come with some pretty cool, cute, and unique meanings. But if you still haven’t found the name you’re looking for, keep the alphabet and inspiration going with boy names that start with A!

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